My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1613

Vol 5 Chapter 1613: The Last Ultimate Shadow

Outside the Shenyan Palace, Yintianchi.

This place is a cultivation secret realm controlled by Shenyan Palace, with a powerful space enchantment.

Many traditional disciples of Shenyan Palace and Bai Ruoyan also gathered here. This place can be regarded as one of the safest places except for the secret realms of the main hall of Shenyan Palace.

The "Sifang Jiehai" brothers among the servants are waiting here, guarding Ye Qingwu and Leng Yueqi.

"Senior Sister Ruoyan, that... can Lin Chen really succeed in the challenge? Wu Pianjue and the others have the support of the Chief Supreme Elder..."

"Yes, even the people from the holy prison are here. It's too difficult to get out... Besides, after getting out, what should we do in the future of the Divine Flame Palace."

The teachers and sisters of Shenyan Palace were full of worry.

"You are not allowed to question the master!"

Bai Qianqian Liu eyebrows raised, and she drank the girls.

Bai Ruoyan stretched out her hand to stroke the ends of Bai Qianqian's hair and smiled sweetly: "Sister Qianqian stay calm and not irritable, I'll tell them clearly.

Bai Ruoyan looked at the thousands of core true biography of the Shenyan Palace, the deacons, the protectors and the elders, these are the people who have not turned against Wu Pianjue, and are the core personnel of the Shenyan Palace in the future.

She smiled indifferently--"You elders and deacons, as well as the juniors, dont worry, I have never doubted his ability. He has never broken his promise to me. As for the future of Shenyan Palace, I already have something in my heart. As planned, with my power to control the eternal flame, after everything is done, the Shenyan Palace will only be stronger than before, with more hope of rising!"

"Haha, it is true." An elder walked over and said with a kind smile: "With the background of the goddess and the little friend Lin Chen, the old lady has no doubt that you can revitalize the Shenyan Palace."

When many Jurchen biography people think of Lin Chen's epic team, their faces are all admired and excited!

If this team joins the Divine Flame Palace, why not worry about the rise of the Divine Flame Palace?


At this moment, a few streams of light flashed, and the four brothers of Sifang Jiehai reacted immediately and opened the space barrier!

When Brother Sihai saw the visitor, he was surprised: "Senior You? Why are you here?"

Seeing You Wangsheng coming with Fei Wushuang, when Leng Yueqi and other women rushed up to take the pulse for Fei Wushuang, everyone's complexion changed suddenly!

"Senior Fei Wushuang's injury... my god, even the spiritual power and holy power are completely withered!"

"This, what happened!"

Not only the four brothers, but even the elders of the Shenyan Palace changed their expressions suddenly.

It is almost impossible for a strong person of Fei Wushuang's level to have no sacred power, so weak that it is no different from stepping into a ghost gate with one foot!

What great changes have taken place in this battle!

Let the children of this age fall into this dangerous situation!

After Yu Wangsheng adjusted her breath slightly, she solemnly said-"It's too late to explain, you protect me first, I will heal her first and stabilize her lifeline and holy cave, otherwise her cultivation and life will be in danger!"

"do not move."

At this time, a soft and ethereal voice came, and the crimson and charming fairy came from the sky.

It's the scarlet fairy.

Crimson Fairy had a solemn face, slender fingers ran across her cheeks, tears drawn from the corners of her eyes.

"What are you doing...huh?"

Yu Wangsheng was trying to stop him, but found that when her teardrops were dotted on the fingertips, they condensed into a drop of dazzling jade!

"This...this is the dew of reincarnation! A drop of renewed destiny, resurrection of the holy blood, healing of the holy bone, and harmony of the sacred heart!"

You Wangsheng was completely shocked!

This reincarnation dew is an unforgettable wonder in the universe, and Rao has only seen it twice in his vision.

If Scarlet Fairy took out a drop of Reincarnation Dew, he wouldnt be shocked like this.

But, this reincarnation Tianlu fell out of her!

"This woman has followed the lord a long time ago. What is her origin? The lord has never mentioned it, but the old man only sees her in life and death. How can she have such a terrifying background..."

"No, this is not the time to struggle with this!"

You Wangsheng put aside all thoughts and said seriously: "I have come to stabilize her mental thoughts, and ask the fairy to help!"

The scarlet fairy smiled sweetly: "As expected, he is a holy pharmacist who is about to enter the ninth rank. It is really reliable."

A ray of soft spiritual power runs in the palm of Yu Wangsheng, and it hits Fei Wushuang's snow forehead

Taking this opportunity, Crimson Fairy stretched out her delicate jade hand, stroked her palm with her fingertips, and a blood stain appeared, and then the pink blood dripped into Fei Wushuang's fragrant lips and flowed into her body.

Witnessing the pink blood, swimming to life once again felt the shocking shock!

"This is... born in the blood of Saint Joan with excellent luck! Only a few unique and unique planes of romance can be born of legends!"

You Wangsheng is completely stunned!

Teardrops turn into dew from the sky, and drop blood as Saint Joan!

What is the origin of this woman! This is completely beyond the cognition of his top refining giant!

"Okay." The Scarlet Fairy closed his hand, his face paled slightly, and a smile bloomed, "Her life and cultivation base have been saved, just let her rest well."

With the combination of the two, Fei Wushuang's complexion began to return to blood, and her body trembled lightly. Not only that, her holy cave actually began to regenerate holy power!

This is the wonder of the blood of Saint Joan!

Fei Wushuang's holy cave was empty, there was no trace of holy power, and he was very fragile. In addition to this state, even his spiritual consciousness was completely comatose. Taking any kind of pill and means of supplementing holy power is dangerous!

But the reincarnation dew can keep her lifeline, and the blood of Saint Qiong can make her regenerate the holy power, repair herself, without any risk!

"Yeah!" Bai Qianqian jumped up excitedly, "Sister Scarlet is awesome!"

The Scarlet Fairy covered his mouth and chuckled, and gave a high-five to the enthusiastic Bai Qianqian.

Leng Yueqi felt helpless: Lin Chen, how many flowers and plants do you have to mess with...

The Little Demon Empress's beautiful eyes lighted up, staring at the Scarlet Fairy in circles, looking at her exquisite and exquisite figure, showing a charming smirk.

"What a magical physique, this place is so swollen, I don't know if there are any treasures hidden, instead of letting Lin Chen explore first, it is better to let this lady come and see..."

Yu Wangsheng thought to no avail, looking at the back of the Crimson Fairy and the girls playing around, shaking his head in wonder.

"The lord is really a **** and man! Such a strange woman is willing to stay by his side in obscurity..."


The endless dark void--

This is a plane of void somewhere in the Holy Kingdom.

The two groups turned into the ultimate shadow of a dragon, twisted and formed.

The ultimate shadow turned into the appearance of Tuosheng, hiding the body into Tuosheng's body, and sending out the unique sound transmission of the shadow clan-"Why should we fight here, you and I are equally divided, you can't kill me. We are all by Tuosheng. Created by the **** old thing, only you in this world can understand me, right."

"It's not as good as we shake hands and make peace, I can also work with you to analyze the secrets of the Shadow Race and become the two strongest creatures in this world!"

Little Shadow sneered"Equally divided? That is your wishful thinking!"


The little shadow burst out to obscure the sky, like a wave covering the galaxy, tearing out dozens of dragon claws, and running through the void!

In the silent void, a duel that belongs only to the strongest innate creatures in the holy world, quietly unfolded!

In this world, there is no need for two ultimate shadows!