My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1606

Vol 5 Chapter 1606: The Battle Situation Changes Again

Two days before Yin Tianzi and Haotian Saint King arrived in the Saint King's Domain.

Wonderland, the territory of Bingxin Palace.

A group of saints emerged, headed by Tie Xiaosheng of the holy prison! It is actually a group of holy prison powerhouses in the Holy Mind and Open Heaven! There are also several big shots at the second rank.

"This is where the criminals hide?"

"Hehe, don't act rashly, be careful of fraud."

"Smash it here first!"

The Saint Prison and others found the base camp before Lin Chen and others, and shot directly!

A giant palm fell from the sky, trying to destroy Bingxin Palace!


There was a loud noise, just when all the holy prison powerhouses thought it was over, they wanted to go in and search

The smoke billowed, and when it dispersed, the territory of Bingxin Palace was unscathed?

The holy prison powerhouses were taken aback!

Impossible, the palm of the hand just now, the Open Heaven Realm Consummation is also difficult to receive directly!

In addition, the space barrier of this strange domain is not comparable to that of the holy king's domain. It can be said that it is more than enough to razor a radius of 100,000 li to the ground. Will it not break a palace?

"No, there seems to be someone!"

When Tie Xiaosheng exclaimed, there was a petite and exquisite figure directly above the palace.

The lovely person is beautiful and beautiful, his cheeks are lightly vortexed, white tiger teeth are exposed, and he is staring at the holy prison and the others as if he found a new toy...

Tie Xiaosheng's hair was suddenly terrified!

Something's wrong!

They seem to have provoked the most undesirable existence!


Wushen River Outside

After Jiu Zhan couldn't get Lin Chen, the Yin Tianzi's mood had a subtle change.

"What the **** are you doing, Lin Chen, you should be very clear about the combat power of this seat... Just now, you can't even break the defense of my cloudy sky!"

Another palm rolled back Lin Chen, and the little shadow took cover from the side, and Lin Chen rushed up again, without stopping at all!

Yin Tianzi looked around, and all the strong were caught.

The Shadow Race was still focusing on dealing with the Haotian Saint King, and did not act.

The strong man in Lin Chen's team was also in a situation where he couldn't get better in the battle, and he couldn't help Lin Chen at all.

In this case, why does he hold on?

"Could it be that he is expecting other strong men to rush out of the battle circle to support him? But the strong men who can threaten this seat are all caught by the holy king. What does Lin Chen have to keep me in a stalemate?"

Yin Tianzi's eyes were full of doubts.

Especially Lin Chen's posture of being repulsed and rising again and again, the fighting was fierce, the fighting spirit was soaring, and the suspicion in his heart was uncertain!

Yin Tianzi's ambition is great, and his wisdom is also extremely high. He can give up the opportunity to hit the sage list at the most proud moment of his life, which is enough to see his ambition and extremely resilient state of mind!

Otherwise, the ancient gods would not look at the emperor of Yin Yin and choose him as the last person to inherit the mantle.

The strong fight, whether they have momentum or tricks, can be disguised. Only the state of mind cannot be disguised. The cloudy sky has the talent to see through the strong state of mind.

Lin Chen's battle was not a bluff, he was sure to fight with himself to the end.

It's just that Yin Tianzi couldn't understand what Lin Chen was planning!

In the current situation, Lin Chen did not have the possibility of defeating him and the ultimate shadow! His fighting spirit is getting higher!

Lin Chen couldn't fight for a long time, and has been maintaining the operation of "Ambilight", which not only doubled the power of the exercise method, but also recovered his injuries efficiently, allowing Lin Chen to obtain a powerful resilience similar to the Holy Mind!


Yin Tianzi's palm suddenly surged with blood, and suddenly lifted into the sky. When he held the blood column, it transformed into a **** sickle, the blood dragon was entwined, and the blood rose like a hot sun, fierce and violent!

It is actually a ninth-grade holy artifact!

