My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1592

Vol 5 Chapter 1592: I Want To Challenge This Era

The vast **** dragons twisting like a river, swallowing the heavens and engulfing the earth, the blood is vertical and horizontal, with the terrible coercion of suppressing thousands of planes. Any eighth and even nineth saints feel the suffocation!

The blood dragon twisted all the avatars and ontology of Lin Chen, preferring to kill the wrong one without intending to let it go!

The face of the Nine Great Masters changed slightly, and eight people urged the space to move, and escaped directly!

The strong parties of all parties tighten their heartstrings. How can Lin Chen take this blow from the Holy King?


Lin Chen seemed to have expected it, and he smiled in the sky and was full of madness.

"Shangguan Hufa, someone messes with me Lin Chen! You can't do it!"


The cold Yunyi's voice has just fallen, and a touch of Shenyan has been flying from heaven to heaven and earth!

A beam of Divine Flame burst through the eight-headed blood dragon, tearing the sky!

The blood dragon exploded and the blood flew all over the sky

Behind Lin Chen, there is a beautiful figure of red clothes suspended in the air, bright clothes, beautiful appearance, beautiful and unparalleled, majestic temperament!

Shangguan Jue, one of the Divine Guardians of the Divine Flame Palace!

At this moment, the holy prison, the Presbyterian Church of the Divine Flame Palace, the Deacon Hall, and the elders of the Supreme Court all changed their faces!

"What are you doing, Shangguan Hufa!"

"Are you going to betray Shenyang Palace?"

The presbyterians yelled suddenly.

"Go, a bunch of bastards!"

Shangguan Jue turned around and swept her beautiful eyes, killing her fiercely. The elders of the Presbyterian Church could not help avoiding her gaze.

Shangguan Jue sneered: "If you were not to see you as the elders of the Presbyterian Church, the old lady had already cleaned you up!"

"Failing to deal with you personally has been regarded as the greatest respect I have given to the Palace of Divine Flames. Who am I going to fight?

"I said in Shangguan Jue, who wants to engage in this kid, first come to engage in Shangguan Jue! Now whoever is not convinced, stand up!"

Shangguan Juefeng stared at him and drank coldly, the holy king's pressure directly enveloped the audience!

Speaking to the Venerable Dharma Protector is tough!

Lin Chen couldn't help but thumbs up: "...Sister, you are so fierce!"

Shangguan Jue laughed casually: "Yi Yidian, you can't compare to your pretty boy who has penetrated the holy prison."

Lin Chen shyly said: "Oh, low-key, I can't help boasting, should I boast no more?"

Previously Shangguan Jue didn't shoot, in order to always guard against this kind of sneak attack, a holy king's sneak attack, only the holy king can stop it.

"Does the Divine Guardian of the Divine Flame Palace really have strength? You are qualified to be your opponent."

At this moment, the indifferent voice echoed to the world, and the pale-looking youth stepped out slowly.

He was born with lotus blossoms, rolling his yin and yang energy around him, entwining his holy body like a double-dragon dance, and a orange round wheel spinning behind him, his eyes looked like the dead, looking around the audience.

Behind him, there are still twenty figures, all of whom are eight-turn and nine-turn masters!

As soon as this person appeared, the morale of the strong in the Holy Prison rose!

"Sir Losha also came! The fourth team has arrived!"

"Great, the two kings joined forces, and the world is invincible!"

"Don't be careless, the Venerable Lord of the Flame Palace is also out!"

"What's the situation with Shenyan Palace? In the end it's an enemy or a friend. How can one protector fight Fang Linglang over the clouds, and another protector dare to block the Holy King of Raksha?"

The second holy king who arrived was like the second holy king in holy prison, holy king RakshaZhenzen!

Bai Yu Sheng Wang Ying Chunqiu heard from across the air-"Zhen Chan, have all the conditions of the Holy Prison been fixed."

The Rakshasa King shook his head and said seriously: "It will take a little while. The Holy Prison is of great importance. You cannot sit unattended. Listening to the news that you are in trouble, this king has brought people here."

The Holy King of Raksha, True Zen, looked at Shangguan Jue, and said indifferently: "Dharma protector of Shenyang Palace, you are sure to fight with this king, you are now retreating, this king can still forgive the old feelings in the past, you If you dont understand, you will only bring disaster to Shenyang Palace!"

Shangguan Jue frowned: "Wheeling haw, when you say you want to hammer you are hammering you, why is there so much nonsense, and you will go if you don't go!"

True Zen: "..."

At this time, the jade hand of the palace of the Shenyan Palace waved!

