My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1616

Vol 5 Chapter 1616: The Overlord Of The New Era

Chapter 1616 The overlord of the new era!

Haotian Sage King, a generation who truly dares to go against the overall situation, comprehend the demon clan's unique knowledge, the hundred-legged worms are dead but not stiff!

Even though the Haotian Saint King is the living dead, but the Saint King is a Saint King, he still possesses the combat power of the Saint King level!

Such a majestic hero, turned into a fan, and was crushed in the hands of this young man who challenged the Ninth-Rank Sect!

This unforgettable scene has been carved into the bones of all the strong!

They are deeply aware of a kind of fortune and luck! How lucky it is to not face Lin Chen!

When countless strong men came into contact with Lin Chen's gaze, it was like falling into the ice cellar, with a biting cold light!

Mysterious existence as strong as the old man Wuji shrinks his pupils!

This boy, how far can he go against the sky?

The realm of life and death is cultivated as a double king!

The saint king, the supreme existence of the heavenly saint, the supreme being born, was directly punched by him!

But Lin Chen's servants were surprised at first, and then all members were ecstatic!

That's right, this is their lord!

How can they easily subdue others as the pride of their times? Only their lord Lin Chen is an insurmountable legend in this era! It is enough for them to sacrifice their lives and follow them!

Holy king and strong, one punch! There is no reason to be strong!

Ghost sees sorrow: "I'm back, all are back!"

Yun Tianguang: "The lord's ultimate move that is invincible in the world can be used again!"

Long Jiushan swallowed his saliva: "Damn, too strong! One punch to destroy the Holy King! What kind of **** concept is this! I may not be able to beat the lord in a lifetime of cultivation!"

Situ Changsheng: "This punch is equivalent to the lethal power of the boss's handsome character."

Ji Wuchen: "No wonder the lord dared to lead us to challenge the Divine Flame Palace. With such a killer move in hand, the Holy King is a fart!"

Zi Qianshou: "It's time to fight back, delay all the opponents and hand them over to the lord, don't let them run away!"

The powerhouses of the multi-faceted camps reacted extremely fast, and they launched a more intense conflict battle in an instant!

"Really worthy of being the eldest brother of the future king of shadows of our clan..."

"We also keep up and cut off their backtrack!"

As soon as the Shadow Clan took action, they immediately intervened in many battle circles, holy prison, martial arts, and Shenyan Palace, and couldn't get out of it at all!


Lin Chen stepped into the sky in one step, the situation changed suddenly, and he swept straight to the direction of the Divine Flame Palace!

The girl in the green skirt trembled in her eyes, her heart was as cold as her body, and her figure swept in the direction of the presbytery!

With the purple-black catastrophe, Lin Ping'an stood in front of her for a moment and made a grimace--"You old witch, I haven't had enough fun yet, just stay here honestly!"

The ten supreme elders of the Shenyan Palace Presbyterian Church took the lead in changing their faces!

On the side of Lin Chen's figure, he pulled away the afterimage of the infinite divine brilliance, raised his hand and swept away, and his left palm slashed like a knife, cutting out a divine brilliance!


The **** of pure power penetrated the life-saving defense of the three supreme elders and was seriously injured on the spot!

Lin Chen flipped his right palm and flicked his fingers, pure power like a sharp stab, and immediately penetrated the Communion of the two Supreme Elders!

Almost a thousand blows in one instant, Lin Chen exchanged his fists with his palms, and both fists suddenly violently beat out!

A bunch of golden fists pierced the sky with a strong wind, like a raptor tearing through all obstacles, and struck the five supreme elders who wanted to escape from a remote location!

boom! boom! boom!

The five elders were beaten to prevent vomiting blood and were directly disabled!

The ten highest elders of the Shenyan Palace were all seriously injured!

[The host triggers the ultimate sky-adverser effect and successfully kills the target instantly: 10!

The elders of the elders of the God Flame Palace all began to split, shatter, and perish on the spot. They died without dregs and turned into a bunch of attribute light balls!

