My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1617

Vol 5 Chapter 1617: End The Legend Create Another Miracle

Chapter 1617 End the legend and create another miracle!

On the battlefield, the martial arts family, the holy prison, the Shenyan Palace, and those nine-tier sect forces who have insight into the void and watched the battle from a very long distance, all the strong are dumbfounded and dumbfounded...

Those who used to be supreme and were all legendary saint kings, at this moment, as if they had seen a ghost, they were crushed by Lin Chen to hold their heads and dare not put a fart!

Damn, can you not be afraid! This kid is a monster! Holy king and strong, one punch!

This is a fart!

The Saint King's melee is like a giant storm, and the aftermath of the offensive envelopes all the strong!

The twin kings of the holy prison must watch out for Lin Chen.

All the hidden killer moves in the past have to be used!

As a result, their main attention was basically on Lin Chen, and the third holy king had the opportunity to directly beat him!

This time, the two holy kings of the holy prison are desperate!

The Haotian Saint King belongs to the kind of living dead who possesses the power of the Saint King but loses the Saint King's background, but these two are living Saint Kings, they are still forced to be embarrassed by their peak existence!

In this case, the fighting of other saints has stopped decisively!

Everyone flees like a disaster.

On the side of Lin Chen's servant team, Lin Chen had already sent a message to Jiang Taixu, foreseeing in advance, and notifying everyone to evacuate.


The world is disturbed, and the fist atmosphere that contains the brilliance and brilliance runs through all directions!

Although many powerhouses have acted long ago, when they were stranded in the chaotic storm, they turned directly into pieces!

Regardless of any defensive means, unique learning, or hole cards, as long as you are injured by the aftermath of Lin Chen's attack, you will be killed instantly!

The pupils of the old man Wuji shrank.

The two little girls beside him said worriedly"Grandpa, what should I do..."

"It seems that the matter is serious..."

The old man Wuji showed a trace of panic.

"Oops, it will be disastrous if you continue to fight like this. This little guy's attack is too abnormal, and there is no chance for people to survive!"

Once the aftermath of Lin Chen's attack, even if only a little bit of the defense of the Eucharist was broken, a drop of blood would be death!

Once Lin Chen, using the talent of [Heaven Rebellion] was still weak. How terrifying this talent is only the tip of the iceberg, but now when he reaches the Holy King Realm, the life of the ordinary strong is simply like picking up grass, no Worth mentioning!

If Lin Chen is an ordinary strong man, the old man Wuji would not be frightened, and he could use his arithmetic to figure out the best retreat plan for everyone.

What a special Lin Chen is not! He is the only variable!

The old man Wuji couldn't break the trace of Lin Chen's fate. When and what tricks he would make, it was a big question mark!


At this time, the little shadow returned, and seeing his gaze, the elders of the shadow clan shook slightly.

The little shadow absorbed the ultimate shadow, and his changes, the elders could feel the first time, it was extraordinary!

"My elders, you and me will all twist the nearby space planes, cut off the space maintenance, and block the enemy's retreat!"

Xiao Yingying looked towards Lin Chen's direction, and said in a deep voice--"We are here to kill all the enemies!"


The elders of the shadow tribe acted immediately and sneaked into the void.

The elders of the Shadow Race had not yet fully recognized Lin Chen. He had a strong human team, which did not mean that he could be recognized by the Shadow Race.

But since he showed this sky-defying combat power, their Shadow Clan has already determined to make good friends with Lin Chen, which will be of great help to the future of the Shadow Clan!

"Innate Shadow TechniqueSpace Fighting Turn!"

With the little shadow as the center, all the elders of the shadow clan maintain their bodies in the endless void. When a trace of blood was moved, the boundless shadow penetrated the void, and the large-scale space in the eastern part of the Saint King's Domain was instantly reversed, the heaven and the earth turned upside down, cutting off the escape route of the Saint Kings!

the other side;

Lin Chen continued to fight, and violently suppressed the two kings of the sacred prison, and he suppressed the defense of the two sacred kings alone!

Lin Chen was not afraid that his offensive would instantly kill his servant.

[Ultimate Sky Rebel] The talent judgment range is [Hostile], and only when he is hostile to a specific target can the [Instant Kill] effect be triggered.

If there is no object with [Hostile], the Heavenly Adversaries will not be used, and even if Lin Chen maimed the servants, it will not trigger [Instant Kill].

The same goes for Lin Chen's other talents. It's not that fighting is the first element of the'trigger' talent, and'hostility' is the key to unlock.

Sneer~! Cang~!

A stab of a knife cut off Ying Chunqiu's left arm, and the flames of God pierced Zhen Chan's chest like a blood line.

The two kings of the holy prison vomit blood at the same time!

They resisted Lin Chen's fierce attack, Lang Fanyun and Shangguan Jue had the opportunity to severely wound them!

"Persevere, and persevere! Whether it is the means to instantly kill the enemy and the pure strength of this kid suddenly soaring, they are all external forces and cannot last too long!"

"As long as we persevere, we will win the Holy Prison! This kid's true cultivation is a waste. When all his methods are exhausted, my Holy Prison will be able to destroy him in minutes!"

The wounded Ying Chunqiu roared in his heart, and suddenly, Lin Chen burned with orange flames!

[Consuming 4700 top talent points, the host activates the orange-level talent, desperate for life and death, and has locked the target: Saint King Xiuwei.

Lin Chen launched "Death to Life and Death" again, and the choice was Ying Chunqiu!

When the vitality burned rapidly, the pure power hurried again, the charge of the God of War set plummeted, and Lin Chen slammed his fist up, accumulating a punch to turn the world!

Boom~! boom!

An explosion raged, endless waves of air rolled over, and the incomplete defenses of the two holy kings were completely shattered!


A trace of misfortune flashed through the hearts of the twin kings, and the heavy injuries caused by Shangguan Jue and Lang Fanyun caused them to adjust.


Lin Chen made several fingers, and the pure power tore and penetrated the shoulders of the two people like a glow, and the Holy Blood shot!

Almost flowing clouds and flowing water, Lin Chen succeeded with a finger, without any hesitation, turned around and swept towards the Saint King of the Wu Family, Wu Weiyang!

Click! Click! Click!

After that, a clear cracking sound echoed like a nightmare in the heart of every strong man!

No one can resist this suffocating and cold oppression!

At this time, the two strongest men had broken sacrament, their eyes were dull and dull, and their vitality quickly faded.

The last sight they saw before they died was the back of a **** silver robe.

boom! boom!

The twin kings are broken and turned into powder!

The White Feather King and Raksha King of the Holy Prison were born in thousands of epochs and have a long history. They are the strongest in every era.

These two people, who are also known as the legends of the ancient era, closed the curtain on the eve of the transformation of the holy world and ushered in the final chapter!

All the strong looked at Lin Chen, who turned and left, their hearts trembled and panicked.

End the legend and kill the twin kings again!

This is Lin Chen, who penetrated the Holy Prison and challenged the Ninth Grade Sect...

In this era, who can block his edge!