My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1612

Vol 5 Chapter 1612: Under The Rebellion Of The Sky All Beings Are Equal

[The host turns on the Deadly Life and Death talent. If the target cannot be killed, the talent cannot be stopped until the host burns out.


A gleaming orange flame suddenly appeared, burning violently from within Lin Chen!

The sky and the earth changed abruptly, and when Lin Chen's skylight and cloud shadow urged him away, his pure power was so terrifying that he shattered the void and began to soar again!

1.04 million power, 1.08 million power, 1.15 million power, 1.25 million power! Destroyed, soaring!

"It's all about this moment, he still has a back hand?"

The overcast sky moved his face in a moment, and appeared horrified!

That's right, Lin Chen was waiting before!

From the very beginning, when he realized that he was not the opponent of Yin Tian Zi in the state of Godkiller, he had been waiting!


The servants lost their color in horror, and they clearly felt that Lin Chen's vitality was passing by at a rapid speed through Zhou Tian's life and death seal!

Jiang Taixu coldly yelled: "The lord has orders, no one is allowed to act rashly! Focus on dealing with the enemy in front of you!"

[The host speeds up the use of the Desperate Life and Death talent, increasing the power by 1100 times, 2200 times, 3500 times...]

Lin Chen's vitality suddenly burned to the end, and the transformation of power almost occurred in half a breath! Soared two levels!

Boom~! !

At this moment, time and space collapsed and the situation changed suddenly!

All the space, time, vitality, seem to have been incorporated into Lin Chen's shining golden fist, forming an unprecedented vortex, and the center is all the pure power that Lin Chen condensed!

"No, it seems that something more terrifying has awakened from him!"

The ultimate shadow, as if instinctively awakened, retreated in a panic and escaped from the body of the cloudy sky!

The cloudy sky went wild and violent, "Lin Chen, I want you to die!"

He held the Ninth-Rank Sacred Artifact in both hands and sacrificed the last orange-level high-level genocide. With a wave of his sickle, the sky split a guillotine, as if leading to life and death, to death, to new life!

This "Reincarnation Guillotine" is the strongest genius of Yin Tianzi. He was caught off guard by Lin Chen's sudden genius, but he still did not choose to retreat!

There was almost no time for Yin Tianzi to react, Lin Chen slammed his fist and slammed at Yin Tianzi!

The illusory guillotine split a **** moon-like glow, divided the world, and faced the strong punch of Shang Lin Chen!

This punch, like a billion-dollar dragon crashing and crushing!

This punch, like a million planes sinking together!

This punch pierced all the light of heaven and earth!

All the strong felt that the world was plunged into darkness, and only a faint golden afterglow was left, flashing across the horizon!

"not good!"

"Save people first!"

The holy kings of multiple camps all felt this terrifying aura of destruction, flashing out a million miles in advance, protecting the personnel from each other's camp!

But Lin Chen's servants and the eighth-rank strong evacuated first!


One hundred thousand acres of expansive Tongtian Caverns split the eastern high above the Holy Realm and the Holy King's Realm, leading to nine days, crushing all the distant galaxy!

Lin Chens fist smashed at least dozens of continental plates and a large number of spatial planes. Fortunately, the spatial planes and continental plates in the direction of the Holy Kings Domain were uninhabited. Most of them were cultivation secret realms. In and out.

High above the eastern part of the Holy King's Domain, two figures stepped into the air to levitate.

One person is five feet tall, the holy cave blooms all over, the energy of the alien crystals is strong, and the whole body is bloody, and the nineth-grade holy artifacts he holds show several cracks.

It is a cloudy day!

When blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, his expression was full of madness!

The other person, with red clouds lingering and golden light flowing, is Lin Chen!

The fight just now seemed to be Lin Chen, who had the upper hand slightly! However, in the eyes of all the powerhouses, it only has the upper hand once!

And the little shadow has already taken action to hunt down the ultimate shadow.

The Innate Shadow Race has the richest resource pool of all races, and the hole cards left for Little Shadow are countless. He is not afraid of the ultimate shadow of the fourteenth period!

At this time, Lin Chen, although out of breath and about to exhaust his vitality, was radiant, staring in the direction of the cloudy sky!

With blood in the corners of Yin Tianzi's mouth, he opened his arms to the sky and laughed!

"No one can control the destiny of this king, Lin Chen, neither can you! Hahahaha, the blow of your life is gone, your legend is over!"

"Really?" Lin Chen suddenly smiled.

"Yin Tianzi, I have always believed in you."

Lin Chen's laughter became more and more enjoyable, with a sense of fearlessness!

"I believe you are very clever, I believe that the eyes of the ancient gods can't be wrong! I also firmly believe that you will come over, eager to kill me!"

Yin Tianzi stared at his smiling face, suddenly trembled all over, his pupils shrank slightly!

Lin Chen smiled and said--"As long as I keep holding on, you will definitely want to kill me here by any means, because this is your only chance!"

"It is true that my injury is much more serious than yours, but I have countless opportunities to be injured, and you..."

Lin Chen smiled slightly, don't smile a bit domineering, full of madness!

"And you are cloudy, you have no chance of getting hurt!"

Click! Click! Click!

When a few crisp cracks echoed in the void, the eyes of the cloudy sky began to become unbelievable!

He could no longer perceive his holy power, and the Eucharist began to shatter like a broken porcelain!

" is it possible...what the **** is this..."

A crack appeared on Yin Tianzi's face. He looked down at his body, his expression was full of unprecedented shock and doubt!

All the strong who witnessed this moment, a chill rose from the soles of their feet and went straight to the sky!

Lin Chen, has been waiting for an excellent opportunity!

He has been pressing the strongest trump card in his hand, not not to use it, but to make it play the strongest effect when it is the most unexpected!

If Lin Chen and Yin Tianzi would take out all the trump cards and fight him without any explanation, the result would be completely unknown!

But Lin Chen could not bear it, hesitate to resort to life-changing battles to consume the defense of the cloudy sky.

He has to wait until Yin Tianzi's mood is disturbed, take the initiative to attack, and show his assassin!

Once Yin Tianzi offered his assassin, it was when he was determined to kill himself, the most unlikely time to retreat!

In this way, Lin Chen can take out his strongest trump card!

[The host successfully kills the target, and the state of desperate life and death is lifted.

[The host triggers the extinction splitting talent.

All the vitality of Lin Chen's passing, all returned, the spirit is radiant, handsome and refined.

But at the same time, Lin Chen's orange-golden eyes were slowly covered with a ray of blue!

[The host successfully turned on the ultimate sky rebel talent, and began to enter the ultimate sky rebel state, the ultimate instant kill talent, break defense and instant kill. Scope of application: True God.

Break defense, kill instantly!

The strongest trump card is finally here!

Lin Chen picked out a radian at the corner of his mouth, extremely domineering and full of madness.

"Under heaven, all beings are equal!"