My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1601

Vol 5 Chapter 1601: Twin Kings Are Born Shaking The Holy Kingdom

Lin Chen communicated with the God of War suit, if there was any accident, he would use this strongest trump card for the first time!

The cloudy sky is high above, overlooking Lin Chen, the noble arrogance passing between his brows, that belongs to the arrogance of the king!

This time, Lin Chen finally saw the Yin Tianzi's cultivation base, 99 holy caves in full bloom all over him!

At the center of the Yin Tianzi's eyebrows, a six-pointed star loomed, the holy light flickered, and the 100th holy cave had just been opened!

Half-step holy king!

Yin Tianzi, is actually a half-step holy king's cultivation base!

Although it is not as good as Shangguan Wudi, Fang Ling and others, the theory of cultivation has crushed most of the strong people present!

With the addition of the ultimate shadow, three unidentified Demon Race powerhouses, the Vast Sky Saint King, this lineup is enough to tilt the current situation!

"It's no wonder that this guy was able to stop Senior Shangguan in the first place, and it really turned out to be a pervert... Once the hero, he appeared as a representative, is he going to take my life here, and there is also a Vast Sky Saint King, this guy has also survived?"

Lin Chen thought about thousands of possibilities in the light and flint.

"Protect the lord! They still have a dozen breaths to come from Wushenhe!"

When Tang Feixue, Gui Jianshou and the others floated in the air, they flashed to Lin Chen's position--

The Wu family and others burst out laughing.

"Hahaha, God helped me, Your Excellency Haotian Saint King, leave these guys to us, you can concentrate on dealing with that kid!"

The Haotian Saint King raised his eyebrows: "Oh? People of the Wu family, since you want to cooperate, then I only need the secrets of this kid and my own things, and their lives are yours!"

"Happy cooperation."

The two parties spoke extremely fast, and they reached a union with one breath. When the Vast Sky Saint King looked at Lin Chen, his eyes were particularly bitter: "Boy, it's your big plan to corrupt this seat. Let this seat come to this world in this half-dead state. Today You must be cramped and peeled!"


The twelve ninth-turn saints of the Wu family urged the start of the body technique, or like a flash of light, turned into a dragon and a tiger, their body technique shocked the sky, and stopped Lin Chen's twelve servants at once.

Gui Jianshou and others were forced to fight, gritted their teeth, "I didn't expect these guys to unite so fast, I thought they would bite the dog and fight!"

As soon as the Wu Family and the others took action, all the twelve servants were intercepted.

"not good!"

"The lord is in danger!"

"Damn, fight with these beasts!"

The expressions of Zi Qianshou and Ji Wuchen were suddenly solemn, and the courage of breaking the boat between their eyebrows!

However, a wave of unrest has occurred again!

The violent purple energy storm, accompanied by a shocking explosion, suddenly exploded, sweeping beyond the Wushen River!

The space barrier built by the always stable "Essence Great World" and Xiao Linger was broken!

Wu Weiyang swung the Hell Halberd swiftly, killing everyone with one move!

The Cinderella, Situ Changsheng and others all flew upside down, knocked down and fell.

Only Long Jiushan, Yun Tianguang and Jiang Wan'er were dealing with Wu Weiyang!

Seven people joined forces, but still failed to stop Wu Weiyang!

However, in a way it is already a miracle!

Wu Weiyang waved the Heavenly Prison's holy halberd violently, and when he drove Long Jiushan and others back step by step, his eyes showed a trace of regret.

"If it's not an opponent, I really want to recruit these people into my martial arts..."

Even if they were enemies, Wu Weiyang still admired these seven people.

The Saint of Rank Nine Peak cultivation base can't even beat the Saint King in half a step, let alone fight against the real Saint King!

If there is no need to cover Lin Chen, maybe they can deal with themselves, even if they lose, they can retreat.

However, the seven had to cover Lin Chen and stop him, the holy king who has become famous for hundreds of years. It has created an unprecedented battle of higher ranks, although defeat is honorable!

"Go away! Long Jiushan, if your Holy Physique can go to the next level, you may be able to compete with the old man, but now, it's not enough!"

Wu Weiyang violently stabbed down with a halberd, piercing the sky with a billowing edge, and fell like a sharp blade, breaking the defense layers of Long Jiu Mountain.

The sacred body skin of Longjiu Mountain was open and fleshy, and the holy blood screamed, and fell down with a sullen cry.

Cang~! Jiang Wan'er killed with a sword, the sword rainbow was like a long river, but a shadow was pierced!


Jiang Wan'er's pretty face changed drastically, her eyes suddenly turned to the other side.

"Lord, be careful!!"

Wu Weiyang stepped on the Wushen step, step by step with brilliant light, moving Zhou Tian, almost flashing to the top of Lin Chen's head!

The strength of the saint king of the Valkyrie family is fully revealed!

Almost the moment Long Jiushan was repelled, he broke through to Lin Chen's position!

Lin Chen turned his eyes, his face was pale, and when nine-colored stars appeared in his palm, a crazy color flashed across his eyebrows, and he planned to use another trick of "Nine Tribulations Stars"!

Nine Tribulations Stars are the only means for his current cultivation base to be able to confront the Holy King directly! In addition, there is only the God of War set!

"Damn, can you only use the God of War set! But this thing consumes too much, and there is no chance to replenish it after the charge is used up. Take it out now, there is no way to reverse the situation! But there is no choice!"

The starlight lingers in the left hand, the golden haze in the right palm is shining brightly, the golden light of the **** of war is flowing around Lin Chen's body, he is about to sacrifice the trump card

"Ling'er, let the space technique teleport me to the lord's position!"

A cold drink was conveyed to Xiao Ling'er's mind through Zhou Tian's life and death mark, she choked slightly: "This voice is..."

Almost subconsciously, the injured Xiao Ling'er gritted her teeth and pointed her brows with her fingertips.


A brilliant light of space flashed on both sides, directly shifting the space on both sides!

It was almost one-hundred-thousandths of a breath, wearing a black robe, Yuan Zhen Yuezhi's figure stood up and moved awe-inspiringly to the space above Lin Chen!

"A mere half-step saint king, dare to fight the old man alone, looking for death...huh?" When Wu Weiyang killed him with a halberd, the pupils in the old eyes trembled!

The man shouted, slashed with his sword, and faced Wu Weiyang!

Dang~! boom! boom! boom!

Two sacred powers smashed in all directions, and even Lin Chen was knocked away by the aftermath of the collision!

When Lin Chen retreated, his expression was bright, and he said excitedly: "This...this is!"

Sigh~! Rumble!

At this moment, the entire eastern part of the Holy King's Domain flashed with thunder, and the thunderclouds across the sky appeared out of thin air, and aura gathered like a tide.

A majestic rain came in an instant!

The two sacred powers that dominate the world radiate from two directions and rise to the sky!

Two tens of thousands of acres of light giant wheels, accompanied by the vision of thunder and rain, turned out!

All the strong stopped the battle in front of them for a short time, their expressions were full of shock!

Every strong person present, who was spilled by the rain, his injuries were magically recovered more than half!

Countless old antiques were shocked, and when they looked up at the sky, they trembled and talked to themselves.

"This...this is rain that shines all over the world..."

"The holy wheel appears, the universe changes. The rain falls, the holy king comes out!!"

At this moment, all the Saint King Realm Hermit Sect and the Ninth-Rank forces are all shocked and shocked!

A holy king was born!

And still, two! !