My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1604

Vol 5 Chapter 1604: A Battle Of Fate

Little Shadow grinned: "I am connected to the spirit of Big Brother, so I can naturally perceive the situation of Big Brother. This Shenhe Galaxy, there is no place where our Shadow Race cannot go!"

Xiao Yingying smiled with absolute confidence!

That's right, the shadow clan at the peak of the year, the Shenhe galaxy did not have a space plane that their clan could not go!

The power of the Shadow Race is not strength, but their inherent spatial talent, born in the void and died in the darkness.

The universe comes and goes freely, the planes of Romance that countless creatures yearn for, and the universe of fortune, they are all at your fingertips. This is the most powerful advantage of the Shadow Race!

"Boy, what is your attitude, do you know how respectful our future Shadow King is!"

A strong shadow clan straightened his chest, his upper body resembling a human clan, he scolded solemnly and coldly.

Lin Chen opened his mouth slightly, the future Shadow King?

I'm dear, what did this little guy do in the Shadow Race all these years? Is this the shadow king of the future?

Lin Chen knows very well what the name of the Shadow King represents! Command the supreme existence of the shadow race, there will only be one king in the shadow race in the past!

Moreover, the Shadow Race is the richest existence of all races in the world!

Quite simply, the secret treasure space, the strange plane, or some of the most dangerous opportunities that all races dream of trying to enter or explore can be easily reached by the innate shadow of the shadow race.

This is also the reason that the Shadow Race has incurred a big battle. Their abilities and talents are too threatening and tempting!


Lin Chen hadn't expressed his opinion yet, Xiao Yingying gave the elder a punch, and said with a serious face.

"What are you talking about, this is my eldest brother Lin Chen, if it weren't for him, this king would still be an egg now, and it is you who should show respect!"

Little Shadow scolded--

"Look up, stand tall, and salute!"

The nine shadow clan powerhouses straightened their posture immediately, learning the appearance of the human clan, straightening their waists, and shouting respectfully.

"Good brother!"

"Big brother has worked hard!"

"Big Brother Lin Chen is number one in the world!"

Little Dark Shadow nodded very satisfied, then turned to Lin Chen and smiled: "Big Brother, how about it, let's be generous."

Lin Chen exclaimed and gave a thumbs up silently.

"It really deserves to be messing with me, the road is wild enough!"

In this scene, countless strong people's lips twitched!

Even the previously very arrogant and domineering demons couldn't help but show deep fear!

Shadows, the future king of shadows!

Damn, what exactly is Lin Chen's background! The kings of the Shadow Race are his little brothers?

Shangguan Wudi, who was fighting with Ying Chunqiu, suddenly laughed!

Not only that, more servants will smile.

"The lord is really strong, the Innate Shadow King is a little brother!"

"That's awesome, isn't it that half of the shadow tribe is now the lord?"

"Our lord is truly unprecedented, and there is no one to come after hahahaha!"

What is the horizon of servants? See through the current situation at a glance!

But the Shenyan Palace, the Holy Prison, and the martial arts are all strong, and their looks are particularly ugly!

It can be said that the appearance of the Shadow Race will establish the direction of this battle!

As long as they want to take Lin Chen away, they can act at any time!

Little Shadow slapped his chest, "Hey, big brother, I now have a human name, and my name is Lin Can! To be the king of darkness, but also to be the light of recovery of the shadow race! I want to be as famous as my big brother. Brilliant in the world!"

Lin Chen patted his shoulder and smiled: "Hahaha, ambitious, I didn't shame me!"

One of the shadow clan elders with the highest seniority looked at the ultimate shadow in the void and suddenly smiled.

"It turned out to be you."

Lin Can looked at the elder in doubt, and the elder continued.

"This guy was discovered by the will of an ancient Shadow King. Only few Shadows in the clan knew about this. It failed the will test of the Shadow Kings of the past."

"Afterwards, this guy didn't listen to persuasion. Instead of accepting the step-by-step trial, he forcibly sneaked into our clan in an attempt to steal the treasure house and heritage of the ancient Shadow King. In the words of the human clan, we can just clear the door now!"

The little shadows Lin Can and Lin Chen suddenly realized, and immediately Lin Can pointed at the holy king of Haotian with an iron face in the sky and sneered.

"In that case, elders, hammer him! The remaining shadow will be solved by the king!"



When the powerhouses of the shadow clan acted, the final shadows changed slightly, and they retreated through the void!

A wave of terrifying shadows obscured the sky and the sun, covering the Holy King Haotian for an instant!

The holy king of Haotian was gloomy, he shot several palms in a row, the wind pierced the stars and the moon, whistling the world, trying to tear the boundless darkness, but after being swallowed up time and time again, he couldn't help cursing-"Fuck, **** thing , Let this king go! This king is looking for Lin Chen!"

The seven demon lords were surrounded by the darkness and couldn't break through, furious and frustrated!

Several shadow clan elders smiled freely: "Our future elder brother of the Shadow King is not yours."

"It's been a long time since I played against the Saint King. I don't know what the current Human Race Saint King has."

"You are such a messenger with the Demon Venerable, I think the human race will also spurn you in every possible way, hahaha!"

The nine powerful shadow races surrounded the Haotian Saint King and the Seven Demon Lords to fight directly!

Fortunately, it was not in the area of the God Flame Palace, otherwise more saints would suffer!

After Long Jiushan swallowed two sacred pills, he solemnly said to the servants-"We are going up too, we can't let those guys get close to the lord!"

There are nearly seventy saints in the martial arts, all of whom are hard roles above the rank seven cultivation level. Although most of the opponents are injured, they are not much better. Basically everyone has to suppress ten people!

Outside the Wushen River, three big circles suddenly formed, arranged in a Pin shape!

On the left and right are Gui Jianshou, Long Jiushan and others, who are intercepting the martial masters, and directly in front are the Vast Sky Sage King and the Demon Lords fighting the shadow clan masters!

In the void, the four eyes suddenly looked at each other across the distant void!

It was Lin Chen and Yin Tianzi's eyes!

Yin Tianzi suddenly smiled: "Lin Chen, I have to say, your luck is very good."

Lin Chen shrugged, and the golden light of the **** of war lingering around suddenly dissipated, and smiled: "Luck is also a part of strength, isn't it, otherwise, why don't you kill me with your luck?"

The cloudy sky is up to the sky and laughs!

"Very good, very good. Lin Chen, you are not the strongest enemy I have encountered, but you are the most difficult. If you can't kill you this time, I will stop!"


The brilliance of the brilliance of different colors soars into the sky, as if billions of stars also descend to the world, hanging in the sky.

Lin Chen's eyes became serious instantly.

The Eucharist of the cloudy emperor has fused tens of thousands of alien crystals!

And every one is not lower than the middle grade!

When the eyes of Ultimate Shadow and Little Shadow looked at each other, they were particularly fierce and murderous!

Lin Chen, to the cloudy emperor!

The fourteenth phase of the ultimate shadow versus the fifteenth phase of the ultimate shadow, the future king of shadows!

This fateful battle ushered in the final moment!