My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1626

Vol 5 Chapter 1626: What's The Situation? ?

After experiencing the previous great war, even after the [God Killer] state is turned on, no growth-type attribute light orbs will be dropped, but the number that can be dropped before opening is quite large. Lin Chen's 46 holy caves of desire burst open!

The current state and situation are not the time to explode!

"Taiyi FutianFeng!"

Lin Chen Jieyin, and the movement of his mind immediately sealed the holy cave, and his holy power was exhausted.

The hole is closed.

"It can only be sealed up first, now it's bursting, and the state is not good."

Lin Chen turned on the system at a thought.

[Tiandao genus system version 8.0

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Middle Stage of Holy Realm Five Layers-Holy Level Essence: 665.5 million points.

Ultimate strength: 48000 power (husk awakening + 300%)-holy blood: 584 million points

Saint-level spiritual power: 990,000 points (Spiritual Primordial SpiritHalf-Step Primordial Spirit Realm Peak)

Saint-level skill essence: 690,000 points-Saint-level rune energy: 680,000 points-top heaven value: 910,000 points

Top talent points: 760,000 points-suit essence: 2.870 billion points.

Intermediate enhancement points: 5.2 billion points.

Holy elemental energy: 11800 points in the fire system, 11790 points in the earth system, 11880 points in the wood system, 11777 points in the gold system, 11980 points in the water system, 11690 points in the thunder system, 11780 points in the wind system, 11770 points in the light system, 11750 points in the dark system.

Set column: Golden Ares set (not complete).

Talent Bar-Bloodline Status Bar-Gong Method Status Bar-

Life Awakening Bar-Special Moves Bar-Characteristic Rune Bar-

Deity column: idolsshards of deity (can be activated by consuming heaven and blood power of the host)]

"My grass! I stabbed the property den?"

Lin Chen took a breath.


A real leap!

After this battle, Lin Chen's non-growth attribute value increased tens of thousands of times!

What is the concept of tens of thousands of times! The intermediate enhancement points alone are 5.2 billion!

The element attribute value has soared tens of thousands of times due to the killing of Yin Tian Zi!

Lin Chen: "...Once, in the face of strengthening, I only promised, now, I strike out!"

In the past, hundreds of thousands of intermediate strengthening points strengthened the bloodline of Shenlong, which made Lin Chen stop.

However, now that he has 5.2 billion points, he can try to hit a higher [Enhancement Level].

Lin Chen, who used to have only a few hundred points for his saint-level cultivation technique, now has 690,000 points! The top Heavenly Dao value has reached a terrifying 910,000 points, a direct increase of hundreds of thousands of times!

The attribute value of the growth class is hundreds of times!

However, what the system shows is not only the attribute value, but also Lin Chen recently obtained the attribute treasure chest

[The host obtains the God of War treasure chest, and after opening it, you will obtain: The sixth piece of the God of War set-the ultimate helmet design (the final piece).

[The host obtains a treasure chest of talent attributes and opens it to obtain: Orange-level Intermediate Active TalentTransform Shadow. (The host can consume talent points and swap space positions with the designated target. It has a cooling time, and the cooling time depends on the opponent's cultivation base).

[The host gets a treasure chest of talent attributes and opens it to obtain: a mandatory upgrader for the orange talent. (In the host's designated talent, it can be forcibly upgraded to an orange rank talent, the talent ability is transformed, and the talent effect is greatly improved.)]

[The host gets the talent attribute treasure chest, open it to obtain: Orange-level intermediate permanent talentGodkiller. (Permanent God Killer, once activated will consume a large number of talent points, and has a cooling time. The cooling time depends on the strength of the boost. The stronger the boost the talent brings to the host, the longer the cooling time.)]

[The host gets a treasure chest of exercises, and after opening it, you will get: Orange-level top exercises fragments (1/3)]

[The host obtains a treasure chest of exercise characteristics. After opening it, you will obtain: Orange-level top-level exercise fragments (2/3). After collecting the complete fragments, you can randomly obtain an orange-level top-level exercise.

[The host opens the holy attribute treasure chest and obtains: 100 ignition energy...]

Lin Chen was completely shocked by a series of system light screens flicking wildly!

The holy king is the holy king, too awesome!

Even the permanent [God Killer] talent is here!

Moreover, the orange-level top-level exercises, the holy world is almost extinct, and only a few ninth-rank forces have inherited them.

Now Lin Chen only needs to collect one more shard to obtain the top orange level technique!

Even the final design drawing of the God of War set is out!

Lin Chen couldn't help but sighed to the sky: "It's so cool to kill Saint King!"

Hearing his words, the servants beside him looked at Lin Chen with a look of monsters.

Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun felt a chill inexplicably...

Is it cool to kill Saint King? I am afraid that only Lin Chen can speak such words...

Throughout the ages, which holy king is not a master of heaven and earth, arbitrarily exists for eternity, one supreme, almost eternal, and the life of the holy king can reach hundreds of thousands of epochs, and will live with the increase in the cultivation of the holy king. Yuan accumulation.

In other words, as long as the holy king is not killed, it will be eternal. It is too difficult to kill a holy king.

"Everyone, this time I will give you a great gift!"

Suddenly, Lin Chen stood up with a smirk on his face.

The servants opened their eyes and looked at Lin Chen suspiciously.

"Now, in addition to the Mind Method, choose another skill that is uniquely learned and practice it in the Sea of Spiritual Knowledge. Don't stop."

Lin Chen pointed at Fang Ling and exclaimed with a smile.

"Just start with you, Fang Ling!"

Fang Ling was taken aback, but he held an attitude of absolute trust in the lord, sitting cross-legged, the holy cave was absorbing the massive gold sacred yuan coins, and at the same time the mental method was activated, and the spirit of the sea began to practice the swordsmanship of the "Extreme Que Kaitian".

Lin Chen walked to Fang Ling, pointed his fingertips at the center of his eyebrows, and commanded the system.

"System, I want to turn on the attribute transfer function and transfer intermediate enhancement points!"

[The host turns on the transfer function and consumes 10,000 top-level heavenly values. Begin to transfer the strengthening attribute value and strengthen the skills required by the target.

Strengthen the target's +1 success, consume 4000 intermediate strengthening points.

Strengthening targets selected combat skill +1 succeeds, and consumes 3,200 intermediate enhancement points.


After an hour!


A certain space plane in the holy realm was crushed by a peerless sword qi that rushed into the sky and shook the sky, and there was no **** left. Where the sword qi passed, the galaxy was cut off, dividing the sun and the moon in just a moment!

All the servants were dumbfounded!

Even Langfanyun is directly dumbfounded!

Lin Ping's small eyes and big question marks, only she did not understand what was going on.

In the past, the waves of mastery were all over the clouds. At this time, he stuttered funny: "This...I am not dreaming, am I? What happened? Is I crazy or the world is crazy!"

Fang Ling seldom looked up to the sky and laughed: "Hahahaha, turn the clouds, do you want to play a friendly match now, you are afraid that you will be beaten by me!"

Lang Fanyun was dumbfounded, and blurted out subconsciously"This must be unfair! Lord, what kind of powerful medicine did you take!"

Fang Ling's strength has soared by a notch!