My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1595

Vol 5 Chapter 1595: He Is The Only Variable In This World

When Bai Ruoyan led the last disciple of Shenyan Palace to evacuate, he stared at Lin Chen's back and preached--

"Brother Lin Chen, be careful!"

Lin Chen turned, grinned, and gave a thumbs up.

"no problem."

North of Shenyan Palace, there is no God River.

The red raging waves turned into a long river, rushing down from above nine days, running from southwest to northeast, as if to isolate one side of the Saint King's domain.

Here, it is the central cross point of the Saint King's domain.

The Wushen River is a real **** who fought against King Asura in the ancient times of the wild, and he divided the territory of the Holy King in one move.

To date, no strong man has been able to get close to the Wushen River within a thousand miles. This Wushen River has formed a natural fortress. Those who are not at the peak of the Ninth Turn are extremely difficult to pass through the area near the Wushen River and must detour.

Bang ~! !

Outside the Wushen River, an atmosphere of suppressing eternity rises into the sky!

Nine hundred and ninety-nine Daoqi qi danced like Ruilong, intertwined in vertical and horizontal directions, rotating nine pagodas, a team, born out of the Wushen River!

One hundred and eighty saints, under the protection of nine pagodas, stepped over the sky of Wushen River.

The old man in the red robe headed, with fierce killing, a pair of eagle-owl-like eyes, filled with terrifying murderousness.

A six-armed ghost and ghost phantom rose above the old man's head, and the power was stunned, as if every step of the way, covering the stars and covering the moon and destroying the mountains and rivers, the plane fell, and if endless death came to the world!

"It's them!"

"Wu Shen Family, came so soon!"

"Are these guys crazy? Did they arrive so soon?"

"Nonsense, the son of the God of War is dead and not a wicked gang."

"Wu Weiyang, one of the three old monsters in the Wushen family, was he the one who came this time?"

Wushen River is not far away from many strong men. Many top strong men can perceive the advent of Wushen family for the first time!

Especially the Presbyterian Church in Shenyan Palace, this time can be described as son seeing dad.

Ying Chunqiu was surprised: "Even these guys are here, too. The more enemies of this Lin Chen thief, the better."

Sigh~! A dark thunder struck the Thousand Plane Plane and swept across it. In the spring and autumn, the five fingers were rolled across and squeezed directly. The palm was scorched and black, and the expression immediately gloomed.

Shangguan invincible laughed: "Now it's not your time to be distracted from the Holy Prison, look at it!"

Qi Feiyan shot ten thousand arrows again, burning the sky, where the arrows passed, Ruihua rushed to the sky, and burned everything, not giving the spring and autumn time!

Ying Chunqiu throbbed, did these two guys fail to see the situation clearly?

For a Wushen family, the influence of this holy king alone is lighter, not to mention that the Wushen family is more than half elite!

Not only should Chunqiu be puzzled.

Even the Holy King of Raksha, True Zen, when looking around, none of the sons of the era, the strongest, who escaped from the holy prison were shaken!

Even their offensives are getting worse and worse. The second and third teams of the Holy Prison are unable to withstand.

Everyone in Lin Chen has an overwhelming domineering attitude that looks down on the world!

There is no one who has influenced the state of mind or is shaken by the appearance of the Wushen family!

"Zhenzen old ghosts, are you very puzzled. Why haven't they shaken?

Suddenly, Shangguan Jue Xue, who played against him, smiled.

True Zen looked up to Guanguan Jue, "Indeed, with this king's aura, no matter how you think about it, after the joining of the Wushen family, how you look at this battle, you are all mortal, and all the advantages now will be instantly destroyed! "

Shangguan Jue laughed.

"Hahaha, indeed, I'm the same as you think. However, you never count the same. That's their hero!"

Fluttering, the faint light of the flames adorn the cheeks of the lady, soft and beautiful, Shangguan Jue's smile is very beautiful, there is a kind of beautiful beauty that looks like the sky is clear of the clouds, and smiles.

"I dare to assert that he will be the Holy Realm, the only variable!"

"The age when your holy prison is in power is now the end of the day!"

True Zen heart throbs!

the other side--

Bang ~! Dang~!

An ancient mirror of divine light pulled open the sky dome. When flipped, the divine light candle shone thousands of miles, and the wave of swords of Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun was blocked by the front of the divine mirror!

Lan Jingyu sneered.

"Even if you as a whole still have the upper hand, but when the Wushen family arrives, you will definitely be defeated. You don't even have a decent holy weapon, and you lose to this protector, but it is only a matter of time. Why should you be so persistent..."

Tear ~! boom! boom! boom!

A giant sword with open sky broke through the sky and fell from the sky. The front face shattered the ancient mirror of Shen Jing in Lan Jingyu, and a crack appeared!

"Rain Blade Feihua Wanli!"

Lang Fanyun slashed his sword, cut a thousand times, the sword blossomed like a flying awn, slashed the raindrops that fell through the void, and when the dance came, the Jingguang ancient mirror of Lan Jingyu was completely crushed to burst The broken awns of the sky fell one after another.

Bang ~!

Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun, struck again!

Lan Jingyu's pupil shrank, and he seemed to see an incredible scene!

"These two guys have completely entered the realm of perfection! There is no confusion, the Holy Cave is united! This is a precursor to the breakthrough!"

"If it had not been the first generation of the palace owner to take me to that ghost place, and when I was nine dead, let me advance into the realm, and barely use the kind of **** fire to break through, I am afraid that I will not hope to break through the Holy King in this life!"

Lan Jingyu's eyes, like a sword, gave insight into the 99 holy caves of the two of them. His heart was shocked and his face was pale!

At this time, Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun's eyebrows broke through a hexagonal starburst, which is the location of the 100th holy cave!

The 100th holy cave, both of them have broken through two-thirds, will be completely formed!

"This is Fang Ling, the proud son of Daoyu in the past, and the terrifying sword in Jianyu! After being tempered by the Holy Prison, can their potential inspire this kind of situation..."

Once Lan Jingyu gritted his teeth, the offensive resumed and once suppressed the two's offensive!

However, the tremendous pressure actually made Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun go deeper into Xuan Zhixuan's "to reach the state"!

The pupils in their eyes seemed to be only Lan Jingyu, and everything around them couldn't get into their eyes!

Outside the broken Brahma Valley, Promise Old Man smiled lightly.

"It seems that this little guy still has the bottom card, and this trip did not come wrong, but why the old man never calculated his destiny."

"Could it be said that he is not from the Holy Realm?"


Outside the Wushen River, when the Wushen Family and others just withstood the energy wave of the Wushen River

There was a sound of dragon roaring in Kyushu, and the dragon roaring in the wild!

Clouds rushed away, the ancient dragon shining with golden light, flying from above nine days!

It is hundreds of thousands of feet long, and its body is surrounded by red clouds, with four limbs and five claws; the head of a unicorn, the tail of a carp, its long beard, and its horns are like deer.

Wu Weiyang, headed by the Wushen family, couldn't help but narrow his eyes, surprised.

"Pure Taixi Ancient Dragon? This dragon against the sky still exists in this world?"

When the strong man of the Wushen family looked closely, eight people stood above the vast Taixi ancient dragon!

The teenager standing directly in front shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

"There are too few people coming from the Wushen family this time!"

Everyone's mouth twitched...

Damn, why doesn't this kid play the card every time, a holy king, more than 180 saints with four or more turns, why is this too small?

Is it your brain or our brain!