My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1596

Vol 5 Chapter 1596: The Strongest Ace Of The Past

Wu Weiyang's eyes glared, staring at the silver robe boy on the back of Taixi Gulong, and said coldly.

"You are Lin Chen?"

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow and jokingly said: "If fake replacement, the first handsome in the Holy Realm, the first Sao in the waves. Long waiting for chickens, exclusive first."

Wu Weiyang smiled angrily: "Very well, the old man has never seen anyone who dares to provoke my Wushen family! You are the first and will be the last!"

boom! boom!

Wu Weiyang stepped out in one step, flashing for thousands of miles, traversing the void, rolling all the way, the body was fast, and the show was actually "Wu Shenbu"!

But after a few breaths, Wu Weiyang moved across the plane and moved!

The Wushen family also began to act accordingly!

The three streamers came like a sword, and they were facing Wu Weiyang's direction!

Tear ~! boom!

Wu Weiyang wondered: "Huh?"

I saw that Taixi Gulong was right in front of him, and his offensive was blocked by five people!

Wu Weiyang's eyes changed slightly, "Jiang Waner of Xianxiamen? The son of Yuanshen Tianhuo, the long-lived Situ. Longjiu Mountain in the battlefield, and Yun Tianguang...You actually entered the holy prison, haven't you died yet?"

With a glance at his eyes, he discovered the ranks of the Holy Prison, and with the experience and spiritual light of the Holy King, he suddenly understood the situation vaguely.

Long Jiushan laughed: "Old guys like you all live well, how can we die."

Wu Weiyang wondered: "Princess? Just Lin Chen's son?"

Jiang Waner said coldly: "Brother Long, don't talk nonsense with this old thing, don't let him get close to the hero!"

Situ Changsheng smiled warmly and elegantly: "Waner girl is not anxious, there is a white jade fairy guarding him, he has no chance!"

After speaking, Situ Changsheng's sleeve robe waved, and the black barriers that appeared around him were completely transformed by the power of Yuanshen!

The Yuanyuan Soul World fell into heaven and earth, covering Wu Weiyang and covering hundreds of thousands of miles. It was a world created by Yuanshen, thousands of mountains, thousands of miles of snow, and Yuanshens fire burning all over the world. Endless!

"The world divides the world, the world pays its dividends. The ten directions are infinite, the nine tribes reflect the heaven and earth!

Bai YuxianXiao Ling'er swayed her hands gently, dancing with ten fingers, light and elegant. Thousands of space lights began to turn into beams, and shuttled into the ``Yuanshun World''!

Buzz~! When the space throbs, the original soul plane becomes an inherent space plane!

Xiao Linger smiled indifferently: "This space has been completely blocked. Please fight as much as possible without worrying about hurting the hero."

Wu Weiyang suddenly laughed: "Hahaha, with your seven nine-turn peaks, I also want to stop this king, and look down on my Wushen family failure!"

Long Jiushan rubbed his hands and grinned, saying with a grin: "If you don't try, you will know! I haven't beaten the Holy King before the fist, I will take you today!"

At this moment, all the powerful are amazing!

The Holy King of the Wushen Family was stopped as soon as he appeared!

However, the threat has not been lifted!

The Wushen family is as strong as the cloud, and there are only twelve of the nine-turn saints!

He Lin Chen himself, what to block!

At this time, Lin Chen stood on top of the holy dragon, one person and one dragon, facing all the martial arts strong family alone!

"What way is this? Will there be any conspiracy?"

"Why don't you care about him, so many of us can't take a young man? Kill him!"

"Let's change late, start first to be strong!"

The 180 saints from the Wushen family immediately urged the body to move through the void and flew to Lin Chen at extremely fast speed!

Almost no one understood, what is Lin Chen doing?

The Promise of the Wuji Old Man is better than he has the title of The First Actor in the Holy Realm, and he cant see through Lin Chens abacus!

At the next moment, someone Lin's mouth went up frantically, and he skillfully put on his homemade sunglasses.

The red gold dragon spirit surrounds Lin Chen, and turns into a divine-like aperture to cover him. Taixi Shenguang suddenly launched, Lin Chen poured all the dragon veins into this moment! Form a strong defense!

"Leave you!"

Lin Chen jumped and jumped directly under the faucet!

Bang ~! !

The wind and the clouds swayed, the holy dragon screamed, and the dragon's tail rolled over and over. In the eyes of everyone, the holy dragon actually threw the dragon's tail, the pure power burst on the spot, and a tail was thrown on Lin Chen!

boom! !

Lin Chen was flicked and flicked by the Holy Dragon, and the whole person blasted away like a cannonball at the strong of the whole Wushen family!

At this moment, all the hidden monsters and antiques were stunned.

What the hell!

One person rushed up to the whole Wushen family?

Your **** singles are not enough, and you want to single out most of the martial arts family elite?

With his fighting power against the geniuses, even if all the avatars are one piece, it may not be an opponent of an eight-turn saint!

More imitating that there are twelve saints in Wujia nine-turn saints, this behavior, like sheep entering a lion group, is equivalent to finding death!

"Did he dare to kill him alone?"

"Go to death, destroy this kid!"

"Regardless of his conspiracies and tricks, under the Holy King, no one can single us all and suppress him directly!"

The strong players of the Wushen family responded quickly, and the momentum surged in an instant, and the power was shocking!

One trick, one Xeon Jue Xue, played one after another and grinded towards Lin Chen!

boom! boom! boom!

The terrible offensive crushed or hit Lin Chen time and time again, and his "Taxi God Light" withstood massive attacks, and his desire to collapse!

Even if the blood of the Shenlong is strengthened, it is necessary to resist the offensive of the 180 strongest saints, even the "Taixi Shenguang", known as the absolute defense, can't bear it!

Although many offensives shook Lin Chen's absolute defense, when he was fragmented, he also successfully broke through countless attacks.

Lin Chen rushed to the very center of all the strong family of Wushen family!

"Heaven has a way, you don't go, **** has no door, you break in!"

"Regardless of his conspiracy and tricks, just hit him and beat him hard!"

"Hahaha, really looking for death, you want to single us out? What a big dream!"

"Hammer him directly!"

All the martial arts strongmen were either grinning or disdainful and aimed at Lin Chen!

Lin Chen grinned, and his eyes under the dark sunglasses were especially crazy!

"The game is over, and now is the real ace burst time!"


The space directly above the top of Lin Chen's head blasted a golden rune, and the world was unparalleled.

[The host launches the orange-level talentGod-killer, who has sensed hostility to the host, a total of 972 people, four holy kings, eighteen complete nines, ninety-seven repairs forty-seven...

When the golden rune merged into the body, Lin Chen's red light like a dragon appeared all over the body and exploded instantly! So that every strong man present was palpitating!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The earth trembles!

The sky roared!

Lin Chen's 45 sacred caves with twinkling star bursts suddenly expanded, and a whirlpool of holy light that enveloped nine heavens and ten earths swept across the eastern part of the Saint King's domain!

"not good!"

"His mother, does he actually want to condense his points?"

"Not right! Quick withdrawal!"

The Wu Jiaqiang felt a breath of awe-inspiring feeling and felt bad!

In almost a very short period of time, Lin Chens holy cave broke through 46 and 47!

Lin Chen's breath grew madly, 46 holy caves burst away and exploded 6,500 times in a row!

47 holy caves were temporarily blasted away and exploded 6,500 times in a row!

Immediately after, 48, 49, 50, and 6,500 times!

It's not over yet!

Lin Chen's cultivation practice, like a broken bamboo, is still growing crazy, soaring!

The strongest ace ever, the talent of killing the gods, is here again!