My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1636

Vol 5 Chapter 1636: Lin Chen Vs Valkyrie God Blood

"If my sacred artifact has enough resources, it can also be promoted to the 9th rank. According to Jin Wuxia's original words, only when I reach the 9th rank, can it be possible to use the abilities of the ancient dragon scales integrated into my sacred instruments. ."

Lin Chen faintly looked forward to how strong his sacred artifact would be in the future!

With a beckoning, Lin Chen took away these two sacred artifacts, and continued to urge the spiritual power of everyone in the'Zhou Tian's Seal of Life and Death'. In this resource treasure house, all the eighth-rank and ninth-rank sacred artifacts were taken away by Lin Chen. !

"Huh? The sixteenth and fifteenth floors have all been taken, and they are being evacuated here!"

Lin Chen's avatar lit up, and he smirked when he sensed the situation of the other avatars.

"It's time to bugger, and return with a full load, taking away the people and the sacred objects!"


The clone in the resource treasure house turned into a wisp of smoke.

Outside the first floor of the Holy Prison-

Lin Chen was wearing the armor of the God of War, and he smashed the two elders back with a fist.

"We should withdraw!"

All the servants smiled knowingly, listening to the voice of the lord, he succeeded again!

"Hehe, I want to run now?"

Suddenly, Saint King Qiankun noticed the intentions of Lin Chen and others, and sneered"You can't run away alone today!"

"The Universe Transforms Ten Thousand Thousand Enchantments!"

The Holy King of Universe erupted into the sky with his holy power shook Yuntian and turned into a thousand-layer enchantment, covering all the planes and spaces near the holy prison!

This thousand-layer enchantment wants to break, and even the holy king needs a certain amount of time. It is one of the most powerful techniques of the heavenly king!

Sage King Qiankun shouted: "Wu family, what are you waiting for!"

Lin Chen, Fang Ling, Lang Fanyun and others immediately felt something was wrong!

They seem to be brewing some ultimate move!

When the ancestor of the Wu family retreated violently and evacuated Lin Ping'an's attack range, he gave a grinning laugh.

"Today is your death day, pay your life for the **** son and saint king of my martial arts!"


The ancestor of the Wu family suddenly opened the jade box that emerged out of thin air in his palm!

Inside the jade box, there are endless red clouds lingering, and the bleeding light is blooming, and a magical power soars into the sky!

At this moment, the Saint King Domain, Heaven Saint Domain, Blade Domain, Sword Domain, and all the powers in the Saint Realm felt a powerful divine power coming, and there was a lingering fear!

"what happened?"

"God is coming!"

"Which Lord True God... what a pure power!"

"That's the direction of the holy prison! The holy prison has changed!"

Many hidden world powerhouses, the old antiques of the Holy King realm, have been born one after another, casting shocking eyes on the direction of the Holy Prison!

Who is it that can make the holy prison so forceful that even gods descended into the holy realm?

Not only the holy realm, but even the dragons, demons, demons, and the powerful perceive the coming of this heaven-destroying god! !

At this moment, the expressions of the powerhouses of all races are particularly wonderful!

Sky Sky Tower

The elders and pavilion masters of Qingtian Pavilion stared at the direction of the distant holy prison as if they had seen a ghost!

A certain elder was suddenly horrified.

"Yes... It's the mighty power of the Valkyrie! Can't go wrong. Back then, in the Ice Fiend Galaxy, the old man had the honor to have seen the mighty power of the Valkyrie. This is the pure mighty power of the Valkyrie!"

The pavilion master trembled: "So, did the Valkyrie himself come here? Didn't he go to the ruins of the **** emperor..."

The supreme elder was terrified--"This...nowhere to know, but there is no doubt that this pure power comes from Valkyrie!"

"The power of the Valkyrie appeared in the Holy Prison. Could it be that the Valkyrie Family and the Holy Prison joined forces?"

"In this way, wouldn't Lin Chen and others definitely die?"

