My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1607

Vol 5 Chapter 1607: Lin Chen Is My Cover

The giant gate of the divine flame skyrocketed, and the brilliant divine flame burned all over the sky above the territory of the divine flame palace.

Everyone in the Shenyan Palace has a particularly wonderful look!

There are shock, ecstasy, doubt, fear, etc. Different eyes are concentrated on the giant gate of the flames!

Bai Ruoyan, who was extremely far away, had just finished covering all the disciples and the true story to retreat, and recovered the years of accumulation of the Shenyan Palace

When she witnessed the sign of the divine flame coming into the world, her heart shook.

"That is, the ancestor gate of Shenyan Palace!"

Even the battle of the Saint King can't help but stop a bit!

Lin Chen's eyes rolled, and his soul sensed a terrifying aura, about to be born!

I saw that a figure slowly stepped out of the huge gate of Shenyan under the eyes of everyone.

Pianpian girl, wearing a palace dress with a blue skirt, crested eyebrows, skin like fat, 17 or 18 years old, but between her eyebrows there is the vicissitudes and sorrow of seeing through the world.

She seemed to be an old woman with withered bones, dressed as a girl and reborn in the world.

She sighed faintly.

"Why, I have to fight hard against my Divine Flame Palace."

Her gaze turned to Zi Qianshou and Ji Wuchen, and she suddenly fluttered!

The faces of the two changed suddenly, and their entire body was terrified, as if being stared at by the ancient beasts, a sense of crisis surged into their hearts!

"Purple Star Twelve Dao Palace!"

"Hundred Moon Burial Day!"

The galaxy of the Twelfth Path Palace flashed in succession, and when the hundred blood moons sank into the suspended Sunday, a holy force swept across like a hurricane, suddenly shattering it, and the two vomited blood and retreated!

Zi Qianshou and Ji Wuchen stood still, holy blood flowed across, expressions of anger filled with anger, and violent desires!


Countless strong people have a heart attack, one move!

With just one move, the two strongest existences, second only to the half-step holy king, were actually defeated!

"Oh?" The girl in the green skirt was surprised, "As expected, he is a guy who dared to make trouble in my Divine Flame Palace. He took the old lady's trick and can still stand. I have to say that you are really strange among the nine-ranked saints."

"Elder, you are finally here!"

"Your Honorable Chief, they are deceiving too much. It is this Lin Chen thief who has destroyed my Heavenly Hall, the people of my Divine Flame Palace, and also killed God Child Wu Pian Jue!"

"You must seek justice for the Divine Flame Palace!"

The supreme elders of the presbytery cried miserably.

The girl in the green skirt said calmly: "I know it naturally, and you don't need to say anything."

After all, she found Lin Chen as soon as she turned her gaze.

Facing her gaze, Lin Chen felt a sharp tingling sensation. This person seemed to have insight into everything about Lin Chen.

"Well... the expansion and condensing multiples are rare in the world, and the mood is very good, really a strange talent..."

The girl in the green skirt said calmly: "However, this is not as good as the plan of a hundred sages, please stay."

Shangguan Jue's beautiful eyes flowed sharply, his killing intent was awe-inspiring: "Even this old guy has left the customs, the truth is about to become troublesome!"

Rakshasa Sage King Real Zen laughed and said: "Hahaha, the chief elder of the Shenyan Palace, he is truly an old monster, why, if you don't express your attitude in the Shenyan Palace, this can't be closed!"

The Chief Supreme Elder of Shenyan Palace!

This person was actually the Supreme Elder in the first seat of the Shenyan Palace!

The qualifications can be compared to the ancestors of Shenyan Palace, she is also the former Lord of Shenyan Palace!

When the Holy Realm was founded, the time when the human race divided the major planes of the galaxy, the Shenyan Palace was created, and she was the strongest at that time, and the veteran that exists today!

"Unexpectedly, even this old monster has come out."

The shadow tribes elders were solemn, and informed all the elders with their unique transmissions"Everyone, this battle has been lost. Prepare to protect Xiaocan and his elder brother, and withdraw after saving!"


At this time, Palace Master Shenyan left the battle circle, stood in front of the girl in the green skirt, and said solemnly.

