My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1593

Vol 5 Chapter 1593: Isn't There A Better Way To Play The Sage List?

Chapter 1593, Isn't The Saints List Better To Fight!

"So much nonsense with him, this kid is a desperate, just hit the dead."

"Hold him, and I don't believe when his avatar will be strong. What I am most afraid of is the protracted battle!"

"Alas, son Lin Chen, it is not a wise move to defy the general trend..."

Eight other sages surrounded Lin Chen again!

Lin Chen shrugged. "A holy king is coming to the holy prison, do you think you have done it again?"


The seven avatars floated in the air, the holy dragon wandered in the air, Lin Chen and the nine princes confronted each other tit-for-tat.

After the previous first round of fighting, this battle will be more intense.

If there are conditions, Lin Chen will certainly not be soft on these sages, whether men or women can kill or destroy!

However, it is extremely difficult to kill the sage, and Lin Chen has already seen how hard it is to kill a sage in the time slot.

His trump card will not be used easily, nor will he easily use it on the Saints List! Since these guys don't retreat, let them hammer until they serve!

Buzz~! Qian Yingxue's pupils were faintly flashing red light, Li Mang was blooming, the killing fell, and the guns were soaring.

"Since you are stubborn and stubborn, then I can only go all out. This world is very big, and it is not possible to cover the sky with one hand only by killing a Wu Shenzi!"

Bang ~! The gun came out like a flash of electricity, Qian Yingxuehao's arm pulled the holy gun, and picked Lin Chen in three directions. Lin Chen's hands twirled the'Devil Slayer'. When he turned around, the gun front swept away!

clang! clang! clang!

The gun shadows of the two are like a wave, endless, killing the sharp breath!

The shooting technique that Lin Chen learned is the invincible orange-level advanced skill of Shangguan, "Dark Thunder!"

Its marksmanship punishes the dark thunder like a sky, and it tears the heavens and earth when it moves. It contains a godlike punishment. Every shot is like a dragon!

Gun shadows come and go, smashing, cutting, cutting, exhibition, picking, various gun styles bloom in the hands of the two, and the fighting is intensifying!

Another shot collided, and the two were evenly divided.

Lin Chen suddenly remembered something, his eyes lit up, his mouth slightly opened.

He looked at the beautiful eyes of the beautiful woman, and suddenly surprised: "Eh! Are you not the guy in the Shura Temple of the Sky Pagoda!"

Qianyingxue came out, Qian Yingxue also stunned!

In order to enter the sky tower, she took the powerful Shengdan to suppress the cultivation behavior, and went to the mortal world to find the lost information of the Shura inheritance.

During this period, she seemed to have encountered a person who had inherited the Shura heritage just like herself!

Looking at Lin Chen for a few more moments, Qian Yingxue's mind was filled with a faintly blurred figure, and her pretty face was stunned and lost her voice-"Is it you? Are you... aren't you the human warlord?"

The two temporarily stopped, looking at each other's eyes, very exciting.

Good guys, can this be met again?

When Lin Chen broke through the mainland of Kyushu and entered the Asura Hundred Halls in the sky tower, he could already beat the descendants of pseudo-gods!

Lin Chenyuan's realm of consummation has already possessed the strength to challenge the emperor beyond the ranks.

At that time, he met a woman who could compete with him in the same way and still prevailed, which surprised him very much. This woman is Qian Yingxue!

Qian Yingxue was equally shocked.

Although Sacred Realm was one year and Jane Realm in January, after returning to the Sacred Realm, apart from being a little amazed, she never remembered the young man who could take her a stroke...

But this change is too ridiculous!

"I have only been back to the Holy Realm for more than 20 years. If you count it, the Realm Realm has only been around for two years..."

Qian Yingxue opened her lips slightly...

This is really a living monster!

The little guy who wasn't even the Emperor Zhan was able to challenge the Palace of Flames now! Challenge the Holy Prison!

The two did not recognize each other for the first time, also because the two sides had changed too much!

The most important thing is the transformation of temperament, mortal sanctification, the divine power can transform mortal weather, become completely different.

At the beginning, a strong seal was repaired, and one was a breakthrough to sanctification. No one recognized it for the first time!

Lin Chen laughed his head at himself: "This is too coincidental? Can this hole be filled?"

Then, Lin Chen smiled: "Since I have played before, now it is time to officially win and lose!"

Qian Yingxue regained his mood and sneered: "Come and come, who is afraid of you! Your marksmanship is not as good as mine!"

