My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1630

Vol 5 Chapter 1630: Saint King's Melee

boom! boom! boom!

The Holy King of Ghosts, the Holy King of Universe, and the Holy King of Heaven!

The three holy kings of the holy prison all appeared in the air, looking at Lin Chen and others in the distance.

The strength of these three people is not inferior to the previous two sage kings!

Originally, they wanted to wait until they concentrated their efforts to find Lin Chen, but they didn't expect the other party to call the door first!

It seems that this kid really does not play cards according to the routine!

Lin Chen raised his brows and said with a smile: "You three holy kings, how can you hide in the holy prison? It would be nice if you came to the Shenyan Palace together. I have no hobbies. I just like to pack and put you in the holy prison. The saint king of prison packs and takes away."

Boom~! The violent celestial elephant holy king slapped in with one palm, the sky revolved around, and the light was dim. If there were thousands of giant elephants rolling in, there would be dazzling beasts in all directions!

It's all pure pure power attack!


Fang Ling cuts across with a sword, and the holy sword formed by holy power is like the aurora on the horizontal plane, cutting off all celestial phenomena with one sword!

The shadowy ghost ghost holy king squinted his eyes"Fang Ling? He actually stepped into the holy king realm? What kind of chance is this, and the realm is extremely stable, and I don't want to be promoted at all!"

After they escaped from prison, it was beyond their expectation to recover to their heyday. Promoting to the Holy King is nothing short of a fantasy!

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they couldn't even believe what the intelligence said!

Shangguan Wudi sneered--"You old guys, you haven't made much progress for so many years. Don't worry, there will be more and more Saint Kings in our team!"

As soon as this statement came out, the anger and killing intent of the Holy King of Ghosts and the Holy King of Heaven became even greater!

In this case, let them go even more!

In other words, the holy prison is also their territory, and the other party dares to send it to the door, and that is to fight in their territory!

The ghost king sneered coldly: "Everyone obeys the order, one piece is destroyed..."


The elegant and handsome Universe Saint King suddenly gave a cold cry!

He stared at Lin Chen who was joking and joking, and suddenly said.

"All of you, half of you quickly went to the holy prison passage and went down to the 16th floor to look at the other criminals! In addition, those of the Ninth Rank cultivation base should guard the entrance to the resource secret realm on the first floor."

The behavior of Lin Chen and others made him notice the abnormality. According to their abilities, a sneak attack should be the most effective way to severely injure them. Why did they show up on purpose?

There must be something strange!

As soon as this sentence came out, the expressions of Lin Chen's servants changed slightly.

Lin Chen put a joking smile away, with great interest: "As expected of the Holy King, I can see through my intentions at a glance. It's really not good to be yin to these old monsters."

Long Jiushan said grinningly: "Master, then don't talk nonsense with them, just hit it!"

Lin Chen laughed: "Then just just face them!"

These prison guards who stayed in the most holy prison are all strong players in the fourth team of the holy prison. Taki fought with the holy kings. Most of them were cruel characters with a level of seven or more. There were a total of 88 people!

Excluding the ten Rank Nine Saints, there is still half of the resource secret realm treasure house stationed.

The remaining power, if multiple teams work together, Lin Chen's Ninth Rank peak, at least one would have to hit four to five!

If everyone is in full bloom, the problem is not big.

But after the battle of the Divine Flame Palace, everyone's state has not adjusted back so quickly, and everyone's overall combat power is about 70%. If you count the cultivation techniques that Lin Chen has strengthened for them, they will be stronger in the heyday.


A soaring mighty pressure came, and another Holy King appeared!

Lin Chen rolled his eyes, and the tall tower in the distance stepped into the air to reach a figure.

Ancestor of the Wu Family!

Saint King Qiankun smiled awe-inspiringly: "It seems that your Excellency really wants to cooperate. Although the fighters are wrong, it happens to be here to kill them all!"

I saw that the ancestors of the Wu family looked around and suddenly smiled.

"Since the old man has appeared, the disaster of pain should have appeared."

The eyes of the ancestors of the Wu family scanned the first floor of the holy prison like a sharp blade.

The Saint King is the Saint King, and he understands all the elements of Lin Chen's actions! Although Lin Ping'an hasn't appeared yet, the ancestors of the Wu family are expected to bring her here!

"God of War Set!"

Om~! Lin Chen's five-piece set of God of War possessed his body for the first time, exploding the invincible power of the heavens and all realms into the body, such as the brilliant golden haze flooding the first floor of the holy prison!

"Is this the killer of this son..."

The Universe Saint King is observing Lin Chen

Lin Chen is currently in the state of sealing a cave, and his holy power cultivation base cannot be used. If he wants to participate in battles above the eighth rank cultivation base, he has to rely on the Five-piece Set of the God of War.

boom! boom! boom!

The golden light lingers around Lin Chen, and his pure power has broken through from 60,000 to 500,000, 800,000, and 900,000 powers in a blink of an eye! Stop at the half-step boundary of the peak of the Saint King!

"Sure enough, I can only reach 900,000 powers without the godslayer state. Although the God of War set has become stronger, my foundation has not kept up."

In the state of sealing acupoint, Lin Chen could not use the talent of Godkiller, he could only use pure power to oppose the enemy, and now he is regarded as the strongest under the holy king!

boom! Lin Chen smashed the void step by step, took the lead and rushed into the direction of many prison guards!

The Ghost King flicked his finger, the ghost whistling, turning into a shocking finger and smashing Lin Chen!

"Stop hurting my lord!"

The waves cut across the clouds with a single cut, cut off the sun, moon and stars, and broke the ten thousand ghosts, the two kings confronted and intercepted!

Fang Ling was facing the celestial elephant holy king, the sword's edge broke through all the phenomena, a sword danced in the sky!

The four kings fought, and the first floor of the holy prison suddenly began to tremble violently.

On the other side, Ji Wuchen said seriously.

"In that case, let's go together! Fight around him!"

Jiang Wan'er said: "Cooperate with Invincible and Feiyan, and involve the Holy King of Universe, don't try hard! Leave the rest to me, Feixue and the lord!"

During the battle between Qi Feiyan and Shangguan Wudi in the Shenyan Palace, in order to intercept a Venerable Law Protector, it cost a lot.

Now it is very dangerous to let them delay the words of a holy king.

Therefore, you on the nineteenth floor have to assist the two of them, which is the best plan to stop the Heavenly King.

Sage King Qiankun saw that he was surrounded by a lot of surroundings, and smiled indifferently: "If you don't protect your lord, do you come to trouble me?"

Long Jiushan sneered: "The lord doesn't need our protection, so worry about yourself first!"

As soon as the voice fell, he raised his hand and punched, and the pure power of horror like a flood rushed away, crushing the light, and the sky was dim!

Qi Feiyan shot his bow quickly, Qin Jiuxiao waved his battle axe and cut across the air

Situ Changsheng released the primordial spirit barrier in one breath, facing a holy king, they will be a big killer when they face each other!

There was a big melee in the warring circles, but the ancestors of the martial arts stood still.

His eyes scanned the surroundings all the time.

He was waiting, when Lin Ping'an appeared!

As long as he doesn't move, the other party's painful disaster cannot be acted easily!

If it were this time, if he raided Lin Chen, there might be a breakthrough fighter opportunity, but this was equivalent to leaving behind the disaster of pain.

In this case, whoever goes first will suffer!

The ancestor of the Wu family, sitting on the first floor of the Holy Prison, did not act easily, and the battle suddenly fell into a stalemate.