My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1594

Vol 5 Chapter 1594: Wushen Family Also Come? Fuck Him

Chapter 1594 Fuck him!

"Master, this is too strong!"

Shen Lingshuang waved a small pink fist, her face flushed with excitement, "Master, kill them all!"

Sigh~! Tear ~!

Lin Chen and the avatars came from the dragon, Taixi Shenguang wrapped around, or holding a sword with sword, or holding a bow with a gun, everyone was like a god, and even chased after the nine great sages!

Even the **** robberyFang Xietian couldn't help but reveal a deep panic, spreading a pair of blood wings again and again, his body retreated!

Lin Chen's offensive soared, and he used "Taxi God's Light" once and for all, the absolute defense was indestructible, and a direct violent wave of beating!

Seeing that all the saints have been fully suppressed, the hidden antiques are shocked and stunned-

"How many hands did Lin Chen hide! This is wrong!"

"What's the matter? Does this Lin Chen also have Wushen bloodline?"

"The power of this exercise can be more than five or six times higher than before!"

"No, it's not that simple!"

"The body of Lin Chen and the phantom-like avatar, even the descendant of the divine dragon, will make every move to five, and the power of each move has skyrocketed multiple grades... "

Everyone looked at each other with unbelievable eyes.

It's too scary! Don't let people fight anymore.

The orange level advanced exercises that have been practiced to perfection are already terrifying.

Lin Chen strengthened it to [+15] in one breath, adding the talent and the enhanced "Ambilight", the power has increased more than nine times from the original base!

Moreover, this increased power of nine times can be directly benefited from the "instant light splitting" bonus, and one trick is divided into five tricks...

The sage can't stop it!

boom! boom! boom!

At this time, after the saints were defeated, they were shocked, and a force of saints poured into them, exploding one after another, causing injuries!

What's even weirder is that the injury is getting worse and worse, but it can't recover on its own?

Xue Yifan's pupils shrank and murmured: "Does Wu Pian die like this..."

"Lin Chen, come to Japan, I will remember you!"

Fang Xietian was continuously spitting blood, with a roar, a bang, the sacred body exploded on the spot, turned into endless blood drops into the space, and disappeared strangely!

This is his blood-light escape method, but an advanced orange-level special skill! Under the Holy King, there are very few means to stop this trick.

"A good Lin Chen, this time I will wear soft clothes, next time I am ready for Jiuyang Holy Blood, the one who died is you!"

Immediately thereafter, Jue Tianyan gritted his teeth and turned his teeth into a white dragon escape into the void.

Yun Potian stared at Lin Chen bitterly, turning into a round of the sun, which was fleeting.

Xue Yifan sighed deeply, "Well, this time something unexpected happened, go back to those guys, no matter whether he can win this battle, Lin Chen can't stop us!"

Then, Xue Yifan summoned an ancient Buddha with one palm of his hand, breaking the void with one hand and escaping directly!

Nangong Yue wiped the blood on the corners of her lips, her beautiful eyes stared at Lin Chen with a complicated look, and her hand opened a space umbrella, which disappeared into a bunch of nine-color streamers.

Qian Yingxue's aspirations rose, the holy armor broke, and Yin Hong's blood fell on the snow-white Hao arm. Finally, he bit Hao teeth, looked at Wuji's old man, and walked away.

Ji Qianqiu, Ji Ruoqing, Dongfanghong, etc. also walked in embarrassment!

This scene dumbfounded the hidden monsters!

The nine great geniuses were even beaten!

One-on-nine is enough nonsense, and it won a special...

"It's not slow to run."

Lin Chen smiled casually, waved his hand, the Holy Dragon shuttled through the void, soared through the sky, and took away all the attribute light balls!

[The host obtains 500 million points of fire energy, 900 million points of wind system, 400 million points of thunder system, 440,000 halls of sacred blood, 47,000 hallows of sacred essence, 110,000 points of intermediate enhancement...

There are a lot of attributed light **** dropped by the injured nine saints, and Lin Chen will not waste any one!

Many top strong men cast their eyes in consternation and horror. The servants were even more morale. The protagonist is really stronger and stronger. It is totally impossible to reason about monsters!

"These nine guys ran away, and it was too troublesome to chase them down. The life-saving means of the sage list are not ordinary. Unless they can be pulled into the space plane, it is not realistic to kill them. "

Lin Chen looked around. The chaotic circle was full of attribute light **** flashing, and the scene was very chaotic!

There have been many forces and top powers caught in this big dogfight.

Even the holy king who has never been seen forever appeared!

[The system prompts the host that the enhancement points are exhausted, all exercises are enhanced to +15, and the designated exercise method "Ambilight" is successfully enhanced by +17.

[Taixi Ancient Dragon Bloodline Strengthening + 8 Success, total increase: 80%.

Ascension of the bloodline means that Lin Chen's Holy Dragon has also advanced by leaps and bounds.

Lin Chen looked to Jiang Taixu in the distance. What he was most worried about now was not the servants, but the forces following the servants.

Jiang Taixu is still unable to scrutinize the details of the battle of all the powerful.

If he calculates the overall fighting trend, he has no problem at all, but it must be accurate to the individual, and even if it can be done, it is extremely difficult to inform immediately.

Moreover, the action command that Lin Chen gave him was "Leave Three Hands"!

The reason why the servants can keep up with Jiang Taixu's calculation and prediction is because Lin Chen has completely activated the ``Zhou Tian's Seal of Life and Death'', keeping their spiritual origin together!

The details predicted by the battle only need one thought to be quickly communicated to the opponent's mind to cooperate with the action-

Therefore, as long as Lin Chen's servants still have Jiang Taixu to protect the formation, there will be basically no worries about their lives.

However, the eight-element forces that came from the support are at a critical point!

Once the holy prison side dies, the ending will be quite tragic!


At this time, Jiang Taixu suddenly appeared to Lin Chen.

"The protagonist, the Divine Flame Palace Guardian Hall's participation in the battle, let us now occupy the overall advantage, the sky annihilation can kill a lot of strong."

Jiang Taixu's expression was slightly dignified. "However, some unexpected strong man came."

Lin Chen was surprised: "Oh? Which is itchy guy, I'll hammer him."

Jiang Taixu bluntly said: "It's the Wushen family! They are attacking here, and there is a quarter of an hour left!"

"Oh?" Lin Chen raised his eyebrows and teased with a smile: "Wu Pianju people, come really fast, don't know that they thought they wanted to rush into the cave."

Jiang Taixu seriously told the number of strong men in the Wushen family.

"Although the Wushen family sent only one holy king for the time being, there are many saints with five or more revolutions."

"The most important thing is that the fighting here has been very chaotic. Let the Wushen family join in to fight. The eight ranks sect who came to support, many people will be involved in the melee..."

Fuck~! Lin Chen snapped his fingers, and the idea was to convey the sound to everyone-

"Sky Ember, Earth Destroy, Jiang Wan'er, Situ Changsheng, Long Jiushan, Ling'er, Yun Tianguang, you withdraw from the battle, join me!"

Seven people on the 19th floor received Lin Chen's voice at the same time, flashing to his side instantly.

Lin Chen looked at the seven people, waved his hand, domineering!

"Let's go outside the Shenyan Palace territory, what kind of Wushen family!"