My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1600

Vol 5 Chapter 1600: King Of Heroes The Ultimate Battle

Holding the Ninth Grade Saint Halberd, Wu Weiyang waved towards the sky, and stabs at Long Jiushan with awe, crushing his pure power offensive!

Sheng Hui was like light. When he pierced the blood mansions, he hit Long Jiushan, and he flew out all over, bleeding from the corner of his mouth.

Tear ~!

In an instant, the sickle condensed by Shengli appeared like a ghost to Wu Weiyang's head!

The invisible sharp knife seemed to jump into the space and stab at Wu Weiyang's Sacred Heart position!

This fierce killing opportunity made Wu Weiyang feel cold in the back, and the chill went straight over his head!

clang! Dang~!

Wu Weiyang urged defensive skills, the battle halberds turned around, and the two repelled with lightning, cold sweat.

"The hateful killer, without a trace, even the king was almost shouted. It really deserves to be the two strongest killers in the heavenly domain."

The two of them failed to sneak attack, and when they were repelled, they still created fighter planes for Situ Changsheng and others.

Long Jiushan wiped the blood and scolded.

"Fuck, this is too foul. The nine-grade halberd, with the cultivation of the Holy King, isn't it pressing us to fight!"

"Our Nine-Turn Peak Cultivation Team is still empty-handed, and we can't beat the beatings! If our famed holy weapon was still there, it wouldn't hurt him so easily!"

The Ninth Grade Sacristy is one of the ultimate pursuits of the saints. Almost in the Holy Realm, few people except the Holy King-level strong have it!

Since ancient times, Jiu Ping wares are rare in history.

In the hands of Wu Weiyang was the "Sky Prison" made by the founding master Shen Yue and his family in the ancient times of the 47th century!

The holy king is equipped with nine ranks of halberds. In the case of head-to-head battles, ordinary nine-turn saints can't even take one move!

Jiang Wan'er turned into a fairy light, and said awe-inspiringly.

"Brother Jiushan, now is not the time to complain. The hero just tried our best to repair the injury and the behavior. Now we can't take a step back."

"I know, be careful, I cut his way!"

Long Jiushan reorganized and attacked again, and the fighting trend in the space boundary became more and more fierce!

When the outside world was killing in the dark, Jiang Taixu, who held all the strong men, suddenly changed his face suddenly!

"This... what's going on here? So fast! What kind of life body is this? Dive into the void and shuttle, there is almost no track between the shifting planes. Fortunately, the old man returned to the Shenji Pavilion to retrieve the Xiaoyao Banner. Not coming out!"

Jiang Taixu immediately heard the sound-

"Don't worry, Xiu Luo, Haiyue have to go to support the hero! There are mysterious creatures and holy king realm close to the hero's position!"

With one order, the twelve nine-turned saints on the eighteenth floor acted immediately!

The twelve nine-turn saints were missing, and the fighting pressure in the Shenyan Palace suddenly increased.

The absolute advantage occupied by Lin Chen's team was flattened back.

The servants of the nineteenth floor, such as Zi Qianchou, had no choice but to'use one dozen three or even one four' to hold the elders of the Shenyang Palace and the strong men of the Holy Prison to share the missing top combat power!

You Xiangsheng on the one side immediately seals the seal, and transmits the servants.

"Everyone, if you want to be at a disadvantage and be suppressed by the other party, everyone can take a spare one-time medicine. The power of temporary promotion is considerable. The old man has improved all the sequelae to the minimum."

The servants glanced at each other, their eyes converged, and many seven-grade sacred princess appeared in the palm of their hands, and they swallowed down immediately!

boom! boom! boom!

A ray of holy light soared into the sky, clouds steamed Xia Wei, and visions appeared!

Lin Chens servants ranks, the holy prestige skyrocketing, wind, fire, thunder and lightning, and many holy powers appear, it can be said that the ancient holy spirit came to the world, raging the wind and clouds, tearing the universe!