"Hu Fa Tang listens to orders, and the prisoners who fight against the Holy Prison. If this battle is lost, there is no possibility for me to inherit the history of the Shenyang Palace for ten years!"

call out! call out! call out!

The holy flame came into the world, a beam of flame beams bloomed between the sky and the earth, and 72 guardians stepped into the air and faced the three and four teams of the holy prison!

Shenyan Palace Hufa Hall Officially declare war on the Holy Prison!

When Lan Jingyu blocked Fang Ling's sword skill, he sneered and said, "Palace, you are forcing God Flame Palace to have no way back!"

The Lord of the Flame Palace said coldly, "Blue Guardian, it is you and the elders who will make the Flame Palace no way back! Not us!"

Bang ~!

When Lan Jingyu was arguing with the Lord of the Flame Palace, Shangguan Jue had already fought, facing the Holy King of Raksha!

Shangguan Jue had a face-to-face, jade hands folded, all the holy caves were opened, and there was endless anger flames, which turned into tens of thousands of giant ``spirit flames''.

The giant flame of the flames slammed away with a punch, meeting both kills!

True Zen frowned, the handprint was formed, and a hundred sacred caves spewed out of the breath of the dead Raksha, changing into four arms, holding the Raksha icon with four blood blades, and slashing away the blood blade!

The two Saint Kings confronted each other, strangling all the Qi machines in the world, and the strong men retreated one by one, then retreated to the other side.

The strongmen of Hufatang also joined the melee, and all rushed to the strongmen from the third and fourth teams of Holy Prison!


Bai Ruoyan floated to the back of the Shenyan Palace like a fairy.

The main hall has been destroyed at this time, the two sides have been fighting, and the loss cannot be recovered!

The Master of Shenyan Palace turned her eyes softly and said softly, "If you smoke, protect Lingshuang, this palace will fight with Hufatang together."

"Your talent and creativity are extremely high. This palace always believes that you are the hope of the future of Shenyan Palace. If you have three lengths and two shorts in this battle, you are the owner of Shenyang Palace!"

Shen Yan Palace's main body, Xianxianyu, had a little eyebrow, and an orange fire swaying with red flames suspended in a mandala-like rotation, suspended in front of Bai Ruoyan.

This is the kind of Divine Fire in the Divine Flame Palace. It can not only refine the Holy Cavern, greatly enhance the Holy Power, but also open many secret realms of the Divine Flame Palace. Only the Divine Flame Palace Master has the right!

The kind of Divine Fire is away from the body, and the pretty face of the Divine Flame Palace is slightly pale. This scene made countless Jurchens who watched from afar with tears flashing.

Feeling the palace master's determination, Bai Ruoyan didn't say much, and the beautiful and beautiful Xue Tui was full of determination. He took over the seeds of Divine Fire with both hands, and focused on his head.

"If you smoke, you must bear the burden! May the palace master return safely!"

The owner of Shenyan Palace smiled: "The Shenyan Palace is handed over to you, and this palace is very relieved."

The palace master turned into a holy flame, plundered into the battle circle, and supported the law-protection hall. The originally chaotic battle circle became the upper hand because of the addition of the half-step Saint King Xiuwei's palace master!

On the other side; when the two holy kings fought together, Lin Chen retreated to one side.

A beautiful shadow flew in front of Lin Chen, her jade hand holding a war gun, killing the sharp breath lingering all over her body, heroic and majestic.

It is the Promise Shura Qian Yingxue of the Saints List!

When she looked at Lin Chen, she said.

"Lin Chen, don't do unnecessary resistance, you can't fight us. Perhaps you now have a team that gives you the illusion of being able to fight us."

"But this time, there are hundreds of sages united, even if you can retreat this time, then next time, do you want the people around you to suffer the disaster."

Lin Chen looked at this little familiar girl and smiled casually-"I said this beauty, do you think I am the type that obediently catches you and lets you tie me back? Although I often do honest children love to do Thing, but it doesnt mean that Im bad at it."

Qian Yingxue shook his head-"You really don't seem to be the type who can do it, but I think you are a smart person, we still have to talk about it."

Lin Chen teased and laughed: "We didn't have to talk about it, I just played very well. If you want to win me, just come here!"

Qian Yingxue frowned.

"Do you know what you are challenging, or do you think that killing a martial art will defeat us?"


Lin Chen snapped his fingers, and the Sacred Torch Pointed at the Lady!

"What about enemies in the world, the Holy Realm does not need new power. If you want to create a so-called prosperous world, what Lin Chen will challenge is this era!"