"No matter what killer moves and back-ups this kid has, kill him first, and then he will change! Crush him with absolute strength!"

The Yin Tianzi didn't look down on Lin Chen, the blood sickle appeared, and he swung his blade repeatedly, and he actually performed an orange-level advanced technique!

The half-moon-shaped streamer scattered blades rushed away, supported by the little shadow's desire, but the ultimate shadow stopped him in a flash, and entangled the little shadow's offensive.

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen swung a gun to fight, and was crushed all the way, his figure retreated violently, and his injuries increased by 30% in an instant.

The strength increase brought by the Ninth Stage Saint Artifact is too strong!

Lin Chenxiu is inferior to the son of the cloudy sky, this sacred artifact appears, and the gap between the two sides will be judged!

Lin Chen has become particularly difficult even to stop him!

The cloudy sky was like a rainbow, waving his blood sickle frantically

With snow-like sharp slashes cutting Lin Chen again and again, Lin Chen swung his spear and swept his belt, once again launched the "Taixi Divine Light", and actually blocked the offensive of the cloudy sky!

clang! clang! clang!

The shadows of the guns are like a tide, the shadows of the sickle and the blades flash and collide in a random way, and the two are urging them to start the battle.

"Slow Rune!"

"Ten Thousand Star Banner!"

"Lei Jun Three Thousand Realms!"

"Blood Yin Panlong!"

"Extremely Que Kaitian!"

The two sides fought to the ground, and the martial artists who had fought with Lin Chen before took a cold breath.

"Fuck, is this Lin Chen really a human?"

"This Yin Tianzi has a strong background, coupled with a very strong cultivation base, at least the number one strong under the Saint King. If you really want to talk about it, only the four and a half steps of the Lin Chen team can match!"

"This kid is actually fighting a head-on battle with the strongest under the Saint King? How many ultimate moves he has!"

After repeatedly suppressing Lin Chen, the cloudy sky didn't have time to be happy, but found that the corners of Lin Chen's mouth went up crazy!

His fighting spirit is even higher!

The corners of Yin Tianzi's mouth twitched...

Damn, after he offered his ultimate move, this kid was even more excited?

What kind of monster is this?

Bang! Lin Chen's absolute defense was broken, and the Star Chasing Tianchen robe was full of scars and blood!

At this time, the system light screen pops up!

[The system prompts the host that all the essence attributes of the suit have been collected, and they are all integrated into the God of War four-piece suit. The average charge of the four-piece suit: 58%-60%.

When Lin Chen put away the Demon Tubing Gun, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and smiled dreadfully.

"I'm just waiting for you to use your trump card, cloudy day, you don't know how to do this."

The golden light bloomed out of thin air, and the might of the God of War that exploded the heavens and the realms rose slowly with Lin Chen as the center!

Almost at the same time, a terrifying storm burst out in the direction of Shenyan Palace, and two figures burst out!

It is Zi Qianshou and Ji Wuchen!

The elders of Shenyan Palace will be injured and fall into this chaotic situation. The other elders of the Shenyan Palace were forced to act and had no time to take care of these two!

Zi Qianshou and Ji Wuchen actually severely injured two Supreme Elders and one Supreme Elder of the Presbyterian Church, and they broke the siege!

"It's time for the savior, don't worry about these old things in the God Flame Palace!"

When Zi Qianshou snorted coldly, the world situation changed suddenly!

Boom~! !

In the realm of the Divine Flame Palace, at the position directly behind, a brilliant divine flame burst out suddenly, propping up the world like a pillar of light!

The radiant flame of the gods, passed down through the ages, is as high as a million feet, straight to the sky, when the flames slowly dissipated, it turned into a gate to the sky!


The giant door burned by the flames slowly opened, and a vicissitudes of life and simplicity permeated from the space inside the giant door!

In this scene, the expressions of the Palace Lord of God Flame and the people of the Guardian Hall, including Shang Guan Jue, changed drastically!