There is a heyday of traveling to the raw refining medicine, and the elixir to temporarily enhance the Holy Power as long as you have the resources and time to get it!

The fighting power of the servants has increased, and the disadvantages just created have been brought back.

They can afford energy, but the elders of the Shenyang Palace cannot afford it!

Secondly, the Prison Horse has also been killed or seriously injured before, and the combat power is lacking.

When the twelve nine-turn servants rushed to Lin Chen's position, Jiang Taixu's voice echoed all the servants and Lin Chen's mind!

"Princess, something is wrong, and the Holy King is coming in your direction!"

The expressions of many servants are tense!

Now that the situation is fairly balanced, if there is another holy king, the battle situation will definitely be tilted!

Jiang Taixu's voice immediately made Lin Chen stop his hand, his eyes changed, and he flew back.

Tang Haiyue and other people arrived immediately to cover Lin Chen.

Tang Feixue said seriously: "Princess, you go first, and then hand over to us!"

Blood Shura, who carried the blood blade on his shoulders, nodded, and he said so seriously.

"The protagonist is assured, even if we are not like the elder brother Zi Qianchou and the senior dragon, but I will desperately stop this holy king for the protagonist!"

Lin Chen scolded: "Your uncle, what nonsense, this handsome man is the kind of person who wants to escape on your desperation."

His eyes crossed a ray of fierce glance: "How about the Holy King, no matter who came, I dare to hammer if I come!"

Seeing Lin Chen shortly suspend his hand, the Wujia team temporarily retreated from one side, alerting Lin Chen and others.

In this battle, the casualties were too fast!

He has the physical method of chasing the "Blood King" Yun Tianguang, the spiritual power of Yuanshen Realm, and the fighting power comparable to the peak of Jiu Zhuan----

And, the horrible means of making the saints unable to heal after being injured! The key trick to avoid fatal bombardment at critical moments such as the "Macro" talent!

The Promiseless Old Man is amazing-

"It's really a little guy who is against the sky. In such a short family, he killed 90 saints in the Wushen family..."

Especially the Holy Prison and the Palace of Divine Flames can be described as a cold sweat!

Fortunately, they met Lin Chen's servants or the Eighth Rank forces who came to support them.

If they face Lin Chen, they will now be crippled without dying!

In all fairness, changing any of the nine-turned saints cannot achieve the horrible speed of holy slaughter like Lin Chen!

Unless the Holy King himself!

It can be said that Lin Chen's current strength is not as good as that of the Holy King, but he has achieved a record that only the Holy King can achieve!

The Holy Dragon swims through the void and incorporates all the attribute light **** dropped by the falling strong into the dragon body!

Bang ~!

Without waiting for Lin Chen and his party to communicate, the vast sky on the opposite side of Wushen River came to the dark behind the scenes!

Dark air is like tide, covering the stars and covering the moon. It was not affected by the coercion of the Wushen River, and it opened up a space channel, extending down, and a team approached.

The powerful men of all forces immediately tighten their nerves!

Is this enemy or friend this time?

"Oh, today is really hilarious."

"It's really as you expected. Jiang Taixu sat down, and they predicted our location in advance."

"The human fortune-teller is really magical. It's a guy who can avoid my clan's plan three times or five times."

"Unfortunately, this time you can't sneak attack. The deity likes to sneak attack most, this time the loss is at least 100 million."

"It's okay, this **** person will die!"

A few joking and violent sneer sounds echoed the audience, Lin Chen and Shangguan Jue's face changed at the same time!

Shangguan Jue exclaimed: "It's him!"

Lin Chen squeezed the magic gun, the murderous intention between the eyebrows was crazy, and said coldly.

"Yin Tianzi? Haotian Saint King!!"

Under the sky of the Wushen River, which is flooded with Cabernet Sauvignon, this team coming from the sky is the Yin Tianzi, the ultimate shadow, and the Holy King of Haotian!

Even Mozu's helper is here! !