My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1602

Vol 5 Chapter 1602: The Time Of The King The Holy King Is Immortal

Holy kingdom, holy sea.

The blue sea is raging with huge waves, this extraordinary sea, the sea is shining with clouds and shining, and it is surging with renewed vitality!

A pair of holy pupils with infinite holy power opened from the sea, staring at a certain direction, muttering to themselves.

"A new king was born, or two... is it an enemy or a friend..."

Holy King's Domain, Excalibur Gate.

Three old men with ancient swords on their backs sat on the top of the tower. When they opened their eyes, it was as if the sky and the earth were tilted, and the sword intent of fierce killing seemed to penetrate the ten thousand planes and see through the eastern region of the Most Sacred Kingdom.

"The king of the holy world has come, and there will be two more new kings in the holy world, now in the position of the war."

"This is not from the Divine Flame Palace. Although the Divine Flame Palace Master is only half a step away from the Saint King, there is still some distance from the Saint King Realm..."

"Who is it, the current Saint King Realm is a person who can become a king, but there are four or five people, and the aura of those four or five people has not yet been crowned king..."

"Huh? Jian Yi and Dao Yi! They are the two kings of kendo and sword!"

The three old men glanced at each other, and their expressions were somewhat shocked!

Sword Dao and Dao Dao are incompatible with fire and water, but there are two saint kings born at the same time!

"What a pure sword intent, what a domineering sword intent..."

"These two people are closer to the point where the artistic conception can be used for the spirit than I am!"

"If it weren't for the constraints of the heavens and the earth, I'm afraid I would have already mastered the gods and walked alone in the Holy King Realm!"

At this moment, all directions are terrified, and the heroes are horrified!

The twin kings are born, a new king will soon appear in the holy world, dominate one party, and command the heroes!

The giant wheel of holy light that rotates like a roulette floats high above the eastern part of the Holy Kingdom.

Right above the holy wheel, a sword and a heavenly sword are suspended! Symbolizes its idea!

Swords the sun, moon and stars, the sword can open the sky and destroy the world!

All the strong looked up at the sky in disbelief, and even the old man Wuji felt incredible.

The Saint King was born, it's rare to see Qian Ji! Not to mention, the twin kings are present at the same time, there is no precedent in the history of the holy world!

Ji Wuchen, Zi Qianshou and others were ecstatic!

Shangguan Wudi and Qi Feiyan smiled knowingly.

"Let them break through first... They are really two terrible monsters!"

At this time, Wu Weiyangs Heavenly Prison Halberd was blocked in mid-air

Fang Ling stood in front of him!

He wore a black robe, chic and bitter, and the shining Saint Xia was surging all over his body, and the sword intent between his brows seemed to pierce the sky!

He held the sword to block Wu Weiyang's holy halberd, and the holy light wheel was hovering above his head, and the 100th holy cave at the center of his brow was completely opened!

Lan Jingyu is also facing a similar situation!

At this moment, the waves are turning over the clouds, with a knife in hand, domineering wildly, looking at the world!

He swept his gaze, extremely domineering, and slashed the Venerable Law Protector Lan Jingyu into the sky!

Lang Fanyun said indifferently: "Venerable Protector of the God Flame Palace, from now on, your opponent is only me."

Fang Ling smiled sternly: "The saint king of the martial family, wants to move our lord Fang Ling, is it too arrogant!"

The strong from all walks of life either took a breath, or shouted and cheered! Excited too much!

Even Lin Chen couldn't help shouting with excitement"I said you two are too handsome! This can be a breakthrough!"

The powerhouses on the side of the Shenyan Palace and the Holy Prison, their faces are particularly ugly!

Even the Haotian Saint King, Yin Tianzi and others, who had just stepped into Wushen Hanoi, suddenly became gloomy with their previous self-confidence.

Twin Kings are born!

Lin Chen's team suddenly increased the combat power of the two Saint Kings!

