My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1598

Vol 5 Chapter 1598: Lin Chen Is Crazy

Heads-up warlord family?

Listen, is this a human word?

I am afraid, apart from the holy kings present, who would dare to say this?

Lin Chen carried the Tujiao Gun on his shoulders, smiled awe-inspiringly, stepped on Yunying Tianguang, and embodied the infinite blood shadow Yunguang!

"Yes, this maniac is here, and everyone is on alert!"

"Full-hearted against Lin Chen, no one can underestimate the enemy!"

"This son is the number one enemy of my Wushen family, and I can never retreat. If the Lord blames it, no one can eat it!"

Lin Chen's body speed can be described as Lei Chi Fengji, blood shadow sky spread all the way!

The blood shadow sky passed by, like a **** cloud storm, scraped all the way, even faster than the voices of the powerful, their voices just fell-

Tear ~! A red spearpoint penetrated the chest of the five-turn saint, and the blood of the holy blood flowed out.

Lin Chen's figure gradually turned into a cloud of light from behind the man.

Poof~! Lin Chen pulled his gun back, and flashed again.

The action goes in one go and the water flows in one go, one shot breaks the defense, without any hesitation!

The penetrating five-turned saint covered his chest and vomited blood, clenching his teeth and teeth, "The old sacred heart is not broken, this son can't kill me!"

When he was about to urge Holy Power to restore his wounds--


With a blast, the Sacred Heart of the Five-Turn Saint blew up, and in the eyes of everyone, it fell down and died.

Countless martial saints creepy!

What a weird means to kill between invisible and shadowless, even the strong vitality of the Sacred Heart cannot be restored!

Lin Chen: "I got up, in a second, there is nothing to say."

[Triggered talents of extinction and damage, and talents of explosion and explosion have successfully killed the target.

[Note: The host is in the state of activating the **** killer. Killing the enemy will only drop a small amount of attribute light balls, and will not drop the growth attribute light balls.

Sigh~! The cold fell suddenly, the surrounding space was suddenly frozen, and hundreds of thousands of miles were frozen. A nine-turned saint wanted to use the ice system to seal Lin Chen's body!

call out! call out! call out!

Unexpectedly, the residual image in the void became more and more chaotic, and within a moment, a scream, and a seriously wounded four-turned saint fell!

Bang ~! A holy flame knife chopped off like a dragon, and threw himself into a void again.

Thousands of holy lights condensed into a dense holy net enveloped down suddenly, only a group of afterimages were blocked, and the light disappeared and disappeared without a trace!

"Damn, this kid's body is too weird!"

The strong men of the Wushen family are desperately corrupted, and dozens of top strong men have shot successively, but no one can lock Lin Chen's position!

Lin Chens spiritual awakening has increased the spiritual instantaneous speed by a large number of times, which is comparable to the five-turned saint

And using the talents of God-killers, the spiritual realm temporarily broke through to the realm of Yuanshen.

Spiritualized Yuanshen, there is a qualitative leap in the realm, Lin Chen can now be at ease even in the face of the aura of the nine-turned saint!

Wu Weiyang, who was fighting against the son of the Seventh Era, Wu Weiyang saw Lin Chen broke out, and was completely scared!

"What's the origin of this kid? Actually there is only life and death? No, before he cultivated to ascend, he still condensed the environment!"

"Could it be that he just killed Wu Shenzi with Hua Ning?"

For a time, Wu Weiyang's state of mind was suddenly disturbed.

Long Jiushan laughed magnificently: "Hahaha! Worthy of being my hero, strong, too strong!"

Yun Tianguang admired: "The speed of the protagonist's body is almost catching up with me now."

Jiang Wan'er smiled: "Our hero is always so strong and unreasonable. Wu Weiyang is an old monster. You Wu family can't take our hero!"

Wu Weiyang's old face suddenly sank.

Who can stand up to this? One person blocked most of the elite of the entire Wu family!

