My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1619

Vol 5 Chapter 1619: The Battle Of The Gods The Rise Of Saints

Chapter 1619 The battle of the gods, the rise of sages!

Time went back a few days, and the day the ceremony of the God Flame Conferred God was held

The very north of Saint King's Domain, a special space plane.

The ancient and vicissitudes of the palace, like the relics of prehistoric civilization, has stood here since ancient times, burning with a series of ancient talisman, permeating endless civilization, and evolving many human civilization history.


A space beam of light bloomed between the heaven and the earth, the beam of light dissipated, and the handsome gray-clothed young man stood with his sword and walked slowly.

He has a magnificent appearance, sword eyebrows and eagle eyes, fierce and cold, with a green snake-like talisman carved into the center of his eyebrows, and a holy sword hovering around his waist like a dragon, his sharp edge blooms, stepping on, every step is glowing with sword aura Like a tide, like a dragon and a snake.


The space shines, and there is another girl in snow clothes who is jumping and jumping. The girl's skin is fat, green eyebrows and phoenix eyes, red lips and beautiful, delicate and slender figure reveals grace and grace.

The snow-clothed girl is holding a haunting colorful jade rabbit in her arms, and the three rabbits tremble with each other.

The girl seemed to be smiling, but in fact there was indifference and arrogance between her eyebrows that were thousands of miles away, like a proud phoenix, indifferent to everything in the world.

When she saw the grey-clothed youth next to her, she was full of disgust"If you don't come, this party will be perfect, and this lady's mood will always be better."

The young man said coldly"Then you can roll yourself first, go home and play with your rabbit, don't come here to get the eyes out."

Snow girl: "Huh? Do you dare to let this lady go?"

Sabre Youth: "So you don't understand human speech? I'm sorry, treating you as a human being is the biggest mistake I have made recently."

Boom~! The snow-clothed girl patted her jade hand horizontally, and the young man showed her posture and retreated dozens of steps.

"Stop, stop, all day long, can you stop fighting as soon as you meet."

"That's right, don't make others think that our sacred talent list will fight as soon as we meet."

"Isn't it? You guys hurry up, I suggest more efforts."

"The handsome people have entered, and the ugly people are still fighting."

" Are you finished?"

"Isn't it, brother, can this also make color?"

One after another, ridicule or joking voice echoed all around!

In the sky, there are countless space beams blooming!

A group of legendary characters came out of the space beam!

They may have picturesque eyebrows and personable demeanor, like thousands of miles of mountains and rivers in their hands.

Or like a king and overlord, the imperial driver will conquer himself, showing the meaning of the king!

Or the immortal posture is beautiful, flawless, with a smile of beauty and beauty!

Or Yuan Zhen Yue Li, with his eyes closed, there is the vision of the Ten Thousand Buddha Dynasty Sect, suppressing the demons!

Or a tiger back and a bear waist, the blood is as strong as an ancient relic, between the breath and the breath, like a storm, a dragon-like air current crushes the void!

Or the light of thunder is disillusioned, like a dragon and a snake roaming, thousands of thunder in the hands, every move, arousing the roar of the road, the situation changes suddenly!

Or carrying a holy bow, with a restrained edge, like an ascetic monk, who doesn't move, and when he moves, the universe will change color!

There were too many visions. When this group of people appeared, they became the center of heaven and earth, as if the sun, moon and stars, all lost their light, and there was an illusion that the heaven and the earth revolved around them!

This is a group of true legends! What kind of enchanting evildoer is not worth it!

Dozens of sages!

Seeing everyone had arrived, the snow-clothed girl snorted and walked into the hall holding the jade rabbit.

A graceful young man patted the gray-robed youth and smiled: "Let's go, Brother Yun, don't care about her."

The grim gray-robed youth showed a smile for the first time, nodded and said: "Okay, give you this face."

The group of saints enter the temple.

In the broken ancient temple, the brand-new dragon seat and phoenix chairs were neatly arranged, and dozens of terrifyingly powerful saints were sitting here, sitting in the temple.

All of them have arrogant faces and extraordinary temperaments, and they are not convinced by anyone. There is an atmosphere of doing things if they don't agree!

Today, it is destined to be a historic moment.

A total of one hundred and fifty saints on the list of saints gathered here! Discuss the great event of creating a prosperous age together!

There are a total of 878 nominated sages in the current sage list, and the vacant position: 122.

"Hehe, it looks like everyone is here."

At this time, the screen in the ancient temple faintly revealed a figure.

As soon as this person appeared, the rattling atmosphere in the ancient temple suddenly cooled down!

It seems that he alone has suppressed the sages present!

"Dont talk nonsense. Everyone here today knows more or less recent events. The relics of the **** emperor are opened, and the gods of the holy world have already been exhausted. Now is an unprecedented opportunity. The relics of the **** emperor only exist in legends. No matter how long the battle of the gods will take, even if it is over, it will be a wound."

"Besides, whether the gods are healing or breaking through, the end point is going to the gods."

"In other words, the gods have abandoned the holy world."

"Now, the holy realm needs a new master. Who can lead the holy realm to new heights and create a new strongest, there is only one answer, and that is us, the sacred talent list!"

The voice of the person behind the screen is very gentle and elegant, but there is an invisible and fierce war that burns into the heart of every sage!

"We unite, coordinate all the forces and forces, and build the strongest force! We have the natural sons of the Valkyrie, the strongest daughter of the Pill God, and we have the strongest background in the holy world. As long as we unite and unify the holy world, Just around the corner!"

"Any force that submits to us, all beings are equal, and everyone can practice the orange-level technique! Everyone has the right to enjoy the Holy Pill."

The gentle and elegant voice gradually became high, and the figure behind the screen slowly stood up, and a war spirit rose!

"It's up to us to clean up those humble bloodlines and kill all mundane creatures. All forces that resist us, all kill!"

"Those **** mortals who don't have the blood of a saint, all are eliminated, and all are killed!"

"Let us take charge of the human luck, and create a prosperous world with only saints! Then sweep away all races and unify the world!"

"In a prosperous age with only saints, why not destroy the so-called demons, dragons, and demons!"

"Everyone, in this world, is there anything more wonderful than being the creator of the world!"

The man behind the screen was slightly intoxicated, then smiled again.

"If someone wants to withdraw now, I won't stop it. Those who want to withdraw can leave."

In the ancient temple, all the sages were either interested, or rising in fighting spirit, or looking longing, eager to try, or expressionless, but no one got up!

All pass!

The man behind the screen laughed.

"It seems that it is confirmed. In this case, there is no problem! We join hands and no one can stop us!"

"It's time to rewrite history! I will personally create a history and civilization second only to the gods!"

"The age of the gods has passed, and now is our age!"

Holy talent list, initiate change!

An unprecedented storm will sweep the thirty-six regions of the Holy Realm!