My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1620

Vol 5 Chapter 1620: The Holy King Falls And The Thirty Six Territories Rise

Chapter 1620, the saint king falls, thirty-six territories rise!

Hundreds of sages initiate change, and they want to create a holy world with only sages.

The number of saints determines the luck of the holy world, and air luck can determine the height at which the top power can grow!

For example, "Artistic conception communicates with the spirit", there is only one artistic conception communicates with the spirit in each era in the holy world, which is limited by the luck.

And to create a holy world with only the Holy Spirit and saints, luck will reach unprecedented heights!

But the price is also obvious, to eliminate mortals!

In the eyes of a hundred sages, mortals occupy luck and do nothing. Only by coordinating luck can we create a prosperous world!

Holy realm, profound realm.

The sunset city is clear today and the sun is shining brightly.

The city was crowded with people, and today there were seven saints giving lectures, which attracted countless war emperors who wanted to enter Sunset City.

It is a rare opportunity in a thousand years to get advice from a saint, so don't miss it!

At Sunset Plaza, the seven saints sat cross-legged and gave lectures in turn.

The seventh sage Lingyue is a beautiful woman with lingering charm, indifferent and indifferent between her eyebrows, and the highest cultivation sage present.

At this time, it was Saint Lingyue who was giving the lecture, answering the questioner's question

"This is the essential difference between fighting spirit and sacred power. Before reaching the sage, it is extremely difficult to use the orange-level technique. Only a few geniuses can cross this limit."

All the war emperors and geniuses finished listening, their hearts throbbed and sighed.

Suddenly, a genius asked, "Senior Lingyue, how did the legendary sage of the rank ninety-turned and the Saint King cultivated!"

As soon as these words came out, countless eyes moved to Saint Ling Yue, full of curiosity!

Feeling the blazing gazes of everyone, the sage Lingyue on the high platform is hard to resist. He can only stand upright and solemnly, and solemnly

"The saints who have opened 81 to 90 holy caves are the open heaven realm, which should be the peak realm of the saints. Every open heaven realm is my human power. Starting from the 91 holy caves, all concentrated in the brain, A little carelessness is the end of the spiritual eucharist."

"After 90 holy caves, the difficulty of opening a holy cave is not limited to experiencing a life-and-death transformation. A holy cave is one revolution, after the 9th revolution, 99 holy caves are completed, and the 100th holy cave is complete. , Is the end of the saint."

Speaking of this, her indifferent expression rarely reveals a bit of admiration.

"Only by opening the 100th holy cave can you be called a holy king!"

"The holy king is the king of the saints. It is extremely difficult to open 100 holy caves. It is not like other holy caves that can be opened in one go. It not only requires potential, chance, background, mood and other comprehensive factors, but also controls 99 holy caves. The holy cave rushed it open step by step."

"The first time to open the 100th holy cave is the half-step holy king. Only by stepping into the half-step holy king can you accumulate and break through to the holy king!"

A cloud of cold air ice crystals floated in the palms of Saint Lingyue, which was condensed by sacred power. She pointed to the ice crystals and continued: "We are good at using pure strength dragon power units to compare the approximate power of sacred power, and one trillion dragon power, It is a power."

"After the ninth rank of the saint's cultivation base, if you want to break through the half-step holy king and become the quasi holy king, the holy cave must accumulate to the equivalent of 500,000 holy power in order to open the 100th holy cave."

Countless geniuses took a breath of air!

One trillion dragon power is already an astronomical figure for them, is this equivalent to one power?

And the Half-Step Saint King can control the sacred power equivalent to 500,000 powers!

This is simply a reference to the strong existence that extinguishes countless planes!

Saint Ling Yue continued.

"And only in the half-step Saint King realm, the 100th holy cave's holy power can be accumulated to perfection, reaching the equivalent of 1 million holy strength, can the last holy cave of the saint be completely opened!"

"Therefore, those who have a good foundation in the expansion and condensing state, as well as those who are perfectly promoted in the open sky, can reach the holy king state faster."

Holy power comparable to a million powers!

The saint king actually controls such a strong cultivation base, no wonder he is the king among saints, he deserves it!

At this time, someone joked.

"Maybe there is a monster that surpasses the Saint Talent level in this world. Before becoming a Saint King, he has controlled the Saint Power equivalent to a million powers. What will happen?"

Saint Ling Yue shook his head and laughed: "There will be no such ridiculous things. Throughout the ages, there has been no precedent..."

There are curious geniuses with open minds.

"The Holy King is so powerful, I am afraid it is eternal and immortal, right? Has anyone ever killed the Holy King in this world?"

Saint Ling Yue said indifferently: "Impossible. Except for several battles in the very remote period, there is no existence that threatens the life of the Saint King..."

Before the words were finished, there was a thundering thunder!

The sky dimmed suddenly, and the situation changed suddenly.

A breath of sullen silence rose between the heavens and the earth, and the entire sky was cracked!

Countless people felt particularly depressed in their hearts, as if something had suppressed their qi!

I saw that the crack in the sky opened a beam of blood-colored light, it looked like the sky was chopped, and the wound was split, extremely strange!

The blood-colored beam of light ran through the sky and penetrated the entire profound domain, extending infinitely, without seeing the end, all the powerful in the profound domain were clearly visible!

Saint Ling Yue's pupils shrank, panicking.

"Blood rainbow appears, the holy king is destroyed... this, this is only recorded in ancient books, the vision of the holy king's death!"


Everyone's mind exploded!

The death of the holy king? Doesn't this mean that at this moment, a holy king has fallen in the holy realm?

Lord God! That is the holy king who controls the power comparable to a million! Who can kill the holy king in this **** world!


Lingyue Saint Hua Rong turned pale, and screamed gloomily!

"In this world, there is no possibility of threatening the holy king. The holy king is immortal and eternal! It is impossible to die!"

"Could it be that the Supreme True God was born?"

Not only Sunset City, the entire Profound Domain, no, thirty-six domains, completely exploded!

The saints of the sage list have fallen, and only a few top powerhouses can perceive it.

But the fall of the holy king will affect the entire holy world!

The **** rainbow that traverses the sky and the earth traverses 36 regions, and all the forces in the holy world have set off stormy waves!

An unprecedented earthquake swept the entire holy world after countless epochs!

However, this seems to be impacting everyone's cognition, this blood rainbow vision is actually only the first!

boom! boom!

Immediately afterwards, two blood rainbows crossed the sky again!

All the strong were dumbfounded and shivered!

This...what the **** is this!

Three blood rainbows!

Doesn't this mean that three more holy kings have fallen one after another in this short period of time?

That's the **** saint king! Not the Emperor of War!

Did you make a mistake? The storyteller next door doesn't dare to blow like this!


At this time, the oppression increased again, the sky cracked, and the dark and gloomy blood ran through the sky, once again piercing the entire sky of the holy world!


Strange silence!

This is the most unified moment in the history of the Holy Realm

Because countless powerful people, countless creatures, all fell into a strange silence!

Don't talk about the 7th and 8th products!

Even if it is a force as strong as the Ninth-Rank Big Mac, all the members of the high-level have an expression like a ghost, and their teeth trembled when they looked up at the sky!

Four...Four blood rainbows!

This means that four kings have fallen!

They really want to know...

The four holy kings fell on the same day. Even Tu four kings!

This damn...Who is the **** who has this kind of strength! !