My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1628

Vol 5 Chapter 1628: God Of War Fifth Born

"I am afraid that even a half-step Saint King will have to blast for a long time, hahaha, the strongest defense under the genuine Saint King, and the means of life-saving."

Lin Chen then opened the talent bar, he also has a talent compulsory booster, which can upgrade low-level talents to orange-rank talents!

After cautious and stable considerations, Lin Chen finally chose Double Xiu Hehuan.

"Well, for a gentleman like me, I definitely don't want to do anything bad. I just don't like the talent of cyan. Well, orange is so beautiful... I have time to go back and try with Sister Ruoyan..."

Lin Chen looked like justice and awe-inspiring, and almost believed him.

He looked at the trophies at hand again, this time killing multiple holy kings and a large number of strong men, the harvest of luck and planting bag is worth the sky!

Lin Chen didn't take it alone, but instead gave most of the luck to the servants.

Don't look at the servants who have recovered their cultivation base, but apart from their excellent strength, their background hasn't really recovered to the time of its heyday.

To put it bluntly, in addition to a talent, very poor.

Even though the servants knew the coordinates of many secret planes, they could find cultivation resources. The concentrated resources seemed to be a lot on Lin Chen's body, but in fact they were evenly distributed to each servant, but it was just a drop in the bucket.

This battle is the fastest way to fill them with resources!

So Lin Chen only took the Yin Tianzi and Haotian Saint King, and Wu Weiyang's luck to plant the bag, and the rest was distributed to the servants.

"Let me come to Kangkang, what kind of treasures are there in this Yin Tianzi, Haotian Saint King, and the Wu Family Saint King's luck planting bag."

When Lin Chen opened the three best Qi Luck planting bags-


A burst of fresh and clean aura blew, Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness was like a spring breeze.

When he witnessed the homes of Yin Tianzi, Haotian Saint King, and Wu Weiyang, his eyes widened!

The combined storage area of the three best air transport planting bags is equivalent to one-third the vastness of the Kyushu mainland!

"My day... 152 kinds of high-grade Qi Yun Ling plants and 480 kinds of medium-grade Qi Yun Ling plants, all of which are growing alien crystals!"

"Holy King Haotian still has a lot of prescriptions, this is...sigh! The best Qi Yun Lingzhi, Yuan Shenxian Lotus!"

"I really dozed off and came to the pillow. It just so happened that my spiritual realm was almost completely stepped into the realm of the soul, and it can be used for You to live, and help his alchemy skills to a higher level!"

"This volume is... the method of cultivating top grade alien crystals! It was really perfected by him!"

Lin Chen's heart trembled. Not to mention the gold sage coins everywhere, the Haotian Saint King unexpectedly still has a superb spiritual plant, plus the Yin Tianzis air transport plant sac, there are hundreds of different crystals condensed and formed on the air transport spiritual plant. Above the body.

This wave of earning crazy!

Lin Chen took a detailed inventory

"The high-grade alien crystals, there are currently a total of 890 finished products, and there are thousands of middle-grade and lower-grade alien crystals... The wealth accumulated by the cloudy sky over so many years is really terrifying..."

It can be said that in the entire holy realm, more than half of the number of alien crystals may be controlled by the cloudy sky!

It is no wonder that the inheritance of the ancient gods would cause a battle between the sages, and the son of the cloudy sky won the inheritance of the ancient gods, which can be said to be in charge of the lifeline of the sacred world!

If he becomes a holy king, he is really the best among holy kings today!

In the battle that day, 70,000 alien crystals were the limit he controlled.

If you let Lin Chen control all the existing alien crystals, he might not be able to break his defenses.

Lin Chen decided that the middle and lower grade alien crystals would be used for alchemy, and the upper grade alien crystals would be used to absorb it by himself.

Then, when Lin Chen turned to Wu Weiyang's Qi Luck Plant, his eyes were dizzy!

The space in the center of the air transport planting capsule is a golden meteorite iron like stars holding the moon.

It is two inches long and three inches wide, and its whole body is shining with endless golden light. It is quietly placed in a sacred pool of heaven and one, releasing an indestructible light, which seems to be contained in billions of profound iron.

Lin Chen's pupils shrank.

This thing is divine! Far surpassing any ninth-grade holy mine! !

"Tianjin Divine Iron? This is actually a piece of Divine Iron!"

God iron is the material for real casting artifacts!

However, this piece of sacred iron is too small to be cast into any artifact.

However, it is still a god! It is the highest grade material Lin Chen has encountered so far!

"It's great, really worthy of being the saint king of the Valkyrie family. The foundation is hard! With this divine iron, plus Yin Tianzi also cultivated 124 high-grade gold crystals, my ultimate armor can be born!"

Lin ecstatic!

Hope for the stars and moon, and finally look forward to it! The fifth Ares part!

Lin Chen urged the spiritual clone that remained on the plane of the Bingxin Palace, opened the plane of time and space, and transferred the powerful innate five elements to the plane of time and space!

Lin Chen immediately issued an order-

"System, I want to use the production map of the ultimate armor!"

[God of War Suit-Ultimate armor production drawing, materials required: 1 billion points of suit essence, 200,000 points of high-level Heavenly Dao value, 9-Rank Innate Five Elements Elemental Essence, Celestial God Iron One inch or more, 100 high-grade gold crystals , One thousand middle-grade gold crystals, 20,000 intermediate strengthening points. The conditions are met, the specified materials are consumed, and the production begins]

Om~~! !

Lin Chen's spirit knows the world, and suddenly feels a dazzling and endless brilliance!

A shining armor of the God of War, slowly descending from the system space

Then merge with Lin Chen's arm armor, leg armor, and everything to piece together into a complete battle armor, leaving only the last God of War helmet!

[Successfully made, Ultimate War God Armor: 1% charge.

[Additional characteristics of the God of War armor: The God of War armor, after wearing the armor of the God of War, gains twice the power of the armor of the God of War. If the host uses the God of War Set to increase the power of 800,000 powers, it will get twice the defensive power of 800,000 powers.

[Note: When the feature is activated, the charge of the God of War Set will increase.

"Good guy, the armor of the God of War also comes with a suit feature! It's not useless that I have collected so many materials and systems to inject all the essence of the suit at this stage into the charge!"

[Consuming 2.870 billion points of the suit essence, start to charge the God of War Five Piece Set... After charging, the God of War Five Piece Set will be charged 74% to 75%. Note: After the God of War set is charged 60%, every 5% increase in the charge will cause a qualitative change.

Lin Chen's confidence in breaking into the holy prison this time is a little bit better!

With the God of War five-piece suit in hand, Lin Chen now needs to improve his body refining realm.

The flesh shell is too weak, no matter how high the charge is, it can't exert the power of the God of War.

"According to the system, the God of War set needs to be collected before it can exert its full power, and there is a huge difference between a complete God of War set and incomplete..."

Body refining, instead, has become Lin Chen's shortcoming in using the ace of God of War.

"In this case, the system, I want to carry out the four stages of fleshy awakening!"