My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1597

Vol 5 Chapter 1597: I Like To Play Heads Up So You Go Together.

In almost half a breath, Lin Chen's cultivation ground broke through 50 holy caves!

boom! boom! boom! Bang ~!

With Lin Chen as the center, the endless explosion of holy power was released, and the endless envelopment will overturn the world!

When the Nine-color Holy Light exploded, the entire space of the sky showed signs of fault, and the sky was completely tilted!

The whirlpool of holy light covered all the martial arts strongmen, and a series of tens of thousands of explosions broke out!

A large number of martial arts strongmen, even if they opened the holy acupuncture point in the brain domain, the response was extremely fast, but there was no chance of retreating. All of them were affected by the terrible air wave explosion!

boom! boom! boom!

Some of the Wujia strongmen were caught off guard. When they were blown away by the air waves, they fell into the Godless River and were destroyed by the destructive breath of the Godless River into nothingness, dying without scum!


"My God... Lin Chen blew himself up!"

Numerous strong men have scalp numbness, and a part of the eight-rank strong men who have been assisted here are forced to interrupt the battle and quickly retreat!

Lin Chen's condensed acupuncture point has been earth-shattering, and the power can be described as sinking into a thousand planes.

The five condensed acupuncture points burst out in a very short period of time, which is as much as a wave of saints blasting themselves collectively!

The entire eastern part of the Saint King's domain was completely blown up by Lin Chen's temporary hole!

The smoke was rolling, the world was dim, and numerous vacuum zones dissipated the energy of hurricane-like destruction and poured out.

The corners of the old antiques were trembling.

Lin Chen's wave directly blew up a quarter of the strongest in the Wushen family!

To be precise, they should be blown up to the area of the Godless River, and more than forty saints who turned around on the spot fell on the spot!

It's so perverted, it's not something people can do at all!


Xing Jiutian and Sun Yuezong Sect Master stared at the very center of the explosion storm.

As if there is any terrible existence, about to be born!

Even the well-informed Promise Old Man almost pumped his beard, and for the first time looked stunned.

"There is such an operation?"

I saw that when the smoke rolled away, a strong primordial spirit shone to the sky, as the endless galaxy was incorporated into the body.

"Something wrong, look, Lin Chen's breath."

"My God, what else is so outrageous in this world?"

"52 holy caves! This... this kid went from the condensed environment to the life and death environment?"

"You **** amusing me?"

"Crazy, it must be crazy!"

"What happened recently is so ridiculous!"

"It's not that simple! This guy's spiritual realm, holy strength, all transformed!"

The hidden elders of all sides were shocked.

Lin Chen's spiritual realm temporarily broke through the realm of Yuanshen, and turned into an endless shadow of Yuanshen. The prestige of Yuanshen came to the earth and the world. A thought can make hundreds of millions of souls die!

His holy body circulates the eternal light, a ray of sacred awns, which tears the sky between the fingers, and the pure power breaks through 100,000 dignity!

The most terrifying thing is the 52 sacred caves shined by Lin Chen!

Each holy cave contains all kinds of phenomena, such as Nahuanyu, Mountain and Sea Prison, which cannot be compared to one. The light of a billion stars is not as bright as its holy light. A ray of Saint Mans can break life and death. A little starlight, all over the world!

"A life and death situation is complete, I don't know how many people were killed!"

"The bluff, the old man first get a fair deal for the dead elder!"

"The old man doesn't believe that you can turn a life-and-death situation?"

Several Wujia saints who had been converted for five years were angry and smiled, their fingerprints changed suddenly, and a decisive punch came, and a Vientiane Profound Wheel rotated at a rapid speed.

"Not good! Don't mess around!" When the nine-turn saints of the Wu family exclaimed, it was too late!

Lin Chen smiled slightly, raised his hand and pointedly pointed out with one finger, a stroke of the magic demon sacred finger to urge!

Tear ~!

The sky flashed across an aurora, divided into five!

Poof~! After the aurora crossed, tearing the red veins of the black wheel, it passed away in a flash.

The five martial saints suddenly had dull eyes, and a line of blood crossed their throats.

All of their defenses, like paper paste, were pierced into nothingness, throats made er, uh, a few times, their heads were crooked, and the heads were separated, and the dead bodies were on the spot.

"Is there still such a thing?"

"one move?"

"Is this **** power in life and death?"

Countless hidden monsters have scalp numbness and terrified faces, and the world view cognition is another collapse!

One finger, kill the five five-turn saints!

Five changes to repair, in the case of full-strength fighting, the holy cave broke the minimum lethality of more than 60,000 divine power!

Those who can achieve the five transformations have higher potential. The holy cave opened when opening the heavens must be stronger than the ordinary one or two turn saints, and the holy power promotion when promoted is even more terrifying!

Kaitian Realm is already the power of the Holy World with a head and a face. If the five-turned saint is born, it will be the dominant party, and it can be a great engine of the establishment of the school!

However, such a big man was wiped out by a finger of life and death?

Even the Promise Old Man looked at Lin Chen with a ghostly expression!

"This... this face is too exaggerated. This little guy's previous combat strength, all the avatars and descendants of the dragon and other combat strengths are added together. At the same time, the saint who is at least seven rounds and satisfactorily, has now broken through several grades! "

What a rebirth fairy!

The vision of Elder Wuji was also shocked, not shocked, but really shocked!

Throughout the ages, there has been no such abnormal increase!

"This is... do I become a fighting force in life and death... how graceful, how cheerful!"

Lin Chen was intoxicated. This feeling of flying over multiple realms in a short period of time really made people want to stop!

At this time, the system light screen pops up-

[The godslayers talent status is officially opened. 46 holy acupuncture points are cultivated in the future, and the highest multiple of the condensed point of the host is taken as the standard. From the cultivation base, pure power, and spiritual realm, the hosts power is increased by 98,010 times.

[Note: The system prompts the host that the mind method "Taiyi Futian Jue" can create the same origin of the holy cave origin of the host in the time and space of Taiyi and the spirit state of the Yuanshen. The Godkiller talent does not fall within this range.

[During the state of the God-killer, the soaring cultivation base cannot be applied to the increase and blessing of the mentality of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue".

The temporary killing of the sacred hole of the God-killer's talent, that is, the Holy Power obtained after the 46 Holy Holes, is temporarily not applicable to Lin Chen's mind at this stage!

"45 holy acupoints have the effect of mind, but 46 holy acupoints are not available after the start. If so, the subsequent five temporary agglomeration points are 6,500 times, corresponding to the last five times of acupoint expansion, plus life and death Ten Holy Caverns in full bloom..."

In Lin Chen's eyes, a trace of bare feet is not afraid of the fierceness of wearing shoes!

Relying on [the God-killer talent] the temporary five times of agglomeration points, corresponding to his last five points of expansion-

The last five temporary coagulation points are 8775, 11375, 14625, 18200 and 32500!

These five sacred caves did not gain mental growth. Even so, Lin Chen was still so perverted!

Just because the condensed environment is perfect, the ultimate lethality of the Holy Power has 145945 dignity

With the blessings and the two holy caves in life and death, Lin Chens current ultimate holy power can reach more than 290,000 divine powers!

At this moment, Lin Chen smiled innocently.

"I, Lin, has always been fair and only likes to single out. Come on, I will single out your Valkyrie family and go together!"

Everyone: "..."