My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1624

Vol 5 Chapter 1624: Chaos Times

"Ancestor, can't be wrong! Admiral Weiyang, just fell here! Died in the hands of that guy named Lin Chen!"

"Rumors from other Ninth-Rank sects say that his team already has two saint kings, and a painful calamity no less than saint kings. If we fight again, our martial familys current background will have to pay painful cost!"

The three martial artists were worried. This all-out battle has completely announced the strength of Lin Chen's team. Not to mention that the whole Saint Realm knows, at least the eighth, ninth, and none of the top forces will fall back!

The headed martial arts elder wore sackcloth, and the clouds were light and breezy, as if there was a wise bead in his hands, his holy eyes were full of strength and determination, he was yet another martial sage!

He received the news a few days ago that he was in retreat, and he rushed to him immediately after he exited the retreat. He was still a step late!

The old ancestor of the Wu family smiled awe-inspiringly: "Hehe, this son must pay a price. Since he challenged the Divine Flame Palace, and the Divine Flame Palace has returned to him, then we will find another ally."

Several elders were taken aback, allies?

"Didn't he break through the holy prison? Those guys who recently followed the gods to spy on the outer galaxies of the divine emperor's ruins are probably coming back. They definitely won't let Lin Chen go!"

"Go to the Holy Prison and join forces to deal with Lin Chen! Go!"

The words of the ancestors of the Wu family made the three elders full of worries.

Based on the painful disaster of Lin Chen's team, wanting to challenge them is already extremely difficult and extremely difficult. Even if they really kill them, they have to pay a fatal price!

The painful disaster spirit body that can freely control its own power is so terrible...

The ancestor of the Wu family seemed to see through the minds of the elders and said calmly: "Although the painful disaster is terrible, she does not mean that she can be stronger than our great Valkyrie!"

The three elders are horrified!

"Ancestor, could it be that you want to use the blood of God?"

" it too emotional, this is when our family is forced to..."

The old ancestor of the Wu family said without salty or indifferent--"Then tell the old man what is meant to be forced, wait until the enemy hits our door, and wait until the enemy has wiped out our people."

The three elders were silent.

"The son of the Valkyrie was killed, and the elder Wu Weiyang died. He couldn't even escape with a trace of mental power. It also made my Valkyrie family lose more than half of the elite. If this hatred is not reported, others really think our Valkyrie family is muddled!"

The ancestors of the Wu family waved his sleeves, "Go, go to the holy prison! Let's discuss the crusade against Lin Chen!"

The trump card of the Valkyrie family, the killer's legacy left by the Valkyrie, one of them is in the hands of this ancestor!


Seven days later, the sects above the seventh rank of the Holy Realm took the lead in rolling up an unprecedented earthquake!

The first is the "Genesis" alliance proposed by a hundred sages!

Anyone who joins the Genesis Alliance and sacrifices their lives to loyalty to the Alliance, everyone can practice the orange-level technique, and everyone can enjoy the supply of the Holy Pill, but the premise is that they must have the blood of a saint and pass the assessment!

The emergence of the Genesis Alliance shocked the entire holy world!

This alliance is governed by a hundred sages, and there are more than ten Ninth-Rank sects, who have already announced that they have joined the Genesis alliance and become a supportive force of Keqing!

An alliance formed by more than ten Ninth-Rank sects? This is simply unimaginable! It can be called the invincible power heritage in the history of the holy world!

The second is the great event of the Saint Kingdom that shocked ancient and modern China and abroad!

Is collectively referred to by the world: the fallen battle!

Throughout the ages, for the first time a character who dared to challenge the Nine-Rank Sect appeared, and the challenge was successful!

Not only that, the scope of this war also encompasses the holy prison and the Valkyrie family!

The son of the age of the holy world has been born! As soon as he was present, he rushed to the peak of present history!

It turned out that the vision of the Fall of the Holy King that appeared some time ago turned out to be true!

Four Saint King Realm powerhouses really fell, and they all died in the hands of one person!

With their own power, they singled out three giant forces and still achieved a full victory. They even killed the four great sage kings and killed a cloudy son who was comparable to the sacred king!

This son is not a saint, but it is better than the list of saints!

It is Lin Chen who is currently number one in the enchanting list, the titled **** of heaven!

These two pieces of heavy news are like earth-shattering bombs, exploding 90% of the hidden bosses and giants of the Holy Realm into the world!

All the strong have a sense of suffocation of "the rain is coming and the wind is all over the building, and the black cloud is pressing the city to destroy the city"!

The holy world is going to change!

The latest news is from the fifth-grade sect or above. It will take some time for the bottom forces to receive the message.

All circles of the Profound Realm--

"Genesis turned out, and the sacred talent list is about to take over the holy world!"

"Does these hundred sacred talents represent the will of the sacred talent list? What are the other sacred talents doing, why not stop them!"

"There is no absolute justice in this world. Even if other sages don't join, they are not interested in provoke them..."

"As far as the sacred talent list is concerned, those of us with weak cultivation base who don't even have a holy realm are the small fish and shrimps under the huge waves. It is not worth mentioning. No one will fight for us..."

Every family in the Ice Territory

"What the **** is going on, don't the gods care about it?"

"Only our Ice Territory, more than 1,200 third-rank sects have been destroyed recently!"

"Anyone who doesn't obey orders will directly kill, Genesis Alliance, it's too terrifying..."

"Why don't we join the Genesis Alliance? There are pills to take, there are exercises to take, and you can practice while lying down. Isn't he fragrant?"

"It turns out that your ideal is to be a dog. It's enough to wag your tail and ask for a mouthful to eat. I'm sorry to treat you like a human just now."

"You scold again!"

"Hey hey hey... They said that as long as the first generation of the Saint's direct blood is added, then... what should we do if we don't have the blood of Saints!"

Thousands of Sects in the Flame Domain

"No... Human race shouldn't be like this. Is it enough for everyone to practice the same technique and walk the same path like a puppet?"

"No, our human race shouldn't live in this way! Walking in a big way is a hundred flowers blooming. It's right to seek common ground while reserving differences!"

"I have a heart, but I am forced to become a devil in the world, nothing more, join the resistance!"

"Fight against the Genesis Alliance! We are not running dogs!"

Heavenly Sanctuary, many seventh-rank families and eight-rank sects

"They want to dominate the luck and lifeline of the holy world, and want to be the master of this holy world!"

"Who can compete with the Genesis Alliance?"

"Maybe it's only him, Lin Chen!"

"Can he?"

"No, maybe he can't do it either... the sages are all together, Lin Chen can't beat them..."

"Flee, there is no future for such a holy world..."

"Nine-Rank Sects, why dont the other Nine-Rank sects stop them? Are they not the founding forces of the Holy Realm? At this critical moment, where are the Ninth-Rank giants who praised merits in the past?"

"It is better to rely on others than on yourself, and act on your own."

Countless different voices erupted from all areas of the Holy Realm, officially ushering in a chaotic period that has never been seen in history!