My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1611

Vol 5 Chapter 1611: Can't Stop Anymore

Lin Chen and Xiao Yingying, Yin Tianzi and Ultimate Shadow, both of them were dark and turned into two divine lights to fight together.

The two fought from the sky to the earth, the sky and the earth were cracked, and the place they passed was exploded like a whirlpool, and everything was swallowed and strangled, like a natural disaster that destroyed the world, descending on the heaven and the earth!

It's terrible to fight the two Saint Kings.

But two desperate saint kings, that is a big horror movie of his mother! What is playing is the heartbeat. If you get involved a little bit, the Rank Nine Saints will also have to be disabled, or they will fall on the spot!


"Crazy, both are crazy!"

"This is the character who will be called the eldest brother of the shadow king in the future. I take it. I **** really take it!"

"Don't take it so hard, give me a hand! The old man is going to be involved!"

"Hurry up!"

The people of the martial arts, the holy prison, and the Shenyan Palace were implicated to varying degrees, and more than half of the strong were forced to suspend the fight.

Shangguan Jue's red lips were slightly opened, and the young boy who needed her protection back then was on the same level as her!

Several shadow clan elders couldn't help but look sideways, and were amazed!

Just now, Xiao Yingying asked them to call Big Brother Lin Chen, and they were still a little reluctant in their hearts.

But now, a group of shadow clan elders just wanted to give this big man Lin Chen a cigarette, help him light it, and call out brother.

The combat power of the Holy King Realm! In the shadow clan, only the real innate shadow king can command the strongest!

Even the little shadow now, before truly ascending the throne, can't be called the innate shadow of the holy king level!


A bunch of golden fist wind ran through the world, and the cloudy sky stepped on the wind tornado, and the shadows all over his body flashed sideways to avoid.

Each of these two moves, even if they dont use the techniques, they have the destructive power of the orange-level combat skills. If the techniques are used, it will be even more terrifying!

Lin Chen threw his fist into the air and turned his fist into his palm. When his five fingers grasped the shape of Ultimate Shadow, he and Yin Tianzi's figure were instantly captured. On the contrary, Yin Tianzi's head was pushed down, and his leg raised a knee that crushed the sun and the moon. Bump!

The infinite energy of different crystals condensed his arms, and the cloudy sky elbows them downwards. When Lin Chen hit Lin Chen's knees, he clenched the blood sickle with his backhand and swept!

Lin Chen grabbed his ten fingers, the God of War's arm armor blocked his ten fingers like eagle claws, and even caught the Ninth-Rank Saint Artifact with his bare hands!

Wu Weiyang: "...Is there still this kind of play?"

The Supreme Elder, who is as strong as the chief of the Shenyan Palace, is also like seeing a ghost, and his pretty face is incredible!

What is this kid's arm armor made of! Take the Ninth-Rank Sacred Artifact empty-handed, even if the arm armor does not leave a trace, even Lin Chen has nothing to do with him!

Grabbing the blood blade with his bare hands, Lin Chen soared into the air, violently rushing away with a powerful whip leg!

"Great Compassion Split Soul Palm!"

Yin Tianzi smashed away with a high-level orange-level chapter, palm-to-leg, sacred power merged with the mighty power of different crystals, and poured down with one palm!

Boom~! When Lin Chen was bombarded with a blow, he snapped his finger!

"Slow Rune!"

Lin Chen threw out a slow rune with dozens of points of Saint-level rune energy. When the Yin Tianzi's offensive was delayed, his five fingers snapped and crushed his orange-level high-level unique knowledge!

boom! boom! boom!

Shadows danced wildly, and dark mists of darkness flashed horizontally and horizontally, stirring out terrifying spatial aftermath.

Not only are the two clashing, the ultimate shadow behind them is also fighting!

The Yin Tianzi clenched the ninth-rank blood sickle with both hands, swung his hands extremely fast, and the endless blood slashed towards Lin Chen, displaying another orange-rank advanced knack!

"Unexpectedly, this kid is still hiding such a trump card, and he can temporarily grow to the pure power of body refining in the holy king state."