Someone Lin laughed and laughed: "My marksmanship is divided into two kinds, the second kind is afraid that you cannot compare with me."

Brush ~! Bang ~!

Lin Chen responded with another killing gun. Lin Chen shot away and snorted.

"Taxi God Light!"

A roar of dragons roared the sky, the red **** Xia lingered around Lin Chen and all the avatars, and the battle situation was instantly broken!

In the distance, Ji Wuqing's palm was surrounded by five-color clouds of smoke, and when he was crushed by Lin Chen's avatar, the avatar was unscathed. He couldn't help making his face slightly change!

Sigh~! The avatar pulled the knife, and the sound exploded, and the flying knife turned into a lightning-like blade, smashing Ji Ruthless defense in an instant, and drove him back a hundred miles away.

Ji Wuqing's handsome and beautiful face is a bit ugly, and immediately conveyed the priests-

"Be careful, this guy uses some dragon race supernatural powers, this defense is extremely strong!"

Lin Chenlin smiled evilly: "From now on, I want to hammer you!"

"System, start to strengthen all orange-level advanced exercises!"

[Starting to strengthen "Absolutely Open", "Dark Thunder", "Ambilight", "Cloud Shadow Sky"......]

Strengthen all exercises!

Before Lin Chen, the enhancement points were insufficient, only "Ambilight" was strengthened, but after Wu Ping was eliminated, the attribute value skyrocketed, plus a system update, and the enhancement ceiling was lifted.

Now, it is the moment to take the exercises to the next level!

In almost a very short period of time, all of Lin Chens exercises have broken through [Enhancement + 15] or more!

Brush ~! Phantom avatar stepped on cloud shadow sky light body method, the speed skyrocketed!

The sword flashed like a light, the sword waved like a tide, and an arrow of light that penetrated nine days and ten places rushed out one after another!

"Extremely open sky Sword of Speed!"

"Huge waves swallow the sky!"

"Burning Sky Arrow!"

The sword light twisted like a spiral storm, and the aurora sword shadow enveloped the geniuses!

The face of the Nine Great Saints finally changed!

Before they and Lin Chen's avatars had evenly divided, now his skills have broken through many times, who can stand it!

"Too blurry dragon formula!"

Peerless Yanyan roared into the sky, the dragon gas broke out, turned into a too virtual dragon, the dragon blood burned, burned the sky, and violently hit the aurora giant sword in the sky!

"Zhenyuan Jiuyang!"

Dongfanghong's ten fingers entwined like an abyss-like atmosphere, a round of nine-colored sun wheels overhead, ten fingers pushed horizontally, and the fingertips burst into the light of the blaze of flames, like breaking the three thousand worlds!

Dayi TianziYun Potian bit his tongue, and dozens of top crystals of the Yang system burned violently. The sacred pattern at the heart of the eyebrow raised the tens of thousands of sun flames, like ripples blooming.

"The big day shakes the palm!"

His palm swayed, the golden light was dazzling, and the immortal Jin Xia condensed into the strong golden light palm print and shook the sky alone!

On the other side, Xue Yifan slammed his fist, and punched 10,000 punches!

"Vientiane Mingquan!"

Every type of it hides thousands of changes, ever-changing and seamless!

Nangong Yuexian held the sword and cut it across, the immortal fairy light shining down, the sky floating with faint petals, a moonlight slashing Lin Chen away!

"Flower of Fairy Moon!"

Qian Yingxue's two-handed gun was actually thrown with a gun, and when it was thrown out, the gun passed Lin Chen like a wild dragon!

"The Shura Extermination Gun!"

"Stop the sea of blood!"

"Xie Xue cited nine days!"

boom! boom! boom!

Nine great geniuses, each showing supernatural powers, and trump cards appear one after another!

The endless offensive of this skyrocketing attack makes old scalps numb!

Saint-level scuffles are terrible! These young men are as strong as monsters among monsters!

However, before dozens of breaths, the energy explosion that shrouded Zhou Tian tore the sky!

Nine Dao's figure, vomiting blood and retreating at the same time, flying out?

Seeing this scene, as strong as the representatives of the three major and ninth grades, could not help but take a breath!

The nine sages turned out to be repelled?

Crazy laughter spread from all directions from the direction of the saints!

"Isn't there anyone in the Saints List who can fight better?"

The corners of everyone's mouths were rushing.

What a terrible arrogance!

However, no one disagrees! !

This kid singled out the nine legendary sage legends, and even achieved the advantage of full suppression! !