My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1627

Vol 5 Chapter 1627: The Surprise Came Too Suddenly

Fang Ling shrugged: "I don't know, I always feel that I have entered a very mysterious state. It seems that every time you move your mind and practice exercises, you will deepen your perception and power..."

Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun fought for several epochs, and the strength of the two has always been between the first ones.

Even after becoming the Holy King, Fang Ling now has surpassed Langfanyun!

His sword skills and mental skills suddenly skyrocketed several times the power!

If converted to the overall combat power, at least 30% of the combat power will be increased!

The Saint King Realm is different from the Open Heaven Realm. Wu Pianjue can increase her strength several times with the blood of the Martial God in the Open Heaven Realm. Thats because, the orange-level advanced techniques have a great influence on the Open Heaven Realm.

An orange-level advanced technique can determine the victory or defeat between the open world.

However, an orange-level advanced technique cannot influence the victory or defeat of the Saint King-level battle.

In addition, the Holy King Realm has higher requirements for the cultivation of the Holy Power, so the cultivation technique and mental technique have increased their power by many times, and they are not as abnormal as they were when the Heaven Realm was opened.

However, the ability to increase combat power by 30% is already an astronomical number for the Saint King!

You know, a rare and rare Ninth-Rank artifact can only improve the Saint King by 30%!

This is equivalent to Fang Ling directly adding a nine-tier holy artifact to increase the strength, and it is still a stackable one!

Everyone can only look at Lin Chen

I saw Lin at this time, pretending to be deep, and sighed when he looked up at the void.

"Oh, I've been very low-key, but now, I can't help but keep it low!"

Everyone held their breath...

No, what kind of monster is the lord!

Could it be that to this day, he has challenged the Ninth-Rank sect, and he still has a trump card he hasn't played?

Lin Chen jokingly said with a smile: "I won't pretend, I'll have a showdown, I'm actually the kind of handsome guy who creates the talent of the **** of war in batches."


Everyone opened their mouths slightly...

Create the talent of the Valkyrie in batches? The talent of the Valkyrie can double the power of the exercise...

wait wait wait! The lord can also double the power of his practiced techniques!

Could it be that... he can give this ability to others?

Everyone thought of this in an instant, and their minds exploded in an instant!

Isn't this about to take off!

"Lord, come on, let me feel it too, I can't stand being surpassed by this guy!"

Lang Fanyun definitely did not have the style of a master in the past, holding Lin Chen like a child, looking forward to it.

"Okay, you also start to use your mind, and you can only choose the same skill as your best skill."

The waves turned over the clouds, and Lin Chen did it again as just now

An hour later.

Boom~! The sword aura turned the sky like a wave, and a wave of sword intent cut through the world and slashed out of the world. It would not dissipate for a long time, and it was equal to Fang Ling's sword just now!

Witnessing this miraculous scene again, the servants are simply dumbfounded and stuck in place!

It's too bad!

What an act against the sky, this is an act of creation that even a **** can't do!

God may be able to give the holy king a chance, but it is absolutely impossible to increase the power of a holy king's mental method several times without risk!

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would never believe it!

Lin Chen laughed, the laughter was particularly coquettish, "Hahahaha! Come, don't worry, come one by one."

Situ Changsheng: "Lord, always drop God!"

Qi Feiyan: "There is the lord first, then the sky, I want to ask how much the lord hangs, and how high the sky is!"

Long Jiushan: "What a blow!"

That's right, this is the power of [Attribute Transfer]!

Lin Chen can transfer non-growth attribute values to anyone!

Although he could use [Strengthening Function] to strengthen the sacred artifacts of others, he could not [Strengthen the Mind Method] for others, because the exercises engraved into others' minds were not devices and could not be strengthened.

However, the function of [Attribute Transfer] realized this act that once made Lin Chen dare not even think about it, a move against the sky! He is equivalent to transferring the strengthening points to them and then strengthening the exercises and minds!

The servants present will have a qualitative leap in power and mental power!

"Although the attribute transfer function is strong, the disadvantages are also obvious. The consumption is too serious. Strengthening a specific exercise method will get 5000 top-level Heavenly Dao points, and a person's mind method with a combat skill will get 10,000 top-level Heavenly Dao points."

"If it is strengthened to +15, it will consume a lot of strengthening points."

"Although I still have 890,000 top-level Heavenly Dao points on hand, this is a huge attribute value that can only be obtained by killing the Saint King and a large number of Saints. If it runs out, the Saint King is not so easy to kill without the ultimate heavenly rebels. ..."

After careful consideration, Lin Chen decided to give the servants only a [strengthening +15] a kind of mastery and his own mind.

The skills strengthened by the servants will make a qualitative leap. Once used, it will surprise the enemy and become one of the big kills!

Moreover, the power of spatial control like Xiao Ling'er's magical space skills will be even more amazing after strengthening.

Maybe it will surpass the Shadow Race by then!

After a day and a half, all members [+15 mentality completed]!

"Although there are still a lot of strengthening points, it's still a bit save. First strengthen everyone to 15 and then focus on strengthening the dragon blood!"

Lin Chen's heartbeat accelerated, even if he had more than 1.1 billion strengthening points, he would be nervous.

Version 8.0 of the system, the upper limit is [Enhanced + 17]!

The blood of Taixi Ancient Dragon has hundreds of thousands of strengthening points once, and it is not easy to strengthen to +17!

But once he succeeds, Lin Chen will achieve a true absolute defense!

Lin Chen clicked on the system panel.

"System, begin to strengthen the bloodline of Taixi Ancient Dragon, first come with 500 million strengthening points, so strong until there are none!"

[Consumption of 820,000 Intermediate Strengthening Points to strengthen the blood of Taixi Ancient Dragon...]

Strengthening points are consumed wildly, Lin Chen's heartbeat speeds up, and the final step is [Enhancement +14], not even fifteen!

"Damn, it's so dark! Sure enough, the Shenlong bloodline is not so strong..."

Lin Chen gritted his teeth, "Another 300 million strengthening points! The system continues!"

Strengthening points continue to be consumed, but the system keeps popping up the words "strengthening failure", Lin Chen's heart is bleeding!

Seeing that there are only 23 million strengthening points left, it is still failing continuously!

[Strengthening success, Taixi Ancient Dragon Bloodline +15 success, total increase: 410%, remaining 6.2 million enhancement points.

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately he was still on it.


Consumption of 5.11 million enhancement points, Taixi Ancient Dragon Bloodline +16 success, total increase: 520%, remaining enhancement points 1.09 million, automatic enhancement has been suspended.

Lin Chen opened his mouth slightly...

connected! Is this really connected? Is this the ultimate decline is good luck?

Strengthening +16 can increase the power by 110%, and now the bloodline of Taixi Ancient Dragon has more than 5 times!

Coupled with the dignity of the holy dragon at this stage, a move of Taixi Divine Light is used to strike out, half a step below the holy king, no one can touch him Lin!

Really invincible'hard'!