All the supreme elders of the Shenyan Palace are like falling ice cellars, a chill rushes to the sky!

The strong man in the Shenyan Palace had an idea at the same time!

Shenyan Palace, it's over!

In their hearts, an emotion that has long been forgotten arises, called despair.

Shenyan Palace, at the beginning of the creation of the Holy Realm, it was a world-shaking giant, a real giant!

They never thought that there would be such a day in Shenyan Palace! Will face such a desperate moment!

No matter what the Saint of the Ninth Rank, the Saint King of Half Step, or even the Saint King, it will die with one punch! Kill with one punch!

This kind of power against the sky is not so terrifying even the Nine Clan Wars back then!

At the moment when the supreme elders of the Shenyan Palace were desperate, Lin Chen never stopped. He turned around and rushed to the strongest holy prison closest to him!

Ying Chunqiu's mouth trembled, and the tiger's body shook wildly, two hundred and fifty **** times!

Damn, this kid is eyeing this king!

Don't come here!

"Shen Yu Dafa!"

Ying Chunqiu bit the tip of his tongue, and spread a pair of divine light wings behind him, white and flawless, burning the vast sky of fire, and the holy blood burned all over his body like a flame.

His appearance was quickly old, the light of the light turned into a ray of light that traveled through the void at the fastest speed, and the waves of the clouds slashed into the air!

Because the shadow clan twisted the nearby space, he failed to rush out of the area outside the Shenyan Palace and withdrew to the Raksha Sage King Zhenchan who was fighting Shangguan Jue!


Lin Chen stepped on the sole of his foot, like a divine light tearing through the void, chasing the White Feather Saint King Ying Chunqiu!

Ying Chunqiu hurriedly said: "True Zen, let's join hands to deal with Lin Chen!"

True Zen: "???"

The True Zen who was in the saint of Raksha cursed.

"Did you? Didn't you see that there is a Venerable Dharma Protector beside Lao Tzu? What the **** did you bring him here for you!"

Ying Chunqiu: "Then your grandma made me wait to die! Don't **** forget the gun that Lao Tzu blocked for you back then!"

Zhen Chan: "Don't talk, he's coming to Japan!"


Lin Chen descended like a god, stepping on the golden light and divine brilliance, and the gods illuminate the world, and wherever they pass, a golden light covers the universe!

Lang Fanyun followed closely, with a knife in his hand, arrogant!

"The holy king of the holy prison, I will fight over one by one, and take you first!"

Lin Chen faced the twin kings of the holy prison and raised his hand with a punch!

"Raksha Holy BodySolution!"

"Shen Yu lore!"

True Zen directly lifted the Raksha sacred body, with a flick of his fingers, the tens of thousands of zhang Raksha sacred body was pushed and crushed horizontally. Ying Chunqiu's gods and feathers showed up behind them, and the light of swords roared like snow, and the light of swords danced across the sky swept across the sky, and the twin kings were almost forced to do their best!

Lang Fanyun slashed down violently, shattering the sky!

boom! boom! boom!

The Twin Kings took the offensive from Lin Chen and Lang Fanyun and were not injured yet, but

Boom~! A beam of skyrocketing fire shuttled through the vacuum, piercing the true Zen King, burning and piercing his sacrament continuously, it was Shangguan Jue!

Lin Chen now is a genuine Saint King Realm pure strength combat power!

He stood with Lang Fanyun and Shangguan Jue, that is equivalent to three holy kings!

Three people directly pressed the two holy prisons and beat them!

This is completely different from the ordinary melee in the Saint King Realm. If there are three normal Saint Kings, the Saint Prison will not be so embarrassed.

Among them is Lin Chen, a monster who is against the sky!

Once hit by him, all will be lost and the catastrophe will be over!

The terrifying holy king fought desperately and broke out!

In this epic battle, Shibi will completely disrupt the situation in the entire Holy Realm!

A new-born overlord is rushing onto the stage of the history of the Holy Realm in an unprecedented form!