My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1618

Vol 5 Chapter 1618: When The War Ends The Holy Realm Revolution Day

Chapter 1618 When the war ends, the Holy Realm Transformation Day!

Looking at the back of Lin Chen's decisive departure, Shangguan Jue's beautiful eyes shone with brilliance.

It seems that he is not killing two strong saint kings, but killing two insignificant chickens!

Even the life of the Saint King cannot make any waves in front of him!

Although she knew that Lin Chen was a stranger.

Although she knew the arc of Lin Chen's growth, she could only figure it out beyond common sense.

But his behavior exceeded her expectations time and time again! Until she realized it, he seemed to have walked far in front of her!

Declaring war on the Ninth-Rank forces, breaking through the holy prison, single-handedly fighting against the nine great sages, and even the holy king can't stop his progress!

She has never seen a man like this!

It's hard to describe the amazingness of the gods descending to the earth!

Shangguan Jue recalled who he once was--

"Master, why do you want to give me a kiss."

"Because girls want to get married, and your family died in a war of hundreds of races. You can't stay alone all the time."

"But, Master. He said that I was only worthy of a concubine who served him tea and water, so I just knocked him over with one hand, why should I marry such a weak and arrogant person."

"Xiao Jue'er, your talent is very strong, but..."

"I don't want to marry people. Men are beasts that rely on their lower body to think."

"Hmph, I have to rely on my fists to defeat all the forces and sects that look down on women!"

"Jue'er, don't mess around. This world is huge and boundless. Someday you might meet a man whose cultivation base is lower than yours and stronger than you. Your personality will go wrong!"

"Hey, don't worry, Master, such a person does not exist. I will first set a small goal to get the place on the Saint Realm Saint Talent List..."

Shangguan Jue's beautiful eyes flickered for a moment, sighed slightly, smiled, and talked to himself.

"Master, the person you are talking about is too late... I am born before the king, and I am old if the king is born..."

the other side;

Seeing Lin Chen, who was stepping on Shenhui and violently attacking, Wu Weiyang was full of horror and waved his hand quickly

"Little friend Lin Chen, we can talk more..."

boom! Lin Chen didn't talk nonsense at all, the War God's arm armor was charged to accelerate the consumption, and he directly punched it!

"damn it!"

Wu Weiyang can only resist with his life!

Fang Ling and Lang turned the clouds, blocking from left to right, and firmly stopped Wu Weiyang! Create more fighters for Lin Chen!

At this time, Zhou Tian's mark of life and death revealed a mental fluctuation, and Jiang Taixu's heart was shocked. After receiving Lin Chen's call, he immediately turned and rushed towards Lin Ping An's direction!

"This senior from the Divine Flame Palace, I have something to say next."

The arrival of Jiang Taixu made Lin Ping'an and the girl in the green skirt stop.

The girl in the green skirt blinked, staring at Jiang Taixu without saying a word.

Jiang Taixu continued: "On the order of my lord, I hope you will surrender to the Divine Flame Palace. If not, our lord will definitely kill the Divine Flame Palace!"

"My lord is in love with Miss Bai Ruoyan. The meaning he will let me convey is very simple. If the Shenyan Palace can surrender, he will assist Miss Bai Ruoyan and recast the Shenyan Palace to glory! As long as you have all the power Give it to Miss Bai Ruoyan, so that she can justly become the Palace Master of this generation!"

The girl with green skirt and silver teeth clenched: "What a joke! Then Lin Chen thought really well. He killed all the deacons, elders, and members of the Presbyterian Church in my Divine Flame Palace. All of them were destroyed by him. My Divine Flame Palace is like this... "

"This old man." Jiang Taixu interrupted directly, calmly and calmly, "At least the Supreme Elder of the Shenyan Palace is still intact, isn't it? What my lord killed was only the Shenyan Palace standing in line. A figure of the Pianjue faction."

"Also, you have to be clear. Now our lord is giving notice to Shenyan Palace, not discussing with Shenyan Palace. The current Shenyan Palace is not qualified to negotiate terms with our lord."

How can a mathematician at Jiang Taixu's level lose balance in negotiations? When he is soft or hard, he will force the other party to submit.

Lin Chen's original words were that he only hoped that they would surrender, but Jiang Taixu wanted to help Lin Chen get better results, and he directly forced the other party's chief elder to also surrender power to complete Bai Ruoyan!

Jiang Taixu said neither salty nor light.

