My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1625

Vol 5 Chapter 1625: Is Going To Burst Again?

Countless voices were emitted in all areas of the holy world, or they resisted, or were silent, or left in the opposite direction, and so on.

After the birth of the Genesis Alliance, the situation intensified, the arrows were drawn, and finally the melee of 36 domains started!

Those who returned to the Genesis Alliance and the Resistance Alliance started a melee of different scales in various regions!

The Genesis Alliance acted quickly, had a large-scale organization, and had consistent action goals. It was almost the first time that they chose to seize and control the top forces in each domain.

Either the eighth-rank and seventh-rank forces of each domain were drawn in by the way of wooing, or those who disobeyed, directly suppressed and killed!

This forms a spider web-like form to cast the web, and the powerful of the Genesis Alliance instigates a large number of forces to become their minions every time they go to a domain!

However, there is a region, but it is the Genesis Alliance that cannot penetrate into it!

That is, Qiyu! !

Holy Prison, the first secret room.

"We just came back, how do you do things!"

In the void, an endless holy power came down in anger! The sense of oppression of the powerful saint prisoners suddenly increased!

"Back... back to the two adults, we can't stop the two sage kings, they insist on fighting against Lin Chen and others. They say that every minute is a matter of time, and they should not be allowed to breathe time... We, we can't stop them. Two adults..."

The prison guard stationed on the first floor trembles with a weeping face.

They are indeed wronged, if the two great kings want to act, how can they stop it.

Moreover, with the combat power and lineup that were brought out of the holy prison at that time, it is completely possible to take down those escaped criminals. What I never expected is that they have recovered to their heyday, and even the holy kings have appeared two!

In terms of stepping back 10,000 steps, even if Lin Chen and his party can't be taken, the Heavenly Feather Saint King and Raksha Saint King are sitting here, and want to lead everyone to retreat easily. Who knows that there will be shadow clan to help.

Moreover, the most unexpected thing was Lin Chen! He is an unexpected variable in the holy prison, and he has done all the holy kings!

"Hehe, it has already happened. You don't need to be so angry. No one can predict the result. We can't make a choice after seeing the result."

"Even the two of them died there..."

"The other party controlled the assassin that killed the Saint King. I heard that it was Lin Chen. It seems that we have to wait for the big brother and them all to return."

"This child is too dangerous, you must get rid of it!"

The endless holy prison space echoed with a cold and solemn voice.

Holy Prison, start to concentrate!


Genesis Alliance Headquarters

Holy King's Domain, the North, the Temple of Heaven!

Outside the giant hall, there are thousands of strongmen from the Open Heaven realm stationed here, an unprecedented guarding force!

In the center of the Extreme Heaven Hall, hundreds of powerful people gathered, and there were also eight half-step holy kings, and the number of holy kings was unknown!

Each and every one of them is extraordinary, and the magnificent sages are reading the information brought back by the nine great sages who participated in the Conferred God Ceremony.

"Singlely against the nine people including Qian Yingxue and Fang Xietian, and robbed the sons of the age on the 19th floor of the holy prison, and defeated the holy kings of all roads in the holy prison?"

"It turns out that the vision of the fall of a saint some time ago is true, and Wu Pianjue died!"

"Wu Pian is definitely one of the cores of our change. This son simply doesn't put our sage list in the eyes!"

"Wait, wait! The information says he killed four Saint King powerhouses with one punch?"

"Are you **** kidding me?"

In the entire Jitian Temple, the expressions of all the sages are dumbfounded, they are all very wonderful!

No one thought that when they started their changes, such a dark horse would be born!

At this time, a beautiful shadow stood up, it was Qian Yingxue who had just recovered from his injury.

She carried a war gun on her back, bravely and slowly said.

"I, Qian Yingxue, announced my withdrawal from the alliance."

The always rebellious'Da Ri Tianzi', Yun Potian, actually stood up, and said in a serious way-"I will also withdraw."

The beautiful Nangongyue also said: "I, Nangongyue, quit."

Jue Tianyan stood up and waved, "I won't stop doing it! Damn, I don't want to meet this kid again!"

The nine great sages who fought with Lin Chen that day, after presenting their intelligence, all chose to quit!

Many sages immediately looked at the nine who left with disdain or sneer.

The nine great sages didn't care at all, and turned and left. These guys, pretentious, are used to it.

Nangongyue sighed in her heart: "These guys didn't feel the oppression of Lin Chen at all. This is a monster dressed in the appearance of a teenager! It's all secrets, it really fights, and he can change lives with the saint at any time!"

Only those who have really fought Lin Chen know how terrifying this guy is!

Ningla Yama, don't mess with Lin Chen!

After the nine people left--

"Hmm... really a tricky guy."

In the Temple of Heaven, behind the screen, an illusory figure held the jade slip, closed it, and continued.

"This Lin Chen is indeed a stranger. And judging from the information they brought back, it is not the type that will cooperate with us, it is a hard bone."

"Indeed, judging from the vision on that day, the possibility of him slaughtering the four kings may be due to some hole cards. This kind of super killer move is impossible to use again in a short period of time. Yes, I won't even use it for the second time in my life, otherwise the Holy Realm will belong to Lin Chen..."

The figure behind the screen laughed and said-"Hahaha, interesting, I met such an interesting character from the beginning. The Genesis Alliance needs to show enough strength to deter all parties. It just so happens that this whetstone is here! Crisis is also an opportunity!"

A celestial and beautiful female sage smiled gracefully: "The son of the prince means to kill the chicken and the monkey?"

The man behind the screen smiled awe-inspiringly.

"Well, that's right! We still need Liwei, so we will start with them first. Ordered to go down, search for news about Lin Chen, and all the people related to him will be uprooted!"

"Genesis Alliance, first suppressed him Lin Chen! First show our strength in the Holy Realm!"


"Ah tweeted!"

Lin Chen sneezed and touched the tip of his nose: "How do you feel that someone says I'm handsome from behind? Is it because the director finally thinks that my face is better than him and feels unwilling?"

After the Great War of Saint Kings, many of the remaining martial arts remnants and holy prison remnants were destroyed by Lin Chen's swords and heads, and a large wave of attribute values were used to make Lin Chen's holy dragon rush to 70,000. Power mark!

The dragon veins in the body are transformed into a new appearance! Each dragon vein is glowing with red golden dragon breath.

At this time, everyone sat cross-legged on the backs of the formation water dragon, adjusting their breath with peace of mind.

The distance between the Saint King Territory and the Cang Territory is particularly far away, and it will take a while to reach the space magic that is as strong as Xiao Ling'er.

During this period, Lin Chen and the servants were seizing the time to recuperate and regenerate their lives, taking holy pills or refining massive gold holy coins to restore holy power.

However, Lin Chen's holy cave was recovering at an extremely fast speed, and his seven clones were refining gold sacred yuan coins for him in the Qi Yun planting bag, which was extremely efficient.

While Lin Chen was counting the spoils this time, the holy cave was roaring with the erupting holy light!

Lin Chen was taken aback: "Well, the accumulation is close to the limit again, and the holy cave is about to burst!"