My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1605

Vol 5 Chapter 1605: Lin Chen Fights The Cloudy Emperor

"It's really ruthless, it seems that his cultivation mentality is also related to the fusion of alien crystals..."

Lin Chen narrowed his eyes, "In this way, I can't use the God of War set first..."

Yin Tianzi's strength is obviously stronger, Lin Chen actually chooses not to use the God of War to fight him?

After Alien Crystal reached the domain of the top powerhouse, it was basically not a decisive killer.

In addition, the high-grade alien crystals are rare, and very few strong people can obtain power far surpassing the same level through alien crystals in the later stage of cultivation.

However, when the quantity reaches a certain level, it will cause a qualitative change! Yin Tianzi is the latter!

Moreover, Lin Chen couldn't see exactly how many top-grade alien crystals he had!

Lin Chen and Xiao Yingying had a look in their eyes, and their hearts were bright, and Xiao Yingying immediately possessed Lin Chen's body!

Boom~! A pair of dark dark wings spread out behind Lin Chen, with the blood of the dragon race, the coercion and evil spirit of the demon race, and the unique ability of the shadow race to assimilate space.

Sneer~! Right above Black Wing, a giant dragon formed from darkness appeared, that was the body of Little Shadow!

Lin Chen suddenly said: "We brothers haven't fought together in a long time!"

Little Shadow growled and laughed: "Then have a good time with them this time!"

Sneer~! Lin Chen held the gun with one hand, the tip of the gun was filled with electricity.

When Lin Chen stepped out, with the talent of Little Shadow, when he urged his body technique, he unfolded like a blood shadow, rushing through many circles of battle!

"Want to engage in a sneak attack? Don't look at who you are facing! Today I swallowed your defective product!"

The young man transformed by the ultimate shadow came out of the sky and faced Hum Lin Chen!

The little shadow raised its claws head-on, and the dragon claws tore through the layers of darkness, and collided head-on with the palm of the ultimate shadow!


A layer of sky-shielding dark curtain rises into the sky, and the ultimate shadow retreats four steps in a row. His eyes are horrified, and the two sides fight for an equal share?

Stormy waves were set off in the heart of Ultimate Shadow"The heritage of those old things is so strong? It was an ant in front of this seat last time, but now it has grown to this point? Impossible! This seat cannot be surpassed by this defective product, this The seat is the strongest shadow!"

The ultimate shadow became more and more frantic. With a wave of the palm, the shadows all over the sky poured down like sharp arrows. The little shadow pulled its claws horizontally, all crushed, and the two sides hit real fire!

With the cover and help of Little Shadow, Lin Chen's body style can be said to be in front of Yin Tianzi in a flash!

Having not joined forces for many years, Lin Chen and Xiao Yingying still have a clear heart.

Lin Chen didn't have any discomfort at this kind of skyrocketing speed, and he was handy, as if he was already a part of him!

Lin Chen held the gun and swept across the air, urging "Dark Thunder Wanjun", the world-destroying thunder light penetrated the void like a thunder dragon, attacking the cloudy sky from different directions!


Yin Tianzi held Lin Chen's Demon Slaying Spear with both hands, and sneered on the contrary--"Lin Chen, although your strength has skyrocketed temporarily, your ultimate move should be more than that!!"

Boom~! As soon as the sound transmission fell, the Yin Tianzi fisted at Lin Chen, breaking through the Qianzhong plane!

Lin Chen was crushed by a punch, a **** afterimage!

laugh! The millstone-like black cyan light tornado raged across the sky in an instant.

Yin Tianzi stepped on the ink-colored tornado with the holy light lingering, he instantly caught up with Lin Chen who was retreating 80,000 miles away, almost locked on like a tracking!

Lin Chen was amazed. Although this guy's body style is not high-level orange, it is blessed by a huge amount of wind element crystals, and the speed is as fast!

"Even if it is a combination of shadow and orange-level advanced body skills, I am still useless! Because I am better than you from beginning to end!"

Yin Tianzi's hands were connected to the quality monitor, and the aurora shot, and every hair-like finger light forcibly destroyed the vacuum enveloped by the shadow, which was especially terrifying!

This is almost the strongest series attack under the Saint King!