The combat power of the Saint King Realm is light. If it is a half-step king, it can only delay the holy king at most, and then can be suppressed by the number of nine-turned saints.

But promotion to the Saint King Realm is completely different!

Especially the "Sage King of Swordsman" and the "King of Blades", they almost have to pay a **** price if they want to win these two!

It is completely impossible to take the two of them without paying the same life of the Saint King!

Procrastination of a holy king and equal to a holy king are two concepts!

Shangguan Jue was overjoyed--"This little guy found what kind of monsters, and when he broke through the Saint King on the spot, the situation would be completely different!"

Ying Chunqiu's face was livid: "It's worthy of being a person who can be appreciated by all the creators. The potential of these two guys is really the ultimate in the holy realm!"

Zhen Chan's calm gaze revealed a different kind of shock, and he muttered: "It will be difficult to end it now..."

Suddenly, Fang Ling let out a deep cry.

"Jiang Wan'er, Yun Tianguang, go and protect the lord, leave this old thing to me!"

Wu Weiyang's face was green: "You are not a newcomer to the Holy King, and you don't even have a decent holy artifact. Dare to look down upon the old man!"

Fang Ling laughed: "Hahaha! I am a sword against Tiange, who can dare to say that the world is invincible! What about the new holy king, deal with you, I am enough!"


Bang ~!

Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun suddenly burst into flames, swords and swords shadows, the wind is surging!

boom! boom! boom!

Between Tianyu's Fury, the two of them are blooming with the glory of the Holy King!

The four sage kings formed a new battle circle, and the battle was broken!

Yu Wangsheng stared at these two people, his eyes gleaming with hope, revealing the color of memories

Three months ago, Bingxin Palace.

"What, you two are trying to take that kind of pill? Are you crazy!"

The swimmer in the secret room looked at Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun, astonished.

Fang Ling Erlang glanced at each other with a solemn expression.

"Yes, we have prepared the materials for refining the pill."

You Wangsheng solemnly refused: "No! I said before that although "Nine Years of Saint King Pill" is a half ninth grade, it can stimulate the vitality of the saint into potential, but it has huge flaws, and the difficulty of refining is aside.

"Once the person taking the medicine is stimulated, the pain will continue to pierce the sacred heart's vitality and the potential of the sacred cave, all concentrated in the position of the 100th sacred cave. Open the 100th holy cave, you two will definitely die!"

"You should be very aware of how difficult it is to break through the Holy King in such a short period of time. Taking this kind of pill is tantamount to suicide. The old man can't let you go crazy..."

"Death!" Lang Fanyun cried coldly!

Swim to life stunned.

Lang Fanyun's stern and resolute face, faintly revealing the determination to live toward death, said coldly: "Swim to life, you really feel that challenging the Divine Flame Palace, we can not retreat."

Swim to life with speechlessness.

Lang Fanyun said solemnly-"Indeed, the lord is very powerful, I even think he is stronger than any of us. However, challenging the Nine-Rank Sect's Divine Flame Palace, there will be many uncertain factors in the potential ratio."

Fang Ling smiled freely and easily: "If we didn't even have the courage to bet on fate, we would not have gone to the present. You Wangsheng, if there is any situation by then, we will bet on the fate of both of us."

"If we don't become a holy king, we will become a skeleton! Whether we win or lose, we will use the lives of both of us to build a way forward or a bridge for everyone, the lord, for everyone!"

You Wangsheng sighed as he looked at the two calm and determined eyes.

He took the luck of the two of them and planted them, and after a mental scan--

"The old man cannot guarantee whether these five medicinal materials can be successfully refined, but I, do my best!"

The two rarely smiled knowingly.

"Then please, our alchemist."

When the memories come to mind.

Swim to life and look at the two again, wanting to escape and sigh.

"The hearts of you two are really powerful... you endure such a huge pain when you activate the medicine, and you can stop a holy king and successfully break through the realm of kings."

"Old man, I really admire you from the bottom of my heart!"