My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1614

Vol 5 Chapter 1614: The Only Ultimate Shadow King

The ultimate shadow is furious: "A trash with weaknesses can't compare to this uncle's perfect state. If you are not good at protracted war but want to fight for death, then I will fulfill you!"

boom! boom! boom!

In the void, the endless darkness is fighting each other, you come and I go, hit the void and collapse, and the light sinks to nothingness!

Sure enough, as the ultimate shadow said, the little shadow is not good at protracted battles, and now, he will fall into a disadvantage!

And the little shadow also recognized what the ultimate shadow said, both are the ultimate shadow, in addition to the potential of the fifteenth stage, the ultimate shadow of the fourteenth stage is indeed perfect, a natural king!

But this does not mean that it cannot be killed!

"As the eldest brother said, the ultimate shadow of the fourteenth period is perfect, there is no weakness..."

The little shadow showed a smile like Lin Chen, and a dozen dark dragons spurted out of his palm to destroy him, struggling to support him without giving up any hope!

The ultimate shadow controls the body of Tuosheng, and when he lifts his cane, dozens of shadow storms swallow the sky and the earth like a tornado, shattering all the offensives of the little shadow, and flee into the void like lightning, spanning millions of miles!


Immediately afterwards, the space directly above the ultimate shadow moved, brewing a wave of world-destroying energy, like the arrival of the demon king, the dragon king came to the world, and a breath suddenly swept!


The ultimate shadow raised his head and burst out with a sky-splitting roar. When the little shadow's breath was broken, the torn void draws a dark war spear and suddenly shoots it!


The dark dragon wings spread out from the front of Ultimate Shadow, and the dragon wings flapped the front to block the shot!

This is the capital that only the ultimate shadow has!

It is impossible for other shadow races to use the body to harden the power of this gun. The innate shadow is powerful in the control and mastery of space, and the body is not powerful compared to races of the same level.

Only the two ultimate shadows of the fourteenth and fifteenth periods have overcome this weakness! The body is as strong as the ancient dragon clan!

"Since you want to die..."

The pure power of the ultimate shadow merges with the talents of the shadow race, the power is like a dragon and a snake, it is transferred to the arm, the star is moved, and the body is instantly attached!

When the ultimate shadow blocked this shot, the darkness condensed into a palm, and when the demon clan's giant palm suddenly burst out with terrifying evil spirits.

And the little shadow stepped on the waves, the dragon wings rolled and flapped, and the dark energy storm raged and changed. His attitude and appearance turned into Lin Chen's appearance, swiftly smashing his spear!

clang! clang! clang!

The two ultimate shadows are fighting head-on, and when they move through the void at a rapid speed, they burst out terrifying pure power and evil spirits!

This battle intensified, and even the Saint King could not see the level.

The ultimate shadow can conceal its own aura, and it can travel freely and freely, even the holy king can't snoop!

After a long time of fighting, the ultimate shadow has already begun to sweat, and the mood is vacillating!

"Damn, it's been so long, how could he still be able to fight! The old thing of Sage Tuo recorded that he didn't have enough pills to consume horror!"

"Since just now, I can't perceive the breath of the cloudy sky. It is estimated that he has run away. No one has come to rescue this seat. Does he want to delay time and wait for the help behind to come over? It must be so!"

The ultimate shadow is difficult to fight against the desperate little shadow, it is not that it can't beat the little shadow, but it is dragged down like this, and it may change after a while!

Ultimate Shadow quickly said: "I said you really can't kill me, let me go, just treat it as the same encounter with each other!

"Brother, what is the point of persisting like this?"

"We shouldn't be so desperate! We finally came to this world and got rid of the sinful Sage, are we going to waste our lives here desperately? How many opportunities does this vast galaxy have that we have not yet explored, Are you really willing?"

The ultimate shadow panicked! He has been intimidating and lure, trying to stop the little shadow-

Don't panic!

This knotty eye can escape safely by throwing off the little shadow.