"Wanjun will destroy the world!"

Lin Chen swung his spear swiftly and stabbed thousands of times. The endless thunder light was like a peacock opening the screen. He promoted the blessing of the "instant light and split shadow" layer by layer. It was divided into five and enveloped the sky.

boom! boom! boom!

The lightning exploded, and the arc wandered like a dragon and snake. Lin Chen was repelled dozens of steps, bleeding from the corner of his mouth!

Half a step in the realm of the holy king, the gap is like a shocking gap, at a glance!

Now Lin Chen, entering the state of'God Killer' is not the opponent of the Half-Step Saint King!

Suddenly a stalwart phantom that covered the stars and the moon rose in the sky, like a galaxy straddling the sky and the earth, suddenly burst into a hurricane-like primordial impact, turning into eight-headed burning dragons and dancing all the way!

"Nascent attack?" Yin Tianzi was startled, and immediately sneered: "You are not the only means in the Nascent domain!"

"Breaking God!"

Yin Tianzis eyebrows flashed with the primordial brilliance, violently plundering dozens of primordial brilliance, and piercing Lin Chen's primordial God Burning Dragon!

"Spiritual crystal?"

Lin Chen's heart was shaken even more, he even had strange crystals even rarer than qi and blood, and there were a lot of them!

Lin Chens marksmanship and Yuanshens offensive were broken, and Yin Tianzi was smashed head-on, trying to win the chase

The darkness above his head suddenly broke open a heaven-shielding dragon claw, and smashed it fiercely, the cloudy sky changed slightly, abandoning Lin Chen, turned and shook it to the sky!

boom! boom!

When the dark dragon claws and the cloudy sky's palms were fighting against each other, Lin Chen waved his palm, and three peerless flying knives were born, condensing his soul and cultivation base with a blow!

Sneer~! boom! boom! boom!

The Yin Tianzi was caught off guard, relying on the sacred weapon to defend the "Ling Tian Jing" and transformed into a flying knife that blocked Lin Chen from the mirror!

In the void, the little shadow and the ultimate shadow can't fight each other! The look of the cloudy sky gradually became serious!

The cooperation between Xiaoying and Lin Chen is perfect!

Even when fighting with the ultimate shadow, he can separate the gods and assist Lin Chen. Although he and the ultimate shadow are united, the battle is separate.

Lin Chen and Xiao Yingying are as if they are one, and they have close partners, and they are so close that they can give each other's back to each other for protection!

"I don't believe it, I can't take you a life or death!"

The Yin Tianzi was enraged, and the stepping method spurred a large number of wind-type alien crystals, and the figure moved like a star, smashing towards Lin Chen!

Lin Chen jokingly smiled: "Sorry, you really can't get it!"

The two stepped out of the body method, and once again confronted each other!

The two battle circles have become more and more intense, becoming the most terrifying group of battle circles under the Saint King Realm!

All the saint kings could not help but look sideways, they saw an incredible scene!

The battle between Lin Chen and Xiao Yingying is to cover each other and merge into one! The two sides exchanged opponents from time to time, and sometimes merged together. Combat skills and the magical powers of the shadow race are perfectly integrated!

The degree of tacit understanding of the battle has made countless strong people look at it!

The potential of Lin Chen and Little Shadow is unimaginable!

Only the old man Wuji seems to have "seen" a farther future!

He seemed to see two future kings fighting hand in hand, seamlessly, and the cooperation between them is perfect!

The son of the cloudy sky, the disciple of the ancient gods, the most amazing and brilliant person in the history of the enchanting list, but walked against the sky!

Lin Chen, who is destined to the ancient gods and passed on to the inheritance of different crystals, is the last hope that the ancient gods place.

The fourteenth stage of the ultimate shadow, which gathers the blood of the three races, is created by Tuosheng, who kills Tuosheng to seize the flesh, exists to swallow the last shadow, and eliminates the last threat to himself!

The fifteenth stage of the ultimate shadow is also created by the god, the strongest creature that exists specifically to suppress the fourteenth stage of the ultimate shadow!

Both sides will kill each other, and both want to kill each other at this moment, and no one intends to retreat. This last battle will lead to destruction!