Outside the Wushen River, the storm-like offensive offensive smashed Lin Chens large number of afterimages!

The Wu family was completely stunned!

Everyone is fighting together, it is impossible to touch Lin Chen!

The lineup can be dispersed to fight, and it is easy to be broken by Lin Chen one by one.


Dao Xiao is like a dragon, when Lin Chen holds "Jue Yan" and smiles with awe-inspiring--

"This knife is given to you Wu family as a gift! God tears!"

Lin Chen's arm circulated with five-colored clouds, and he suddenly waved his knife, and the tip of the knife shot a blazing, blazing knife light!

"Ambilight Instant Light Split!"

Lin Chen slashed out the strongest "Tear of Tears" ever!

This knife, amazing all the strong! This is a flawless, seamless knife. The knife rotates like the moon, and it directly shakes the heavenly dome of the Saint King's domain!

Daoman splits into five and cuts towards all martial arts strongmen!

Before waiting for the Wu Jiaqiang, the reaction came and the knife light shook!

Sigh~! boom!

There was a bang, the knife light exploded, and millions of knife gas fragments, like broken jade, like a violent wind and rain, slammed toward all the strong Wujia!

The pupils of the powerful men shrank!

Each of these blade qi fragments is different, either by the spiritual power of Yuanshen, or by the powerful divine power, or by the strength of pure power, too much, dazzled!

This is simply not a response to take the best defense!

boom! boom! boom!

The endless sword gas fragments hit all the saints of the Wu family. Above the eight-turn saint, they can barely resist the impact of the sword gas fragments. However, the saints who were repaired in seven turns, six turns, and five turns will suffer!

"Oops, the Wu family are about to suffer!"

"Lin Chen's terrible is not just his cultivation behavior, but also his secret tricks that cannot be cured, and the trick to break the explosion, even the old man has to start with a crippling start. Life is gone!"

"The combination of these two is simply a harvesting weapon for Tu Sheng!"

Lin Chen's "God Tears" knife technique is a true group attack magic skill!

Not to mention the blessing of "Instant Light Split" and the enhancement of talents and techniques such as [Enhancement Function], the display of the extraordinary orange-level intermediate group attack and combat skills!

The defense of the saints of the Wu Family, even the sacristy was penetrated, the blood of the holy blood was slashed by the blade of gas, and the talents of [Super Chaos] and [Extinction] were constantly triggered.

After the shards of knife gas rolled over, many strong men took a closer look, and their faces were incredible!

This knife directly caused dozens of five-turn saints to fall on the spot, all six-turn saints were seriously injured, eighteen seven-turn saints were slightly injured, and five eight-turn saints' defensive sacred objects were penetrated through the hole!

There are only a small number of eight-turn saints and nine-turn old monsters who really retired!

The mid-range strength of the team has nearly collapsed!

"People from the Wu family, I am very fair. It is said that heads-up is heads-up. Come on, don't stop!"

Lin Chen laughed loudly, didn't use the sword, put on the Frozen Sky Sword, and turned into a shadow of the cloud shadow sky, rushing into the lineup of the strong family such as the Wu Family!

Those who have been affected by Gods Tears, Extermination and Rupture and Destruction Explosion in their bodies are seriously injured and their combat power is greatly reduced.

Almost a quarter of an hour, Lin Chen galloped outside the Godless River, killing all the heroes!

The speed at which Wujia strongmen have fallen has made countless old antiques air-conditioned!

The speed of the destruction of the powerful in this battle is enough to go down in history!

Lin Chen is crazy!

Almost everyone is unbelievable, a life and death situation, but also to such a degree!

As strong as the Promiseless Old Man, he couldn't help shouting and muttering to himself.

"This... this little guy is fighting a few more steps... If he follows this growth trajectory, can this child be comparable to the Holy King in the Sacred Heart State and the Open Heaven Realm?"