In these all directions, the direction of the holy prison!

On a gray continent, the moment the ancestors of the Wu family opened the jade box, the jade of blood in the jade box burst into the sky, suddenly blooming!

The radiant power of the world rises like a sun, shining in front of everyone!

When the divine light shines on all the strong, as strong as the holy king, he also feels a sense of oppression of suffocation!

In the center of the endless Shenhui, a figure of Shengxue in white came out.

If there is a round of sun in the sky, the divine light covers the nine heavens and ten earth, and I alone dominate!

Visitors step by step and step on the divine light to shine in the sky. He looks like a young man of twenty-five or sixty-six. He is magnificent and powerful. With his hands under his hands, the roots of his hair are light, and his face is as soft and white as snow jade. Handsome.

The mans eyes look like the stars in the universe, and there is a mighty power that surpasses all the creatures in the world!

As soon as this person appeared, he immediately became the center of this world!

He is so extraordinary, like the creator of this world, at a glance there is a kind of inferiority and trembling of ants facing the world!


This is pure power! The invincible creator of the world, the true god!

"The **** of war is on, bless my martial arts!"

The ancestors of the Wu family almost burst into tears, and this holy king, equivalent to the chief elder of the Shenyan Palace, knelt in the void!

Lin Chen narrowed his eyes, "The jade box he opened just now contains divine blood!"

This Valkyrie is not a true god, but is transformed by the blood of the gods!

But even if it was just a clone of the blood of the gods, it was countless times stronger than the saint!

Holy and God is not a creature at all!

The **** of war lightly glanced at all the people in the holy prison: "Holy prison? It's been a long time since I came here. I didn't expect it to be like this."

"Wu Weiyang is dead, my son Pianjue also died in this son's hands, right?"

Then, the Martial God clone received the voice of the ancestor of the Wu family.

His gaze turned, his mighty might be like a dragon rolling, and his grace was as vast as the sun and menstruation!

boom! boom! boom!

The strongest power swept away, everyone in Lin Chen's team fell from the sky, and the veins shattered!

Fang Ling, Lang Fanyun and others were directly overwhelmed by divine might!

"No! Lord, be careful!"

"We can still fight, we won't stop until the last minute!"

Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun had blood spilling from the corners of their mouths, and their desires rose to their feet. The divine might swept over them like waves again and again, suppressing them so they could not move!

Even Lin Ping'an felt a splitting headache, clutching his temples, and falling in the air. If he was hit hard, his pretty face was full of pain!

The Valkyrie raised his brows: "Oh? The Disaster of Pain, it's still a lot worse than the one in previous eras."


The wounded people in the holy prison, and the three holy kings of the holy prison, gasped hard!

This is Valkyrie!

Even if it was just a clone of divine blood, a ray of divine might and a look in the eyes would suppress Lin Chen, the strongest team!

You don't even have to shoot!

Boom~! !

An invincible war might, and the might of the God of War that swept all the heavens and all realms slowly rose, and formed a battle against the war god!

One more person was not overwhelmed!

It's Lin Chen!

He stood in front of everyone by himself, wearing a golden armor, the might of the God of War watching the world, and facing the avatar of the God of War alone!

"Oh? Are you just killing the young man Pianjue?"

The Valkyrie avatar raised his eyebrows, and then said: "You can resist the mighty power of this seat, boy, your mind is very peculiar, and the strength of willpower is the most mortal I have ever seen for the first time."

Lin Chen patted the dust on his shoulder armor and smiled awe-inspiringly.

"If you came from the main body, I might not be able to walk alive today."

The next moment, Lin Chen's laughter was full of madness!

"But if it's just a clone, it's not qualified to kill me! I don't know what good things can be exploded by exploding your blood clone."


An intent to fight soared into the sky, shrouded in glory, illuminated by golden light, and pointed directly at the avatar of Valkyrie! !

The eyes of the strong man in the holy prison shrank.

This kid is going to challenge God! !