My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1610

Vol 5 Chapter 1610: Shocking Battle Fighting To Crazy

the other side;

"Wushuang actually wants to use this trick, it seems that the battle situation is a bit bleak..."

Lin Chen's eyes were sharp, the introduction was almost buried, it was time to let it bloom!

He has been pressing the strongest trump card, not to use it, but to let

The cloudy sky sneered cruelly.

"People who don't think of you still have this trump card, but even if you return to full state, you Lin Chen still has no chance of winning in front of this seat! I was interrupted just now, this time let us continue to divide the level!"

As soon as the voice fell, the light of the alien crystals in the palm of the cloudy sky burst into the ultimate light, all in full bloom, and they all exploded!

boom! boom! boom!

In the body of Yin Tianzi, there was a loud noise like the falling of heaven and earth, and endless waves of air swept like the sky!

A total of 70,000 different crystals of energy rushed into the center of Yin Tianzi's eyebrows, his 100th holy cave temporarily swelled, and endless holy power spread throughout his body!

"This guy can withstand so much alien energy..."

The ultimate shadow is full of surprise.


Yin Tianzi burst into pain and screamed, and his body quickly expanded, becoming a giant five feet tall.

His squirming veins are as thick as a python, surging with radiant energy of different crystals, shocking!


The position of the 100th holy cave on the center of the eyebrows of Yin Tianzi is filled with six-pointed stars.

But half of this holy cave is condensed by pure alien crystal energy!

Shangguan Jue's face changed slightly when he was in battle!

"This cloudy son is stronger than when he blocked me! This is completely comparable to the strength of the Saint King!"

At the beginning, Yin Tianzi used tens of thousands of low-grade alien crystals and some of the middle-grade alien crystals to temporarily block and fight against Shangguan Jue.

But now, there are a total of 70,000 middle-grade alien crystals, and one twentieth is still the number of top-grade alien crystals! The energy is nearly ten times higher than before!

There is no doubt that the current cloudy sky has temporarily gained the power of the holy king!

If you add a ninth-rank holy weapon and join forces with Ultimate Shadow, Lin Chen and Xiao Shadow will only be crushed!

"Hahahaha! This is the power of the Holy King, how wonderful, this is definitely not the limit of this seat, one day, this seat will personally step into this realm!"

Yin Tianzi laughed loudly, the laughter actually shattered the crystal wall of the Holy King's Domain, and cracked the shocking vacuum crack!

"Relax, you are not the only one with the trump card!"

Lin Chen drank coldly!

"The God of War Possession!"

Boom~~! The God of War four-piece suit is attached to Lin Chen's body!

At this moment, Lin Chen, the invincible divine power possessed by the heavens, broke out from the four-piece suit of God of War!

boom! boom! boom!

A series of explosions in the void, Lin Chen just released a ray of aura this time, and exploded the space of millions of miles into a vacuum!

God Killer Talent + God of War Set!

Unprecedented stacking!

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen's whole body was circling the red glow of the godslayer's talent, and it was blooming with Jinhui, the **** of war, with brilliant light!

Lin Chen was covered in meridians, flesh and blood, bones, and transformed into the flesh of a **** surrounded by golden light, tearing the galaxy between his fingers, and a drop of blood could burn the sun, moon and stars!

His eyes dazzled the divine glory, and his fierce slaying aura shook the sky. Countless strong men saw a true **** wearing armor, golden armor, and a divine cloak on his shoulders, and a golden divine light on his head. !

200,000 power, 300,000 power, 400,000 power, 600,000 power, 800,000, 980,000, 990,000 power?

The power is rising unstoppably! Desire breaks the Holy Kings Boundary!


The void under Lin Chen's feet was suddenly shattered, and his power rushed to a new realm!

Millions of power!

At this time, Lin Chen rose from a plane that exploded and exploded, and the almost invincible God of War descended on the Saint King Realm, and all the nine-rank sects who watched the battle were shocked!


Lin Chen opened his eyes, the void in his eyes collapsed in a moment, the light was distorted, and the vacuum was all shattered, as if a storm of broken pieces swept the sky!

An invincible aura of self-respect ascends between the heavens and the earth, and actually fights against the Yin Tianzi!

With this suffocating sense of oppression, all the strong are unbelievable and at the same time have to accept this subversive fact in front of them!

There is no doubt that it is the pressure of the Holy King! !

Long Jiushan on the side was full of madness, and shouted with excitement!

"Breaked! The lord broke through that boundary! The pure power of the Saint King!"

Yin Tianzi's pupils shrank, and he said in disbelief: "There is such a killer move..."

"This is the 60% charged God of War four-piece suit. This is the first time I feel the possibility of being blown up by pure power after obtaining the four-piece God of War. When the bracer..."

Lin Chenyun lightly raised his hand and flicked his finger, and the golden glow of his fingertips surged, shooting out a touch of golden divine brilliance to tear the space!

Shenhui flashed past, with a chuckle, in the remote battle circle, a blood line was split on the neck of a martial artist's seventh-turned saint, and it was almost too late for the opponent to react. [Extinction Rift] triggered, Holy Body Separated and perished on the spot!


Each way sucked in air-conditioning, and the powerhouse who was as strong as the Saint King Realm also shrank his pupils!

Kill the rank seven saints at your fingertips!

Holy King! The real saint king-level combat power!

Lin Chen now is worthy of singles out any strong player present!

Ultimate Shadow's face was particularly ugly, and he coldly shouted-"Yin Tianzi, join hands, this is our only chance to win them!"


As soon as the voice fell, Lin Chen stepped out and moved with pure power. When he cooperated with Little Shadow, he almost moved the entire void!

Everything that Lin Chen did was crushed in a vacuum, it was chaos!

The fist shining with golden light smashed and decayed, and violently beat the cloudy sky in front of him!

This punch is like a single blow of a million sages!

This punch alone broke the galaxy and swept the sun and the moon!

The five-foot-high Yin Tianzi is fierce and crazy, lingering around the palm of the colorful brilliance, pushing and rolling away, the palm of billions of crystal energy is facing Lin Chen!

Sneer~! boom! !

Hundreds of mushroom clouds exploded with a bang! The world is upset, and the hurricane to destroy the world sweeps everything!

Outside the Wushen River, all the fighting of the strong were forced to stop and all dispersed!

Little Shadow Possession cooperated with Lin Chen's movement, shattering thousands of realms in one step, breaking nine days with one punch!

Lin Chen clings to every second, the whole person's fighting spirit is violent, his eyes are like divine light!

His power is the wind and thunder, one punch after another, his punch is like a raging wave, like a giant, like a rolling meteor shower, like a gust of wind and rain, smashing the cloudy sky!

"This overdraft power depends on how you control it!"

The Yin Tianzi roared, mobilizing a massive amount of alien crystal energy to attack wildly, facing the bomb!

"Then let's see who the **** is stronger, come on! Come on!"

Lin Chen smashed away with a violent beating, every punch was shaking the sky with a million power! Two people are like crazy monsters, fighting with fists head-on!

Lin Chen and Yin Tianzi play like life-for-life! No one takes a step back!

Scared all the strong to flee!

The entire eastern part of the Saint Kingdom completely overturned the sky!