Except for the little shadow that is also the ultimate shadow, it can track it, other shadow clan powerhouses, even if it is shot at the Saint King realm, may not be able to find it in hiding.

As long as you get rid of the opponent here, it is not a loss!

No matter how hard or soft the ultimate shadow is, the little shadow will be hard from beginning to end, unwavering, unstoppable, and always fighting with the opponent to kill it's mood disorder and hesitate to make moves.


Little Shadow suddenly smiled knowingly.

Holding a shadow war gun, the little shadow pierced the ultimate shadow's defense desperately, violently piercing the center of the ultimate shadow's chest!

The ultimate shadow was wounded, but taking the opportunity to destroy it with a paw, the little shadow vomited blood and was seriously injured!

"Hahaha, I think you are ignorant, just to hurt me...poof!"

The ultimate shadow was not yet proud, suddenly he vomited blood, and the lingering shadow of the body kept throbbing!

It was full of unbelievable writing, and looking at the blood clot in the palm of the palm and the fading Eucharist, it became more horrified!

There is no weakness in the fourteenth phase of the ultimate shadow-

However, it does not mean that Tuo Sheng has no weaknesses!

Xiao Yingying suddenly smiled and said: "You usually only use Tuosheng as an instrumental body, without any insight. Back then, the Demon Lord of the Demon Race left permanent wounds in his body, even if you have roughly repaired it later. This body, trauma is also trauma, always one of its weaknesses!"

"You have been lurking for a long time in the body of Sage Tuo, and you are about to be inseparable. If your body is damaged, your body will be seriously involved!"

The ultimate shadow gritted his teeth: "You want to kill me just by this?"

The dark mist surged, and the body of the ultimate shadow began to peel off from the body of Tuo Sheng, and a hideous and ferocious shadow rose up, revealing a winding and stalwart dragon spirit!

The escape of the ultimate shadow desire

"No, it's over!"

Little Shadow yelled coldly: "Since Tuo Sheng created me to deal with you, how can there be no success!"

His palm is condensed with the blood of his own shadow and the blood of the ultimate shadow when he was injured just now!

The two kinds of essence and blood spin extremely fast, forming a dark space-time vortex in the palm of your hand!

"Heavenly Concealed Secret Technique!"

The ultimate shadow suddenly became out of control, and wanted to fly to that vortex, all its bloodline talents were useless, and it was unable to escape into the void, like an eagle with its wings and claws broken, completely losing the means to resist!

"This...what the **** is this!"

The hysterical roar of the ultimate shadow, endless dark madness gushes out of its body, but it still does not help, being absorbed by the palm of the little shadow!

Little Shadow said coldly: "This is the stunt that has been engraved in my life since the birth of Tuosheng! It is the only trick he used to study and restrain you during his lifetime, which can take away all your power! Only you and my blood Run at the same time to use this trick!"

Ultimate Shadow's pupils shrank, and he said in disbelief-"You...Are you fighting for the **** Tuo?"

"No!" Xiao Yingying vetoed, "I hate him, very hate. He brought me into this world with extreme purposes, and all I felt was the coldness of this world. But I met Big Brother Lin Chen, The last warmth in the world was given to me by Big Brother Lin Chen. For him, I am willing to sacrifice my life!"

"Guys from the fourteenth period, let's end it!"

The ultimate shadow was absorbed step by step, screaming like a pig: "No, no!"


Its body, turned into a whirlpool, was incorporated into the space-time whirlpool in the palm of Little Shadow!

The two shadows twisted and entangled, and the other shadow finally disappeared completely!

After a long time.

Little Shadow's magic pupil passed a ray of strange light, and finally returned to silence. When he turned to look at the void, he muttered to himself.

"After this, I am the only ultimate shadow king... Brother Lin Chen, I did it..."

For a moment in a trance, the little shadow flees into the void and leaves!

This ultimate shadow battle, won by the little shadow Lin Can, officially ended!

But another storm is getting worse!