My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1629

Vol 5 Chapter 1629: Lin Chen Come To The Holy Prison Again

Consuming 300,000 points of the top heavenly value, the four stages of awakening the host's flesh shell are completed.

Boom boom boom!

Lin Chen's sacred body glowed with brand new vitality and strength, full of every inch of flesh and blood, shining brightly, blooming with the strong power of the ancient relics, and seeing the servants amazed!

Long Jiushan said in shock: " the lord's body refining power is so strong!"

Shangguan Wudi nodded and said: "It was 48,000 powers just now, now it is 55,000!"

In the end, Lin Chen's pure power has just broken through the 60,000 power mark!

The foundation of his body refining is 12,000 powers, four stages of fleshy awakening, quadrupling, it is 60,000 powers!

"System, help me strengthen the current practice technique to +17!"

Lin Chen, his strength is rising rapidly!


Holy Prison, the first floor, in the vast world, the scorching sun hangs high!

On the top of the pitch-black tower, there are four figures sitting, and these four people are all the cultivation of the holy king!

"The saint king of the Wu family, what do you want to say. We have just returned from this trip, and we have to wait for the return of the two eldest brothers to fight against Na Lin Chen. Do you want to join us?"

The head of the holy king wearing black armor sounded a urn, his vitality was as strong as a wild beast, his breath and breath were like wind and clouds, and the light was devastating and darkening!

This is actually a holy king! The strength and blood are so strong that it exists like a king, and can blow out the level of stars in one breath!

The ancestor of the Wu family who sat on the opposite side smiled calmly: "We have a common enemy, and we must deal with this one together. You want his life. The old man only needs his spiritual consciousness."

"Heh, what are you kidding me." The second holy prison holy king, fierce and ferocious, with three scars on his face, his holy eyes flashed with violent and brutal strange light

"You want us to kill him, do you take away his spiritual consciousness to torture his secret?"

Who can kill the two saint kings of the holy prison, the secret of this son is nothing.

The Wu family is going to treat their holy prison as wage earners! The three holy kings can see through at a glance!

The ancestor of the Wu family was calm and composed, and smiled lightly.

"But it's because your holy prison originally tried to spy on the relics of the **** emperor and send out all the power above the open sky realm, that led to the fall of the holy prison, isn't it? You made this mistake."

The last gentleman and gentleman, Tsing Yi, who seems to be smiling forever, shook the white feather fan gently, "Lin Chen took away the last group of strong men in the holy prison, Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun broke through the world of the holy king, they are now The teams strength is not what it used to be."

"I heard that Lin Chen has released the painful disaster. Even if the two eldest brothers return, if our five holy kings want to take down Lin Chen and others, I am afraid we will have to pay a high price. This is indeed ours. fault."

Young Master Tsing Yi smiled, his eyes flashed like a sharp light, and he understood the other person's thoughts

The ancestor of the Wu family smiled without speaking.

It seems that he has absolute certainty and confidence in this action!

Saint King of Tsing Yi said calmly.

"The saint king of the martial arts family, you just got it right. They came to us to cooperate when they knew that my holy prison could not fully suppress it now. Lets talk about your terms and price. This cannot be a trade-off. Thing."

The ancestor of the Wu family laughed and said: "The bargaining chip is the old man, how about it, is it enough for a saint king?"

Young Master Tsing Yi shook his head: "Not enough. A saint king's combat power is indeed very precious, but the secret of trying to divide this son based on this is a whimsical one."

The ancestor of the Wu family seemed to have expected it, showing a knowing smile like an old fox.

"If the old man is not enough, this is enough!"

The ancestors of the Wu family took out a Chixia Treasure Box that haunts the powerful sealing power!

The treasure box is entwined with red clouds, faintly releasing the brilliance of the gods, and the exquisite blood jade is like the most dazzling star in the sky!

At this moment, Young Master Tsing Yi put away his smile in an instant, with an unprecedented dignified expression!

He took a deep breath and said earnestly: "This is the blood of God! Your Valkyrie family, are you going to bet on this..."

Even the other two rebellious saint kings felt the oppression of suffocation, as if the saint king's combat power was as weak as an ant in front of the power in the treasure box!

The ancestor of the Wu family gave a stern smile.

"For the reputation of the Valkyrie, I do not hesitate!"

The three kings fell silent, and I have to say that the Valkyrie family gambled a lot!

Saint King of Tsing Yi: "...I promise your terms. Then, I wish us a happy cooperation!"

The Valkyrie Family and the Holy Prison officially join forces!

boom! !

Almost as soon as the voice fell, with a bang, the space below the holy prison suddenly broke out with a shocking explosion, and the space shook violently!

The expressions of the strong men who have returned to the holy prison are horrified!

At this juncture, someone dared to break into the holy prison?

Who ate the bear heart and leopard gall!


Time went back to four hours ago--

Lin Chen and the servants appeared in Muhai Tianqing Secret Realm, floating in the air.

If it is the speed of an ordinary saint, I don't know how long it will take to reach the blue land from the Holy King Realm.

With Xiao Ling'er's space magic and Zi Qianshou's formation, she crossed over a dozen regions within ten days, and arrived here at an incredible speed!

Lin Chen was familiar with Luling and found the secret space before, and when he found that it could still be used, he smiled with the servants.

Once, the holy prison that made them extremely jealous, the servants never dreamed that they would come again!

And this time, they took the initiative to enter!

Lin Chen snapped his fingers and said with a big laugh: "This time we will go in and make him turn upside down, but if anything is valuable, we will take it all!"

Long Jiushan was eager to try, "The holy prison group of dog thieves killed so many powerful men in vain back then. They must have searched for more than a little bit. If you can grab it, you can take it, and if you can't take it, you will destroy it! Don't leave a way for these beasts! "

"let's go!"


When Lin Chen and the others appeared at the gate of the second floor of the Holy Prison, they smiled knowingly when they saw the huge spatial gate towering into the clouds.

Lin Chen turned around happily, and went up with a kick!


The space gate on the second floor of the Holy Prison collapsed suddenly. At this moment, all the powerful in the Holy Prison were alarmed!

level one--

"What happened?"

"Report... Report to the Saint King Xuanqing, it is Lin Chen, and Lin Chen is here again! He also brought two Saint Kings, Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun!"


The black armor sacred king slapped the jade platform with a palm, and the top of the pitch-black tower trembled. He glared at him, "It's him, it's Lin Chen again! Does he treat our holy prison as a kiln? Come and leave if you want. Just go?"

"No!" The boy's veto echoed on the first floor of the holy prison.

A crowd of figures stepped onto the horizon, and laughed at the head of the silver-robed youth.

"I didn't treat the sacred prison as a kiln. This handsome is a good citizen. He has been awarded the Guangshuai Top Ten Good People Award all the year round. For a character like me, going to the kiln is twice the price of others! But today, I come to the sacred Prison not only doesn't give money, but also throws you here!"

Lin Chen jokingly smiled and said, "Sorry, you are not even as good as a kiln in front of a pretty boy."

boom! boom! boom!

Dozens of beams of holy light are like beams of light propping up the world, and dozens of powerful men in the first floor of the holy prison suddenly exploded!

Too **** deceiving!

The **** bullies are on their heads!

The servants were suffocating their laughter crazily, the holy prison is worse than the kiln?

This sentence can only be said by Lin Chen in the past and the present at home and abroad!