"The possibility of Shenyan Palace's restoration of glory, and our direct destruction of Shenyan Palace, which one do you choose. Then if you continue to resist, it represents the choice and position of Shenyan Palace, and our lord will fight to the end. !"

The girl in the blue skirt squeezed her fists tightly, and she couldn't imagine that they would be forced to this point!

How does she know that Lin Chen's team is strong!

But the grand plan of the sacred talent list is about to be implemented, to fight against them, but to fight against the entire era!

But at this moment, there was no room for her to hesitate.

The girl in the blue skirt looked at Wu Weiyang who was falling into a hard fight and was about to collapse.

If he died, his choice would directly lead Lin Chen to aim at the Divine Flame Palace!

"Fine, nothing!"

The girl in the green skirt suddenly sighed, "After all, the old body has been eliminated by the times, and it is not suitable to interfere with the current Holy Realm and the Divine Flame Palace. Go back and tell your lord, the old woman is willing to surrender, and I will let Bai Ruoyan be a child. The Lord of the Divine Flame Palace, as long as he leaves the Divine Flame Palace one last way!"

"Haha, as the predecessors wished."

Jiang Taixu chuckled lightly and gave an order that the servants no longer attacked the remaining Supreme Elder of the Shenyan Palace.

Even Qi Feiyan and Shangguan Invincible, the battle against Lan Jingyu stopped.

He did not attack Lan Jingyu, it was Lin Chen's last face left to Shenyan Palace!

If the Venerable Law Protector is killed, I am afraid that the Divine Flame Palace will be broken. Lin Chen still wants Bai Ruoyan to take over the Divine Flame Palace.

Before the elders of all the Supreme Masters could react, there was a loud noise that shook the sky!

The terrifying holy light was on the verge of shattering, and the golden divine glory continued to be beaten all the way, forcing Wu Weiyang to wield the'Heavenly Hell Halberd'!

Boom~! Lin Chen stuck out his palm and grabbed Wu Weiyang's Hell Halberd. The five-finger divine power suddenly broke out, squeezing the halberd blade of the Hell Halberd to dim light and tremble!

Without giving Wu Weiyang a chance to react, Lang Fanyun and Fang Ling made a single sword, like Lin Chen's right-hand man, with a sharp heart, outflank Wu Weiyang, and the sword and light sword shadow cut straight away like sharp scissors!


Lin Chen did not let go of the opportunity created by Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun, and concentrated his punches and rushed away, and the bombardment was imprinted on Wu Weiyang's chest in Heavenly Hell!


Wu Weiyang vomited blood. According to his previous combat experience and habits, this small injury is not a problem at all, but this time it is completely different!

He stared at his own gradually broken, shattered body, and suddenly laughed at himself.

"No wonder, no wonder they will's...a terrifying force..."

Wu Weiyang, the sage king of the martial family, made great military exploits for the former Martial God family, and a generation of sacred names shocked the ages.

Terran was not born after the creation of the Holy Realm.

Before the creation of the Holy Realm, the various forces of the human race were famous for all races, but they were also very chaotic.

And before the establishment of the Valkyrie Family from the Holy Realm, it already existed like a giant in the human race!

This saint king who had fought against the strongest race of the "Asuras" of the Shenhe galaxy, and supported a sky in the Valkyrie family, never expected from the beginning to the end that today's battle would be the end of his journey.

Wu Weiyang sneered in the face of death calmly.

"Lin Chen...You are indeed against the sky, but you are going to die soon, the old man promises...hehe..."

Wu Weiyang's sacred body gradually shattered and shattered into fragments, and his Hell Halberd was with him until it was wiped out!

[The host triggers the Ultimate Sky Adversary talent and successfully kills the target.

[The time limit for the talent of the ultimate rebel has ended.

[Godkiller talent time limit ends.

Lin Chen let out a sigh of relief when he watched Wu Weiyang die.

His face was pale, with two strong talents, almost just overwhelming time!

Without the two major talent blessings, without using the God of War, Lin Chen's combat power is at most equal to that of an ordinary Rank 6 or Rank 7 saint.

Not to mention that 90% of the holy cave has been consumed now, and any Rank 6 saint can threaten him.

When he turned to the people in the Divine Flame Palace again, the elders were full of fear and suspicion.

They already felt unprecedented fear of Lin Chen's combat power! There is no longer a God Flame Palace as a behemoth, and the other party cant shake this recognition!

Immediately before the end of this battle, a few days ago, another major event that rewritten history occurred in the Saint Kingdom!

From, the transformation of the sage list!