My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1599

Vol 5 Chapter 1599: Make A Profit Without Losing Money

Lin Chens cave power alone, when the cashier and the cashier blew up more than forty saints and fell into the Godless River to die!

In a quarter of an hour, more than 30 saints were crushed all the way, and the five were repaired, and it was almost impossible to stop Lin Chen's move.

Lin Chen's total destructive power of the ultimate destructive power, which exceeds 290,000 divine powers, can be described as dominating the audience! More than any nine-turn saint!

To put it bluntly, with Lin Chen's existing orange rank talents, the strong man under the half-step Saint King, he can stand invincible against Lin Chen!

The servants of the nineteenth floor, apart from the four half-step saint kings such as Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun, other servants may not be able to overcome Lin Chen in the state of God-killer in front!

Lin Chen turned his sword and changed his gun, his slamming was violent, and another six-turn saint was defended by Lin Chen.

"It's now! I did him!"

After a sudden cold drink, ten thousand Dao Xia Xia rose in all directions, and turned into a huge space-time holy net.

The Wu Family's counterattack is finally here!

Space-time holy nets such as the Big Dipper are hanging from the sky every week, seven consecutive flashes, all the space is blocked, solidified and formed, and the vacuum is isolated!

This is the Seven Judgments of the Kings Array of the Wu Family, and even has the ability to seal the Holy King against the heavens. Now it is displayed by seven nine-turned saints, which finally restrained Lin Chens body!

Bang ~!

In the electric light and fire stone, the five big nine-turned saints of the Wu family raised their hands to the sky, and slowly condensed into a giant hand from the hell!

"Tian Gui Fu Long Zhang!"

The purple-black spirit of ghosts and spirits permeated the breath of death and destruction, and the giant hand that covered the sky finally turned into a palm print of tens of feet, and it quickly rolled towards Lin Chen!

With a palm of annihilation, this trick made the old antiques who watched the battle feel powerful like a forbidden art!

It is an orange-level advanced technique! The five nine-turn saints show their power at the same time, which is almost the half-step saint king's Xeon offensive!

Lin Chen's mouth was raised, but he did not intend to dodge, but he was hard-wired

Bang ~! Sigh~!

In the space of the Seven Finals King Array, Wu Ji Tian Gui Fu Long Zhang confronted each other and shattered the Array Space!


"No, there is no real sense of hit!"

"Where did this kid go?"

All the saints from the Wu Family were shocked!

"Have he escaped? Impossible. I will wait for the seven kings to form a team, and the Holy King can't make a breakthrough!"

"His breath reappeared! Be careful!"

The twelve nine-turned saints were waiting in line, almost instantly, **** clouds like blood storms appeared behind the ranks of the Wu family and others!

In the palm of his hand, spinning nine stars of brilliant stars, he suddenly flicked out of the martial saints!

With a loud bang, the magnificent and gorgeous nine-color starlight burst through the sky, breaking through the clouds and splitting into five, suddenly blooming from the direction where the Wujia strong people gathered!

Enter the Nine Tribulation Stars in the state of [God Killer]!

Lin Chen laughed: "Send you a big gift, take it!"

The faces of the twelve nine-turned saints changed!

The destructive breath contained in the nine-color starlight is enough to shock them even!

However, the most important thing is that this move was not directed against them, but against the elders of the Wu family!

The nine-color starlight came very quickly, and the Wu family and others had not yet had time to withdraw from the safe distance. Five beams of gorgeous nine-color light beams bloomed between the heavens and the earth, penetrating through the heavens and earth, and traversing the galaxy straight!

This trick, amazing a large number of strong!

Ying Chunqiu: "This kid's cultivation of life and death can actually break out this kind of attack?"

True Zen's profile: "If you let this son enter the state of holy mind over time, can't you have the fighting power to match this king?"

Shangguan Jue: "Lao Niang's eyes on men are getting more and more poisonous, ha ha ha ha!"

When the heavenly nine-color beam of light rotates, it covers the void of the Godless River and has a radius of millions of miles.

Time and space are distorted, and more than half of the strong families of the Wu family cannot withdraw. They are absorbed by the "Nine Tribulation Stars"!

Even if they play a lot of life-saving cards and defense skills, when they are involved in the nine-color beam, all defenses will be silently crushed.

Then, when there is no means to resist the defense by holy force alone, the injury will aggravate and die quickly!

"Even if I now have the power to match most of the nine-turn saints, but these old monsters are not so good to kill, first kill most of the elders of the Wu family!"

Lin Chen set foot on the body, opened the air transport and planting capsules, and the Holy Cave quickly refined a large amount of gold Shengyuan coins to supplement consumption.

Senior Shengdan seems to not put money in his mouth to supplement consumption.

The nine-turned saint is not an idle person. Lin Chen's combat strength and means are extremely extreme, unlike the ordinary strong.

Before the twelve nine-turn saints teamed up, Lin Chen escaped directly into the "macro" plane, and on the contrary, it was transferred to a phantom position that was arranged in advance. Even the hard resistance did not intend to resist, and it was right to run!

As long as he can injure his opponent and trigger the talents of [Extinct Rupture] and [Explosion of Destruction], the combat power of the opponent will decline linearly.

If the nine-turn saints hold a group and fight with him, it is not so easy to hurt them.

Lin Shuai made his thinking clear. First of all, he wiped out most of the strong members of the martial arts, earning no money!

boom! boom! boom!

The twelve nine reincarnated people charged up again, and the Nine Tribulation Stars were shattered.

But, the saints of the Wu family, died dead, wounded wounded.

Half as many people died than when they first came! Ninety people left!

The ones who survived are basically the seven martial arts masters who have been repaired to the above age!

Lin Chen erected a **** of the international friendship against the twelve nine-turn saints, and then began to practice again, and swept to the other strong members of the Wu family. They were so angry that they had smoked, and were forced to act again to stop Lin Chen!

Seeing this scene, Wu Weiyang, who was in the "World of Souls of Soul," was completely furious!

"Good, good! A good Lin Chen, dare to kill me so many elites from the Wu family, Ben Wangding and you will never die!"

When Wu Weiyang broke the boundary with the palm of his hand, when Yun Tianguang, Situ Changsheng and Jiang Waner drove back, his eyes were red, his eyes were ripped apart, and his expression was furious.

When Xiao Linger embellished the void with one finger, and the space solidified again, restricting Wu Weiyang's actions, Leng Chi said: "Be sure to hold him down, not let him go to the hero's side!"

"Of course! The Holy King Lao Tzu also did the same, betting on this life, Lao Tzu definitely wants to stop him here!"

Bang ~!

With a roar, Long Jiushan held the axe in both hands, chopped an axe across, the sky split open, and a ray of blood awn was cut open!

Wu Weiyang flicked his sleeves, and a hundred sacred acupoints burst into the Holy Power of the Thousand Realms. When breaking through the bondage, he held a halberd with one hand!

The holy halberd is dark red, and the dragon pattern is entwined, as if it is the supreme holy weapon. When it appears, it commands the heroes in all directions.

This turned out to be a ninth grade holy weapon! !

Zhen Zen's eyes narrowed: "Did all the ninth-grade sacristy of this martial art monster come out."

"These guys, although they are still at the pinnacle of Jiu Zhuan, they have a breakthrough in desire and they really have one hand..."