My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1622

Vol 5 Chapter 1622: Retreat? Withdraw A Fart What This Handsome Wants Is To Punch To The End

"The target of the crowd?" Lin Chen smiled casually: "What the predecessor said, but the sage?"

The old man Wuji said: "Yes, not just."

Lin Chen's laughter conveyed an extremely strong confidence: "If they don't come to provoke me, it's okay. If they dare to come, I will all fall down!"

The old man Wu Ji said-"The change in the sacred talent list is just a fuse, and there may be even greater omens that will appear in the future. All races cannot avoid it, even with the combat power you have shown now or just now. The effect within the tribulation is also very small."

"I'm afraid that before the omen arrives, you will be consumed first. Just do it for yourself, the old man has never changed anything, just a bystander..."

Lin Chen's eyes are squinted, or there will be a great omen in the Holy Realm?

Lin Chen hugged, "Thank you seniors for your advice. I, Lin, have always been indifferent to life and death, and do whatever he doesn't agree with. Those who want to come will come, and those who want to fight will always have to fight, there is nothing to be afraid of."

The old man Wuji nodded, and then took a deep look at Jiang Taixu, who was faint, respectful and humble.

Then, the old man Wuji took the two little girls next to him, walked away and disappeared.


A shadow appeared on the horizon, distorting the void, and it was the little shadow that brought the shadow clan elders and flew to the sky.

Little Shadow said: "Brother, we have to go too."

Lin Chen nodded and smiled: "You should have a lot of important things in the Shadow Race, it's okay, go back and work hard."

After finishing speaking, Lin Chen turned around and gave respectful fists to the shadow clan elders behind Lin Can, "I have nothing to remember for my help today. If there is any trouble with the shadow clan in the future, I hope the elders don't hesitate to say hello."

Lin Chen knew that if there was no help from the Shadow Clan, Lin Chen would have to use the "Four God of War" and [Ultimate Sky Rebellion] in advance in order to deal with Yin Tianzi and Haotian Saint King, and the effect would never be effective. Perfect as it is now.

In addition, the Shadow Clan had a great contribution to intercepting the escape of the Saint Prison, the Martial Family, and other strong men. Without these two points, it is still unknown who will die in this battle.

The headed Nine Elders laughed and said: "Hahaha, with your words, our battle will not be in vain! In the future, the Shadow Race will have to be your help."

The little shadow on the side nodded: "Brother, although I still want to stay by your side and fight with you, the Shadow Race is not yet unified..."

Lin Chen's expression suddenly became solemn, and he looked at Little Shadow: "You absorbed that guy, did you leave any sequelae?"

Xiao Yingying shook his head, "No, not only not, and even the shortcomings that I consume too much and have to take a lot of pills have been overcome to a minimum. I am less dependent on pills."

"That's good"

However, Lin Chen was not completely relieved, "Take my spiritual jade slip and crush it if something happens. As long as I am not facing a critical moment of life or death, I can take care of you at any time."

Lin Chen handed a spiritual jade slip to Little Shadow

What is Lin Chen worried about?

No, he is on guard!

Beware of a long-dead Tuosheng!

Lin Chen may be the only person in the world who has seen Tuoshengs "Ancient Autobiographical Book". Tuosheng is not the kind of person who idles the clouds and wild cranes. On the contrary, he is quite ambitious, has the ambition to dominate the Holy Realm and terrible patience!

This kind of heroic character who changed his fate against the sky, like the Holy King Vast Sky, can do anything to achieve his goal!

When he knew that Tuosheng had engraved on Little Shadow's body to specifically restrain the ultimate shadow's killing move, Lin Chen felt a little abnormal.

If Sage Tuo left behind on Little Shadow before his death, the consequences would be disastrous.

"Well, goodbye, big brother! When I become the Innate Shadow King, I will help you fight the enemy together!"

