My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1608

Vol 5 Chapter 1608: 70000 Alien Crystals

The little girl is delicate and beautiful, with a crimson peach dress, and her delicate jade hands are faintly flowing with a lavender and black atmosphere, such as entwined lines, mysterious and beautiful.

Nizi hugged her chest with her hands in her arms, with an old-fashioned look, staring at the girl in the blue skirt directly in front, and snorted coldly.

"What kind of sugar man do you count, dare to touch me, Lin Pingan, who is handsome, and I will report my name!"

Lin Chen opened his mouth slightly and said in surprise: "Why are you here!"

Xiao Nizi smiled, Li Wu said shallowly--"I'm out of customs, now I have perfect control of that thing. The painful disaster of the previous generation has also told me a lot. I no longer need to rely on a lot of things. You only need a top-grade Qi Yun Ling plant to move freely!"

As soon as this statement came out, many battles came to an abrupt end!

The ninth-turned saint had a horrified face, as if he had seen a ghost.

Unbelievable Saint King and strong!

Especially the holy kings of the holy prison, seeing Lin Ping's fresh and moving appearance, their hearts trembled!

This look can't be wrong, it's her! The most terrifying humanoid disaster in the holy world!

As strong as the chief elder of the God Flame Palace, his pupils couldn't help shrinking.

"The spirit body of the disaster of pain?"

This kind of existence was extremely rare even when the Human Sacred World was not created!

Every painful disaster is the formation of an infinite disaster and aura of omens. Once it breaks out, even the holy king has to retreat by three points!

Now, they actually saw a suffering spirit body?

And it is also a huge disaster with wisdom transformed into a spiritual body, which means that her power will be able to control itself! No one can stop the level!

Shangguan Jue saw that Zhen Chan and Ying Chunqiu looked like "eating shit", and laughed loudly: "Hahahaha, I didn't expect you to show this expression too. I'm afraid your holy prison will lose control, the old lady said. Yes, this kid is not at the level you can eat now!"

Ying Chunqiu is anxious and frustrated"This **** is really a lunatic, and he has really released the disaster of pain!"

The true Zen expression is gloomy--"At this moment, we can only see if the kid of the cloudy sky can win Lin Chen. This kid is not a waiter. I know he still has the cards. According to the letter and meaning he sent back, we There is still cooperation!"

the other side--

"Peace, the elder of the Divine Flame Palace will leave it to you, is there any problem?"

Lin Chen didn't care about what happened to Lin Ping'an. At the moment, the strong enemy is the only one to ask for help.

As long as she is still safe and healthy!

The chief elder of the Shenyan Palace is enough to influence the overall situation, and she must be held back!

Lin Ping'an put his hands on the soft and boneless waist, and he learned how to learn from Lin Chen, putting on the self-made sunglasses he gave, and he laughed.

"No problem, I can give her one hand!"

Chief Supreme Elder: "..."

Lin Chen smiled and said: "You have become more reliable!"

Lin Ping'an turned around, turned his back to Lin Chen, and said with a smile: "That's thanks to you."

Shenyan Chief Supreme Elder raised his hand and saw that the delicate jade palm left a little purple-black aura entangled, like a tarsal maggot, the holy power that entangled her.

"This level of calamity aura is straight up to the state when the painful calamities of the past generations reached their peak, I must deal with it carefully..."

She had been confronted with Lin Ping'an before, and she was tainted with the aura of disaster. Lin Ping'an is now powerful and has passed the Yuan Dynasty!

The chief elder stepped back slightly, facing Lin Ping An, her face was full of dignity, and she had to stand up for it too!

At this moment, the strong from all sides are terrified!

Damn, what is Lin Chen's background?

First, the sons of the ages of the holy prison bowed their heads and proclaimed them, and then the strong men of the shadow clan adventured support, and the painful disaster in the form of the spirit body can be attracted!

Especially the last batch of old antiques who watched the game, almost immediately retreated!

Also watch a fart!

The big plan of the sacred talent list has nothing to do with them whether it succeeds or not!

The old antiques and the hidden old monsters who had been sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight before, the abacus in their hearts is nothing more than the victory of the holy prison and the **** flame palace.

If the Shenyan Palace wins, they will still have the opportunity to join the invitation of a hundred sages and become the first crab-eaters to start a new era.

But now it's different!

Even if the plan of a hundred saints is held as scheduled, it is Lin Chen that will face the team!

Even if this team has two Saint Kings, there is also a disaster of pain! This is a terrifying existence that is enough to cause annihilation!

Don't say "the first batch of crabs" at that time, the first batch of people to die will be almost the same!

Everyone is an old fritters who are unprofitable and cannot afford to be early. There is no benefit. When they see it wrong, they just yo-yo.

On Lin Chen's side, those eight-rank forces and hidden veterans who came to join Lin Chen's servants suddenly increased their morale!

The name of the Painful Disaster, other posters do not know, but they are no strangers to these old monsters! It's equivalent to Lin Chen starting a strongest trump card!

"She will leave it to me, you can do it without worry! My health is fine, there is nothing to worry about!"

Lin Pingan knew that Lin Chen was worried about his body, waved his slender hand, and said with a charming smile.

Lin Chen nodded: "Don't force yourself."

The **** cloud shadow flickered like an afterimage. When Lin Chen turned around, he faced the cloudy sky and the ultimate shadow again.

Lin Chen and Xiao Yingying made eye contact for an instant, and he signaled Lin Chen not to worry, Lin Chen concentrated on dealing with the cloudy sky!

Lin Pingan didn't say a lot of ruthless people, and the slender hands slapped their hands together!

Sneer~! ! The waves of calamity are raging in all directions, and shoot the girl in the blue skirt head on!

The chief elder Shenyan turned around, Lianbu moved longitudinally, burning the holy flames step by step, flicking his fingers, opening the sky with his fingers!


Thousands of Ruihua rushed into the sky like a fire dragon, spinning into three waves of calamity that the storm hit the surroundings.

The purple-black calamity aura contained a catastrophe-like aura of disaster, and the eighth-rank forces who had rushed to the rescue retreated again and again, marveling at it.

"This is the disaster of pain..."

"She is still restraining her strength. Once the disaster of pain breaks out, there will be no more grass, and her vitality will be extinct!"

"Now her restraint must be due to the honorable lord. If not, we old things won't even have the chance to escape..."

The eight-Rank forces who had come to support each other looked at each other with a sharp heart.

"Don't act rashly, wait and see the situation for the time being, the guys in the holy prison are also a bit powerless!"

"There are shadow races, and the strong on our side will not have too many threats. Let's take a look at the situation first!"

Just as everyone analyzed the situation--

On the other side; the cloudy sky and the ultimate shadow stand together again.

Lin Chen and Xiao Yingying became one body, floating in the air.

The sacred body of the cloudy sky shines, all the sacred power and energy are condensed into the palm, and the endless divine light rises, shining like shining.

The little shadow said with a solemn voice: "Brother, he is..."

Lin Chen nodded, "It can't be wrong, a total of 70,000 middle-grade alien crystals, very few of them are top-grade alien crystals!"

Seventy thousand different crystals! !

It is a real astronomical figure!

Even if you are searching all over the holy world, it is difficult to gather so many middle-grade alien crystals in a short time!

Lin Chen smiled slightly.

"Are you going to die? It just happened!"