My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1623

Vol 5 Chapter 1623: Come From Wu Family.

"However, I am not a devil."

Lin Chen smiled innocently--"The injured person will return to the strange land first, and those who consume more than 50% of the holy power will also leave first. Converge at the originally planned location and wait and see the situation temporarily..."

Then, Lin Chen looked at the servants on the nineteenth floor including Long Jiushan, Ji Wuchen, and Fang Ling.

"This time, we are an elite unit. Tai Xu is responsible for the evacuation of the entire team. We will also sit behind the team when we die. You two will not be used. All the rest of Rank Nine Peak Cultivation will be on top, and the others will go back and wait."

"In name, we are regaining the sacred artifacts. In fact, we are going to grab the **** holy prison! I heard that the treasures of the holy prison are on the first floor, so we will go to the first floor this time!"

Lin Chen jokingly smiled: "This handsome guy can't do anything, but his mother will grab it!"

Rob the holy prison?

The true biography and protectors of Shenyan Palace are all dumbfounded!

Even Shangguan Jue's red lips were slightly opened, and the shock was fiery and charming.

This handsome is out of the way!

In this situation, shouldn't it be a retreat, an inventory of the spoils, and a wave of hidden cultivation for a hundred and eighty years, and then forming a powerful force to save the world?

Can you be normal once? Brother Chen!

Shangguan Jue couldn't help saying: "You kid isn't crazy, right? Do you know how much protection the first layer of the holy prison has, and the holy king of the holy prison is more than the two you killed!"

"Once the remaining Saint Kings return, your current team is not a level that can easily be dealt with!"

The holy prison once belonged to the gods, and the first layer of the holy prison even left behind the gods!

Although she didn't know how Lin Chen sneaked into the holy prison, she Shangguan Jue can be sure that Lin Chen must have not passed the first level.

If you forcibly break into the first level, it is impossible without the true god's cultivation base!

Even if Lin Chen punched a saint king, he couldn't beat the true god's means. These were two completely different levels!

Bai Ruoyan said helplessly: "Master, let him go, don't you understand his temperament?"

Lin Chen smiled and said: "I said I want to rob him of the Holy Prison, so I must rob him!"

Shangguan Jue helped the forehead.

This time, Shenyan Palace moved the palace to Qiyu and needed a lot of manpower to help. She, the only Venerable Law Protector, could not leave.

If not, she also wants to see how sure Lin Chen is to rob the Holy Prison...

The whole of the Shenyan Palace began to move up and down, mainly responsible for moving away the cultivation secrets of the Shenyan Palace.

The precious details of the Nine-Rank Sect are all placed in unique spatial planes. As long as the spatial planes are not destroyed, everything is a small problem. It takes only a few months to rebuild the Divine Flame Palace.

Although this great battle has caused a certain accumulation of injuries to Lin Chen's team, it has also made them infinitely useful.

In particular, a group of Rank 8 peaks and Rank 9 saints, their fighting spirit vented out, and all the accumulation broke out once, and I faintly felt that after another retreat, perhaps the cultivation base would go further!

Ye Qingwu said boringly: "Oh, this time I am out of my share. This guy has improved so fast, he is really a monster, he can't even go to the theater."

At this moment, Ye Lixue of Yejia walked to Lin Chen

Ye Lixue said: "Lin Chen... can I ask you for one thing."

Lin Chen was curious: "Auntie, but it doesn't matter."

Ye Lixue's lips slightly opened, and she secretly transmitted to Lin Chen

At the end of her speech, she even grabbed Lin Chen's arm and burst into tears, poignantly beautiful.

The Little Demon Empress was startled, did my mother say that she wanted to tell him about it?

" Yejia, you can count as helping Qingwu this time. This is my lifelong request. Please help me end this nightmare!"

The sobbing of the stunning beauty made Lin Chen take a deep breath!

"A sage in the knife domain who controls luck..."

His gaze looked at the Little Demon Empress, whose heart was throbbing, and he staggered Lin Chen's gaze, guilty of not daring to face Lin Chen's gaze.

"There is such an important thing, the little fairy is still hiding it from me. It seems that he doesn't want to drag me into the water."

Lin Chen suddenly smiled and said: "Even if he is in the top 10 of the sacred talent list, I will hammer him! My friendship with Qingwu, aunt can rest assured. This is a favor, I can help!"

Ye Lixue's always indifferent and impermanent eyes showed a new look for the first time, like the cold of a melting glacier in the morning.

"Mother, why did you tell him! Didn't I say that I didn't blame you for what you did for me..."

The Little Demon Empress floated over, her face slightly angry.

Lin Chen suddenly smiled: "You didn't tell me about such a big thing, little fairy, it seems you didn't treat me as a friend."

"I don't want to mess with you! Besides, you have to fight the God Flame Palace before. Is this lady the kind of person who causes you trouble!"

Ye Qingwu gave Lin Chen a white look.

Lin Chen turned around and waved.

"Be with Auntie during this time..."

Looking at the distant back of Lin Chen, the Little Demon Empress sighed slightly, after all, she was involved...

When the army began to leave, the people selected by Lin Chen stayed behind.

This time, Lin Chen selected the servants on the nineteenth floor, except for the wounded Fei Wushuang and Jiang Taixu, who ensured the safety of the Divine Flame Palace, to swim to life, all the others were dispatched!

And the seven peaks of Rank Nine on the eighteenth floor!

This team is Lin Chen's top combat power, Lin Pingan from outside, and Lin Chen!

The lineup is worthy of any domain in the holy world!

"Although the Holy King's Domain is not too far away from the Holy Prison, this time we are going to enter from the dark space secret path. Use the main power in the Holy Prison, and don't be consumed by useless battles."

Lin Chen exhorted everyone: "In this operation, the three of you in the Saint King Realm should save as much as possible to avoid sneak attacks by the holy prison gang of Lao Yinbi. What happens, Qi Feiyan and Shangguan Wudi will lead the battle."

Lin Ping'an muttered, "Why do you take the lead and ask me to wait behind."

Lin Chen said solemnly: "Because of you, Ju Neng Fight is also the strongest. Not every painful disaster is called Ju Neng Fight. The strongest should be on the stage when it is the most dazzling. What do you think is my peace? ?"

Lin Ping An: "...huh, you know it!"

The servants: "..."

This lord really has a way of coaxing little girls, and he is not a girls heart arsonist...

After the decision was made, everyone set off.

Lin Chen couldn't take care of counting the gains of this war, so he could only count the results on the road.

If everyone can get back the holy artifacts of fame back then, their strength can at least increase by 20 to 30%! Especially the two holy kings Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun, that is like a tiger with more wings!

"Shuilong Dao PalaceQuick Formation!"

"Move the star, jump!"

A water dragon roared, turned out to be, carrying everyone wandering in the void. Immediately afterwards, a series of Avenues of Stars stretched down from the endless void, leading directly to another world outside the space channel!

It was Zi Qianshou and Xiao Ling'er that had full firepower, and they escorted Lin Chen and others to the blue sky!

After the next day-


Shengwei is vast as the sea, and several figures are hovering in the sky above the territory of the former Divine Flame Palace.

Turns out to be a strong man in the martial family, and the old man headed by Zhizhu is in control, as if he has seen through the world, he is a strong man in the Saint King realm!

Moreover, it is still a holy king comparable to the chief elder of the Shenyan Palace! Real old monster!