Xiao Yingying accepted Lin Chen's spiritual jade slip, smiled and nodded, bidding farewell to everyone.

Everyone and even the elders of the Shadow Clan did not notice that when Xiao Shadow left, his jade-like dragon pupils passed a trace of monster blood...

Lin Chen looked at the camp of the Divine Flame Palace again, his eyes fell on the Divine Flame Palace Master, who should be said to be the previous Palace Master. The current Divine Flame Palace Master is Bai Ruoyan.

The former palace lord Shangguan Yanran, because of the heavy burden of mental training, her face and body shape has remained the same as the girls face and appearance. It has not changed. Standing with Bai Ruoyan is more like a sister, and the chief elder is also The same is true.

Lin Chen said: "Senior Palace Master, regarding the reconstruction of Shenyan Palace, I plan to move Shenyan Palace to Qiyu..."

Shangguan smiled: "Now your Ruoyan is the speaker of the Shenyan Palace, you can do whatever you want."

Do what you want? Lin Chen smiled evilly, then gave a thumbs up.

"Quickly, I like to talk to people like the palace lord, so I decided unanimously to remove all the branch halls of the Holy King's Domain. The Shenyan Palace continues the tradition. No male disciples are needed. Give it to the Protectorate, and leave all reforms to Sister Ruoyan, who of you has an opinion."

Lin Chen looked at the thousands of core true female disciples of Shenyan Palace, and they nodded unanimously without any doubt.

Then, Lin Chen looked at his servant team, now it is a mighty force! Almost any area in the Holy Realm is a level of walking sideways!

"I, Lin Chen, are grateful for your support. Whether you follow us or not is your choice. Not to mention, everyone's injuries and cultivation bases. I, Lin Chen, will definitely do my best to treat and break through. For the breakthrough!"

Hearing this, the Eight-Rank forces and the Hidden World Powerhouse who came to the aid were ecstatic!

You Wangsheng smiled helplessly, and got busy. Come on, I have to call an old friend to help form a team to make alchemy.

Lin Chen looked at the four brothers in Jiehai, "There are also four friends who died in this war. If they have any family members, they must take care of them!"

"Yes! I will do my best to search!"

At this time, You Wangsheng said: "Master, Fei Wushuang's injury has stabilized, thanks to Miss Scarlet..."

After listening to what Jiang Taixu said, Lin Chen looked at Scarlet Fairy with surprise, she bloomed delicately, and smiled sweetly: "You owe me a favor."

"It seems that Scarlet Fairy has many secrets, but now is not the time to explore. Since she can take the risk of exposure and treat Wushuang, it proves that she trusts me enough, and there will be opportunities for her to speak..."

Lin Chen put away his thoughts and looked around the audience.

At this time, the chief elder of the Divine Flame Palace waved his sleeves, and the Divine Flame Giant Gate appeared again, and the Supreme Elders returned to the unique retreat plane of the Divine Flame Palace.

As long as Bai Ruoyan has the Divine Flame Scepter, he can open the Divine Flame Giant Gate at any time to allow the elders to appear again.

Jiang Taixu respectfully clasped his fists--"Master, then we should retreat next. The Holy King's Domain has changed, and the old man has sensed that many powerful men have been born, and many of them are Saint King-level giants."

Lin Chen smiled suddenly, "Retreat, take a fart!"

Lin Chen laughed wildly, full of madness!

"Next we go to the holy prison, since we want to do it, we will do it to the end!"

"In this battle, you dont have any holy weapons, so you fought very awkwardly. In that case, this commander is going to stab him to the end. Lets go and poke the holy prison thoroughly! Take back all the holy tools that the holy prison seized before. !"

The mouths of the people in the Shenyan Palace twitched...

Even the servants were dumbfounded.

My mother, this lord has never played a card according to the routine!

If you don't withdraw, you will backhand to hammer him a wave of holy prison?

too strong

Lin Pingan's eyes shine!

Is there another fight?