My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1621

Vol 5 Chapter 1621: Palace Lord Bai Ruoyan

Holy Kingdom, the territory of the Palace of God Flame.

After Lin Chen personally killed all the saint kings, and the aftermath of the battle, many powerful men were crushed, and the remaining martial arts and the remnants of the saint prison were simply vulnerable to everyone.

In less than a day, the enemy's remnant party was completely wiped out by Lin Chen's team, leaving only the attribute light ball!

However, Lin Chen's holy cave was exhausted, and the remaining holy power of the main holy cave and the "Taiyi holy cave" was less than one tenth.

In this battle, none of Lin Chen's servants fell!

The eighth rank forces and hidden world powerhouses who rushed to the rescue only lost four people, and the remaining were either seriously injured or partially disabled. This record is already against the sky!

Such a large-scale melee can be fully won at such a slight price, unprecedented in the history of the Holy Realm!

And Bai Ruoyan and others all turned back under the protection of the Protectorate.

At this time, they stood beside Lin Chen's team.

The opposite is the Supreme Elders of the Shenyan Palace and the chief Supreme Elder.

And Lin Chen's sacred dragon is quickly grabbing the massive ball of attribute light after the war!

The clone is responsible for refining and absorbing attribute values.

This mass of attribute light balls, only the attribute light **** dropped by Lin Chen before turning on the [God Killer] talent, have growth attributes.

The God Killer talent has shortcomings. After its turned on, the attribute light orbs dropped by killing enemies will be reduced, and the growth-type light orbs will not be dropped.

Such as: Holy Essence, Qi and Blood, Top Elemental Energy, etc. These are all growth attribute values, which will only drop before the talent is activated.

However, Lin Chen's attribute light ball is still far more than any previous one!

Lin Chenyun smiled lightly"Chief elder, what I said just now is countable. I don't want to continue to hammer you, an old senior, in front of Sister Ruoyan."

The chief elder's willow eyebrows trembled, this kid really owed his words! The most annoying thing is that she has nothing to do with him!

From her vision, Lin Chen should not be able to use the kind of strength just now against the sky in a short time.

At least, it is impossible to punch a holy king.

But his team still has enough deterrence!

On the left and right, there is a kendo, swordsman saint king, and a painful disaster who controls his own power.

These three alone are enough for the current Shenyan Palace to drink a pot. It is impossible to call back the ancestors of the Shenyan Palace who have seen the dragons but not the end. No one can call those old guys.

If the Hufatang and Shangguan Jue are willing to help in the battle, the problem is that the Hufatang is also facing them!

The chief elder sighed: "Speaking counts, here you are!"

With a wave of her bare hand, a beam of lingering flames shot from her!

Bai Ruoyan stretched out his hand to catch it. It was a scepter, four feet long, red and golden, with a swaying red flame burning with an inexplicable pressure.

"This is my old lady's Sacred Scepter. Generally speaking, Sacred Scepter will not be directly handed over to the Palace Master. Those who possess the Sacred Scepter have the highest decision-making power over the Palace of Sacred Flame. They can ignore the decision of the Presbyterian Church. ...Hehe, there is no elders' council in the Shenyan Palace now, so take it."

The chief elder sighed deeply, Bai Ruoyan was ready to speak, and the other party raised his hand: "Ruoyan Nizi, the old lady can see that you are in the Divine Flame Palace, and you have enough talent."

"If Wu Pianjue's conditions were not large enough, you must be the next palace owner of the Shenyan Palace, but everything is a story. If you can't join the grand plan of the sacred talent list, the old lady hopes that the Shenyan Palace can survive. It's a disaster."

Bai Ruoyan nodded earnestly, "Ruoyan must do his best."

The chief elder had just finished speaking. At this moment, Venerable Law Protector Lan Jingyu stood up and held his fists slightly at the chief elder and all the elders.

"Elder, take care of you for many years. Jingyu is unforgettable. For the kindness of the former palace lord, Jingyu has repaid his own question, and the patron saint Homiya Taki has nothing to say. This time, Jingyu is forgiven for his life."

The chief elder shook his palm, his breath trembled slightly, and his expression was solemn"Jingyu, you..."

Lan Jingyu nodded: "Yes, I want to remove the position of Venerable Dharma Protector."

The expressions of the elders of the Supreme Master have changed!

A saint king means the pillar of the Jiupin sect!

No power in the holy realm can lose a holy king lightly!

"Oh...oh! That's it, that's all!"

The chief elder seemed to be much older, and a pale touch appeared in the tips of his pretty face, and he sighed and waved his hand.

"The old guy told me before he left, that you can't restrain you. If you really want to leave, the old man will not force you."

The arrogance of a holy king, she knew very well that if he wants to leave, no one can stay.

Lan Jingyu didn't say anything, but just nodded slightly. When he turned to look at Lin Chen and the others, his eyes were complicated, and he disappeared when he stepped on the void.

Lin Chen shrugged, "I said, "Why do you lose all your faces? Isn't it just a protector of the law? It's a big deal. This handsome guy is forced to be, because of my handsomeness and strength, being a protector of the law is of course not ?"

Everyone: "..."

Shangguan Jue rolled his eyes and laughed jokingly: "Does your boy have all the hair? You still want to be a protector of the Dharma. I can't ignore these words."

Lin Chen: "Huh? Are you teaching me to do things?"

Shangguan Jue: "Teached, how about it. My old lady must not only teach, but also do it!"

When the two were fighting, Jiang Taixu slowly stepped forward and smiled calmly.

"Don't worry, with the Lords temperament and Miss Ruoyans friendship, as long as the Shenyan Palace is indifferent, our team will be part of the Shenyan Palace in the future, and..."

Jiang Taixu smiled mysteriously: "Furthermore, we still have an existence here who is about to become a ninth-rank saint-level pharmacist. It is not impossible to rejuvenate the elders back then, but it depends on your performance. Now, these are the original words of the lord..."

As soon as this remark came out, the elders were overjoyed!

Pill Saint of Good Fortune, swim to life!

If he takes action, it is really possible to heal their old wounds!

However, the elders have mixed feelings. The two sides were desperate enemies before, and now they are turning enemies into friends...

Jiang Taixu and You Wangsheng smiled knowingly, this is the result they want.

Do both soft and hard, instead of just forcing each other to unite with them.

The persecution of a Ninth-Rank sect will eventually lay the roots of curse. If the two sides cannot stand on the same line of interest, it may happen when something happens.

The representatives of the three Ninth-Rank sects who had witnessed this scene from beginning to end, as well as those hidden old monsters who wanted to join the sage list to score a big pie, had to withdraw in a desperate manner.

Since Shenyan Palace has joined forces with Lin Chen and others, then they have the meaning of staying here!

"Oh, little friend Lin Chen..."

The old man Wuji transmits the sound through the air Lin Chen

Lin Chen turned around, holding a fist in the air.

"Senior, what advice do you have."

The old man Wuji looked at him solemnly, "What happened today means that you will alarm the Ninth-Rank forces in the whole Holy Realm, and the actions of some forces will intensify, and you will become the target of everyone!"