My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1603

Vol 5 Chapter 1603: Shadows Cover The Sky

"What a Lin Chen! The double king of swords and swords, so we have to weigh this kid if we want to move it!"

When Ying Chunqiu was at war with Shangguan Invincible and Qi Feiyan, his face was dark and murderous!

Two and a half-step holy kings can delay a holy king, but they can only delay the battle! Long battle will lose!

If two and a half-step holy kings face two holy kings, they will definitely lose and even be killed on the spot.

To completely kill the two half-step holy kings, you only need two holy kings!

But if you want to completely kill the two holy kings, you are still infinitely close to the existence of the psychic mood, even if there are four holy kings, you have to pay the price of blood!

The ultimate shadow of Wushenhe high-altitude laughed and said: "Things seem to be in trouble!"

Yin Tianzi nodded and said: "Indeed, even if the crowd of people who want to eat them is difficult to do, even if there are many powerful people present."

Haotian Saint King said indifferently: "What we have to do is still the same,"

The Holy King truly exists in the same glorious place as the sun and the moon. It is a precedent in the history of the Holy Realm. There are only a few recorded race wars where the Holy King has fallen.

It is too difficult and too difficult to kill a holy king!

Like the Haotian Saint King of the year, two human saint kings and a group of Ninth Rank saints took turns to conquer many times before they fell to the Holy Burial Mountains.

But this is the case, the Vast Sky Saint King still lives like a hundred-legged insect without being stiff until now!

It can be seen how difficult it is to kill a saint king, far more difficult than killing a saint talent!

"Protect the lord! These guys are about to cross the Wushen River!"

When Yun Tianguang drank coldly, Jiang Wan'er and Long Jiushan quickly stood by Lin Chen's side. Even though they were seriously injured, the strength of the lineup of the two sides is very different, they have never wavered!

Seeing the servants look at death like home, Lin Chen patted Jiang Wan'er on the fragrant shoulders and smiled freely.

"Don't look like we're dying, calm down, isn't there me..."

Jiang Wan'er stared at the lord's handsome face, choked slightly, and wondered again.

Lin Chen let out a sigh of relief, his eyes flashed, "Although I haven't been able to wait for the best time to start, but let Changsheng and Linger face a Vast Sky Saint King, they will have to worry about their lives. Give it a go!"

Boom~~! !

The endless shadow tide spreads from the sky above Wushen River all the way like a big wave shaking the sky, like swallowing the sky and the earth.

It is part of the body of the ultimate shadow, they have crossed the Wushen River!

Some strong men who were fighting hard turned their heads in horror. In that endless wave of shadows, there was the aura of the demons?

"The demons are here too?"

"The rumors are true, shit, this dog thief is indeed in collusion with the demons!"

"No wonder that death can be resurrected like this!"

The powerhouses of the Shenyan Palace, the Holy Prison, and the Martial Family have long known, and are indifferent. If they can interfere with the top powerhouses around Lin Chen at this time, it will be a demon!

The servants such as Xiao Ling'er and Long Jiushan were standing by for an instant, protecting Lin Chen round and round.

And Lin Chen's sacred dragon is still shuttled through the battlefield to collect four crazy ball of attribute light!

Lin Chen's whole body has begun to circulate a faint golden divine brilliance, if there is divine power possessed by the body, the power of the **** of war, look at the heavens and the world!

"Hehehe, I didn't expect to be able to catch up with this feast."

"I like the murderer the most. I will take down this kid later, and catch a few human races by the way to eat and fish in troubled waters. The deity likes it, hahaha!"

"The human races here are all top-notch experts, and I'm afraid that I can wait for my cultivation to go further! It's a worthwhile trip!"

The seven Demon Lords turned into humanoids with a wicked smile. Their methods of disguising as an adult are extremely brilliant, and their strength is second only to the Heaven Demon Lord, and they are the strongest existence of the Demon Lord!

Comparable to the pinnacle of Rank Nine Saints!

Ultimate Shadow's body shape began to twist, and finally turned back into a pale, seemingly weak young man, grinning grinningly.

"Didn't the shadow come, then use you kid to get a knife first!"

Saint King Haotian sneered: "You can't stop us just with the people around you!"

Bang ~!

At this moment, the ultimate shadow, the Vast Sky Saint King, and the seven most powerful demon lords were acting almost simultaneously!

The seven people of Longjiu Mountain suddenly burst into the sky, standing beside Lin Chen, protecting him tightly!

But Yin Tianzi's eyes stared at Lin Chen tightly, as if observing, trying to gain insight into his back hand and trump card!

Having met with Lin Chen several times, Yin Tianzi will not hold any contempt for this bold, cautious, and defying young man!

Dare to look down upon this lunatic who breaks through the holy prison, but there is a price to pay!

"Facing the Haotian Saint King and the Ultimate Shadow, even if you have more trump cards around you, it is really difficult to destroy your team, but if you only deal with you, it is more than enough!"

When Yin Tianzi was looking forward to Lin Chen's ultimate move--

Om~! call out! call out! call out!

Infinite shadows suddenly enveloped the Wushen River, and the eight top powerhouses lost their way at the same time and were drowned in the boundless darkness!

All the strong are taken aback!

Even Lin Chen, who was about to break out of the God of War four-piece suit, couldn't help but pause for a moment!

"It's strange, that group of dark matter is a bit similar to the body of the Shadow Race, it is the breath of the shadow!"

Lin Chen wondered, this thing seemed to have completely affected the order of space!

"Damn it, is this?"

The ultimate shadow ripped through the darkness with a big hand, pushing the darkness away forcibly, and his face was uncertain!

"Brother who dare to move this king, how old are you?"

"Elder Nine, kill it!"

With a cold snort with a young and childish voice, after Lin Chen heard it, he was first taken aback, and then his expression showed ecstasy!

Is this voice?


A terrifying shadow enveloped the entire world, the eastern sky of the Holy King's Domain, at this time, completely fell into the boundless darkness, the darkness was like ink, covering the vacuum into endless darkness.

The area shrouded in darkness seemed to be unable to penetrate even the perception of Holy Power, like a quagmire.

The ten most powerful breaths suddenly descended on the world!

The faces of all the Saint King Realm powerhouses in the center battlefield changed slightly.

The arrival of this breath, even they could not perceive it.

The old man Wu Ji caressed his beard with great interest: "Unexpectedly, even they have left the customs. This clan has no longer asked about the affairs of the various clan after the war, and it is unexpected that so many powerful men have been sent today."

The old antiques who were about to retreat were even more shocked!

Damn, come back!

Because of Lin Chen, how many powerhouses have come! The spread of this battle can be described as the largest in millions of years!

In the boundless darkness, ten figures walked out slowly. When they turned into human forms, nine of them had only the upper body, and the lower body was a dark smoke-like form. The tenth person is a handsome and childish boy, his appearance is seven points similar to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's ecstasy appeared in an instant!

"Little Shadow?"

Why is this little guy here!