"If you let him go this time, you won't know how far he can grow up next time. Taking advantage of this battle, we must kill him! We must not let the old guy of the ancient **** let this kid reverse the case for him. You should die completely and disappear forever!"

The killing intent in Yin Tianzi's eyes was crazy and fierce, and his moves were all fighting Lin Chen! The fierce battle is far more than any holy king realm battle circle!

"I don't believe it, this kid's temporary overdraft power can withstand the massive alien crystals in this seat!"

The Yin Tianzi swung the Ninth-Rank holy artifact again and again, the sickle blade smashed the dead, and the **** moon-like slashing light, every move of his return to the basics, seemingly chaotic, in fact, every move is cutting off Lin Chen's retreat!

This is the only chance for Yin Tianzi to kill Lin Chen!

If Lin Chen is allowed to escape, there will be two Saint Kings and so many Rank Nine peak strongmen beside him!

It was too difficult for him to move Lin Chen afterwards, and now is his first and last chance to kill Lin Chen!

Therefore, Yin Tianzi chose to fight to the death!

Lin Chen's potential is terrifying, he has already witnessed it with his own eyes!

If such a monster allows him to grow into the Sacred Heart and Open the Sky, his cloudy son will always live in the shadow of Lin Chen!

Therefore, he must kill Lin Chen here! With the current state of full-on assault on both sides, Lin Chen is still suppressed by him! It is only a matter of time before defeating him!

laugh! laugh! Huh!

The sharp blood glow enveloped Lin Chen's retreat, forcing Lin Chen to be affected by repeated hard bombings, and the robes of the sky began to crack continuously, and blood was overflowing!

On the other hand, Yin Tianzi, Lin Chen has not penetrated his defenses so far, causing [Extinction Ripples] and [Destruction Explosion] to be unable to exert sufficient effects!

Lin Chen stubbornly held on, the clone was hidden inside the Qi Luck Planting Sac, and continuously mobilized the Ambilight to move into the body, healed the injuries quickly, but still couldnt keep up with the injury speed!

"Not enough, this kind of power can't beat him!"

Lin Chen, who is as strong as a godslayer, is already at the limit to use the God of War four-piece suit to obtain pure power. The God of War set continues to increase the consumption charging speed and can continue to climb strength, but the premise is that Lin Chens Holy Physique has already taken it. Can't help it!

"For a more powerful killer move, the charge of the God of War four-piece suit can't be wasted! Keep your breath, and you must wait until the opportunity comes!"

Lin Chen's attack made other Saint Kings fail to understand!

He can obviously avoid the opponent's offensive with his body technique and the little shadow, why must he fight close, obsessed with tearing the opponent's defense?

Except for the idea of to die together, other holy kings cannot see through the second possibility!

Yin Tianzi sneered: "Want to take me to death? You are really thinking about the old things like the ancient gods! It's a foolish dream, see how this seat crushes you to death!"

Tear~! The space is cracked, and the blood sickle comes again!

In Lin Chen's eyes, a crazy killing intent bloomed, a slanting kick flew the sickle blade of the Ninth-Rank holy artifact, taking turns to take the whip, and then the fist was like a sacred hammer!

He fought violently all the way up close, almost as if he was changing his life with Yin Tianzi!

But Lin Chen's injuries were getting heavier and heavier, and his body was bathed in blood. On the other hand, Yin Tianzi, except for a slightly disturbed aura, did not have any other injuries!

However, the Sea Heart Body Protectors Holy Light he created with the use of the eighth-rank defensive sacred weapon was faintly dim, and even the defensive skill was broken by Lin Chen several times!


Another punch at the price of injury, Lin Chen furiously punched Zhong Yin Tianzi in the chest, piercing through the protection that Ultimate Shadow gave him!

A crack appeared in the holy light of the sea-blue body of the cloudy sky!


At this moment, Lin Chen's fighting intent was wild, and his eyes bloomed with terrifying murderous aura!

"It's now!"

"Desperate life and death! Turn on!"

[Turn on the orange talent: desperate life and death, successfully select the target, consume 45 million top talent points, and start burning the vitality of the host in exchange for power...]

The strongest one-on-one talent, desperate life and death!

Once opened, there is no retreat! The deadly battle between the two sides can no longer stop!