"Elder Tai, things started because of Wu Pianjue, please think twice! Wu Pianjue is now dead, we are not the only choice now, we can choose him. Moreover, if Yan can take charge of the Divine Flame Palace, surely Can change the status quo of Shenyan Palace!"

The girl in green skirt shook her head"So you want to force the old lady to cooperate with this son?"

"Yanran, Wu Pian is dead, is the Shengcai ranking dead? The old lady is not optimistic that the current Shenyan Palace can change the status quo. I have seen this child Ruoyan, which is very good, but she cannot turn the tide. The grand plan can reproduce the glory of my Divine Flame Palace!"

"I only say it once, Yanran, step back!"

The girl in the blue skirt gave a cold call, and the Palace Master of the Divine Flame bit her silver teeth, and actually urged the Holy Flame to turn into a roulette of the Holy Flame, slapped at her with the aura of destruction!

The girl in the green skirt smiled suddenly.

"You have made progress. This is the first time you have dared to disobey an old woman's order when you grow up. However, according to the rules, the old woman should take you down!"

With a flick of the green fingertips of the Chief Supreme Elder, the aquamarine flame shot out of thin air turned into a bunch of fire dragons, soaring into the sky, and suddenly twisted!

In an instant of space, traces of scorched black burst out, silently extinguishing all the offensives of Palace Lord of God Flame, smashing the light of Palace Lord of God Flame!


Palace Lord Shenyan vomited blood and retreated, her pretty face pale.

Almost at the same time that she was repelling her, the girl in the green skirt flew across the void and appeared hundreds of thousands of miles away like a ghost!

"Lord, be careful!"

Jiang Taixu gave a voice transmission. He calculated for too long and consumed too much, and he could not infer the birth of the chief elder Taishang of the Shenyan Palace.

At this moment, countless strong people are chilling!

Palace Master Shenyan is already at the level of a half-step saint king. In terms of cultivation base, he is closer to the existence of saint king than Yin Tianzi, and he can't even stop the chief supreme elder!

The Saint King Realm is too far away from the strong present.

Although I know that the Saint King Realm has its own highs and lows, the battle shown by every Saint King present can hardly be distinguished in a short time.

Only the Chief Supreme Elder of the Divine Flame Palace showed suffocating power!

Shangguan Jue was eager to move, and the afterimages danced wildly, and Zhen Chan's figure blocked her.

"Get away!" Shangguan Jue gave a furious palm, and Zhen Chan insisted on the front, not letting her go!

Even Fang Ling, Lang Fanyun, Shangguan Wudi and Qi Feiyan wanted to get out and assist Lin Chen, but they were all blocked by Wu Weiyang, Ying Chunqiu, and Lan Jingyu!

Yin Tianzi was uncertain: "The Chief Supreme Elder of Shenyan Palace?"

Little Shadow was worried but didn't dare to be distracted to give the ultimate Shadow opportunity, only to give it to Big Brother.

Lin Chen let out a sigh of relief, his eyes flashing with a crazy war spirit!

With the current self, facing this old guy, I am afraid that even her three tricks will not be able to be taken, so I can only sacrifice to the **** of war!

"If you want to mess with me, Lin Chen, no matter what you are, too elder, you have to lose your skin once!"


At this moment, Lin Chen stepped out of the sky to unfold the'cloud shadow sky light', and brazenly rushed towards the chief elder of the Divine Flame Palace, the expressions of countless powerful men changed in horror!

Damn, this kid is going to die?

Although the girl in the green skirt was slightly surprised, she still raised her five fingers and ran towards Lin Chen without mercy!

Lin Chen's eyes flickered, and his power surged!

"God of War set, open..."

"Old witch, you are not allowed to move him. Lin Chen is my cover!"

With a sweet drink of thunder and thunder, a beautiful shadow appeared, the small pink fist held by the green jade tore into the void, and the front of the fist shook the girl in the green skirt, and fought away!

Sneer~! boom!

A terrifying explosion suddenly rose from outside the Palace of God Flame, and when the petite and slender shadow appeared, all the strong were dumbfounded!

This...Where did this **** come from!

Actually took the blow of the Chief Supreme Elder of the God Flame Palace?

Lin Chen opened his mouth slightly...

This Nizi is here too?