My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1615

Vol 5 Chapter 1615: All Have To Die.

Shenyan Palace.

The wind and clouds have changed, and the dark breath roars like a hurricane!

The top powerhouses in the thirty-six domains of the holy world are more or less aware.

The luck of the human race seemed to be weakened again.

Yin Tianzi is not a sage, but already has the qualifications and combat power of the sage!

Click! Click! Click!

Under the eyes of the cloudy sky, the Eucharist broke and turned into a pile of powder.

In the end, only a few air transport planting pouches and a large number of attribute light **** were left, and even his ninth-grade famous device, which was handed down to the world, was completely wiped out! Only a bunch of attribute light **** are left!


Deathly silence!

All the powerhouses, and even the saint kings, all stared at Lin Chen's direction, with unprecedented shock in their eyes!

The strength of the cloudy sky is obvious to all the strong!

The move that shocked the sky just now, even if he is slightly at a disadvantage, it is impossible to lose! Most injured!

But he is dead! And yes, he died completely, without a trace left!

Strong as the Chief Supreme Elder of the Shenyan Palace, the strongest saint king who existed before the creation of the holy realm, the pretty face at this moment also looks like a ghost, which is really funny!

Even if her chief elder personally went into battle, it was true that she could defeat the Yintianzi, but it would take a certain price to win.

And just defeating, and beheading are two concepts!

Not to mention that he was hit with a punch like Lin Chen! How the **** did this!

The strongest demon lords of the Demon Race were stunned and muttered to themselves: "No wonder the upper part wants us to kill this kid, is this a **** human..."

The powerhouse of the martial arts is even more struck by lightning, instantly killing someone with the combat power of the Saint King Realm? He must have used some insidious trick to sneak attack!

The reality is so absurd, and the facts in front of them are unbelievable.

This shocking scene that subverted everyone's worldview shattered their cognition!

When the sky's attribute light orb was floating, the holy dragon swept past, taking away all the cloudy day child's attribute light orb and attribute treasure chest!

[Remaining charge of God of War four-piece suit: 47%49%.

[The host gains 450 points of Saint-level rune energy, 120 points of top heaven value, and 45 points of Saint-level exercise essence...]

[Open the exclusive treasure chest for the orange talent...]


Lin Chen was absolutely flawless, considering what he gained after killing the Yin Tianzi. He stepped into the void and turned around awe-inspiringly!

When Lin Chen looked around the audience, pure power raged all the way, and the might of the God of War swept across the audience!

Anyone who is swept by his gaze, who is better than the holy king is also terrifying!

Sneer~! Tear~!

The space burst, and Lin Chen turned into a peerless divine radiance surrounded by golden clouds, and smashed all the way, even the first to kill the Haotian Saint King, the Demon Race and others!

"No! This kid is here!"

"Don't be afraid, we wait to retreat together with Haotian Saint King!"

The strongest demon lords sneered coldly, and the Haotian Saint King stretched his hands horizontally, tearing apart the void, and pulling apart a space whirlpool of devilish energy, to drive away!

The elders of the Shadow Race seemed to feel the transformation of the fighter plane. In an instant, the elders suddenly coldly shouted-"Block him, don't let them run!"

All the shadow clan elders shot together, and the shadows covering the sky and the sun roared like a tornado, blocking the space passage of the Haotian Saint King!

This unique spatial channel to the Demon Race is constructed by multiple Sky Demon Lords, and they cannot be broken instantly, but the short-term shielding is still no problem for the Shadow Race!


Between the electric light and flint, the golden divine brilliance has smashed the billowing air waves into the void, and Lin Chen stepped on the divine brilliance, the majesty is overwhelming.

His cold eyes swirled with a touch of blue, as if he could challenge everything in the world!

"Fight back, don't let him succeed!"

The demon lords roared, the demon body skyrocketed, or turned into a variety of shocking monsters!


Lin Chen slammed a fist, and when the shining golden light of the supreme fist ran away, there was only a divine light left in the light of heaven and earth in a flash, and it flashed across, pushing across the world, and the fist wind opened the sky and destroyed the world!


The fist wind revolved Jinhui like a storm, crushing all the defenses of the strongest demon, all severely wounded, on the verge of death, and the demon blood of the demon was soaring!

Sneer~! Lin Chen was Yu Shenhui, without even looking at the Demon Venerable of the Demon Race, he flashed to the vicinity of the Haotian Saint King, and suddenly jumped, the whole person spun in the air, lifting his leg and smashing down!

The surroundings are blocked by the Shadow Clan, and the Haotian Saint King cannot retreat!

"Damn bastard, this king is fighting with you! This king is not the trash of the cloudy sky!"

The Haotian Saint King roared, urging the holy power and the devil blood, his left palm was shining, the holy light was eternal, overflowing with the mighty righteousness, the eternal divine light, condensed into four blades to rotate!

The devilish energy of his right palm rises, like mountains and seas, and the devilish energy transforms into a dragon!

The Haotian Saint King has advanced human orange-level combat skills with one hand, and mastery of the demons with one hand, pushing his hands horizontally towards the sky, and his ultimate moves burst one after another!

Sneer~! boom!

The space blocked by the Shadow Race was directly exploded, the storm swept the sky, and the eastern space of the Holy King's Territory trembled, as if the disaster of extinction had come.

Only the strong at the peak of Rank Nine could barely see clearly, the golden divine brilliance tore through all the offensives of the Haotian Saint King and smashed on his head!

When the tide of demon energy dissipated, and when the holy light dissipated, all the strong witnessed clearly, and Lin Chen's divine light was added to his body, floating in the air.

The Haotian Saint King stood behind Lin Chen, with the holy blood on his head falling off his face.

Although the Tianling Gai was broken, it was not considered fatal in theory, but the eyes of the Holy King Vast Sky at the moment were dull and sluggish, and his sacred body was the same as that of several powerful demon lords, cracking at the same time!

Lin Chen turned his back to Holy King Haotian, raised his sword eyebrows, and smiled sternly.

"To the end of hell, go and study your demon clan's unique knowledge."

Click! Click! Click!

The Vast Sky Saint King and the Demon Lords began to split--

Countless clear cracks echoed, like the prelude of Tianni, deeply imprinted in the heart of every strong man, shocking, and his pupils trembled!

boom! boom! boom!

With a loud explosion, the Demon Lords and Haotian Saint King exploded in an instant, turned into dust, and disappeared in smoke!

At this moment, the holy prison, the martial artist, the Shenyan Palace, whether it is the third-ranked saint or the saint king, all the strong mouths trembled and their hearts twitched!

Their expression changed from suspicion to horror! Fear again!

Yes, it's not shock, it's fear! Complete fear!

Lian Tu Shuang Wang!

Just less than ten breaths, Lin Chen, Lian Tu Shuang Wang! Kill two holy kings in a row!

Killing the first one can be reluctantly explained by conspiracy and other reasons.

But killing two in a row is a naked crush!


When Lin Chen looked around the territory of the Divine Flame Palace, as far as his eyes were, the world was creeping, and the world was watching!

His sneer is as frightening as a blade scraping!

"All the holy kings who are my enemy today must die."