My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 448

Vol 5 Chapter 448: What Happened To Leng Yueqi?

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Chapter 448

Heavenly Tribulation was infiltrating into the blade of Yongye. A green mark like a plum blossom was carved inside the blade!

After urging the fighting spirit and spiritual power, Lin Chen wanted to forcibly erase this mark and remove its remaining will!

This process is quite difficult. The power of the divine veins is still tenacious. Lin Chen spent three days from suppression, to confrontation, erasure, and full use!

On the fourth day, he finally calmed down the royal knife of rank seven rank! And successfully carved the spiritual imprint of someone Lin!

"Hoo, I'm exhausted."

Lin Chen sat on the ground, and the'Yongye' sword seemed to have spirituality, leaning on him.

"Hey, I also have a seventh-order knife, and at least I don't have to be afraid of being suppressed by others on the weapon!"

Lin Chen played with'Yong Ye' for a while, and when he put it away, he crossed his knees and recovered his consumption.

Immediately, he opened the system and consumed 400 points of intermediate skills at a stretch, inheriting another complete combat skill on hand!

[He is inheriting the low-level purple combat skill "Slayer of Soul Slaughter" for the host.

This combat skill was once used by the soul, but Lin Chen has seen the power of this combat skill with his own eyes. The seventh-order knife Yong Ye with these swords is simply even more powerful!

On the third day, Lin Chen completed the inheritance of this knife technique! His strength will rise again because of Yongye and "Soul Slayer" and the fifth volume of Jiuhuang.

Lin Chen left the secret room and just returned to his dormitory area. When he wanted to see through the air, he suddenly found that a lot of powerful people were blocked at the door of his dormitory!

These strong men are all well-known characters of the first-class forces in Lingzhou. At this time, the hand-wishing gifts and the granddaughter's grandson are all at the door of the dormitory area!

At this time; some elders are blocking the door of the dormitory area, the expression is strange and ridiculous, it is really wonderful.

The next scene I saw saw Lin completely grow his mouth and stare dumbfounded!

At this time, some strong people could not help wailing pleading.

"Elders, let me see little friend Lin Chen! I have brought my daughter here for four days and four nights!"

"Elder Liao, you know my granddaughter. It is a first-rate beauty in the cold region. Although it is not worthy of Lin Chen, the old man only asks Lin Chen to grieve for one night and linger with my granddaughter a few times. As long as it is dawn, Lin Chen only needs to lift his pants and leave. Our sect will lift the sedan chair and **** him back! If my old Miao dare to mention anything like that, I am not a person!"

An old man in Jinyi's hall has six levels of respect, and he is constantly begging Yuan Lao at the door?

"Your granddaughter is a beautiful woman? Miao old man, haven't you regarded Yanqian Shuangxia in our Feixia Palace? Our two nieces, Yan Qingxia and Yan Qianxia, look better than your granddaughter!"

The beautiful woman in palace dress smiled coldly, then smiled and smiled at Yuan Yue, and said to Elder Yuan: "Elder Yuan, I heard that you have a good relationship with Lin Chen, and Im bothered to tell you, we only beg him and our palace. The little girl twins are fortunate for one night, one night! We will not delay the little friend Lin Chen, if he still likes it, our Feixia Palace woman chooses whatever he wants!"

"Stop it all! What are you drinking, one by one, obviously our Han family came first, why are you all so skilled! You haven't heard of the ancient Chinese medicine refining ceremony, Xiao Lin Lin is our family purple Yun's assistant pharmacist, the two of them are already in love with each other. If you want to do it, you will score first and come first!"

At this time, the two elders of the Han family couldn't help but protest.

The next Han Ziyun blushed like an apple, and twitched a few words in a hurry. Who knows that the self-parent is more powerful, and she hurries to turn her head!

Yuan Laodun felt scalp tingling!

crazy! It must be crazy!

These old things are all people with heads and faces on weekdays. Today, I dont even need this old face! It's almost **** crazy!

The male arrogance outside the dormitory shook their heads and marveled, it was simply amazing!

What is the pinnacle of life?

The first-class forces in the entire Lingzhou, the saints of the ancient family, came to the door, hoping for a spring festival, even if there was no place.

To be a man to do this kind of thing, this **** is absolutely amazing!

The boys in Class 66 not far away rolled into laughter and burst into tears!

Even Lin, who was secretly observing, was horrified!

In fact, this is not uncommon. You know, Lin Chen has been showing the potential to subvert the ages since he hit a dozen or four purple medals.

Then he became the only four consecutive championships in the Tianling Standing Conference and the only person who stepped into the ninth level of the Tianling Battle Tower. His reputation has pushed an unprecedented peak in Lingzhou!

It is said that he is a reincarnation of a saint, and even more, he is a descendant of gods left in the world.

He is only 20 years old! You can have this kind of achievement. Just ask, if you get Lin Chen's bloodline and reproduce his descendants, even if he inherits only one-tenth of his talents, what kind of horror?

I am afraid that at least it is also a talent that can break into the sky spirit tower more than five floors! Or maybe it is the master level of refining medicine and casting utensils at a young age?

This is only one-tenth, what if he inherits half of his talent? I am afraid that the talents who have reached the eighth floor of the Celestial Battle Tower are completely unnoticed!

To know that Lin Chen is participating in the two-person team competition, it is far from being measured by the difficulty of the single player! Can such a terrifying talent be insane?

Seeing that more and more powerful men led their own daughters, sisters, grandchildren, great-granddaughter, and even the sage daughter, when they arrived at the dormitory area, Yuan Lao said angry and funny.

"You old gangsters, no matter how good the relationship is between Lao Tzu and the Stinky Boy, then you can't do it for him in this respect!"

"No! Elder Yuan, I beg you, help us!"

Many strong men wailed, did someone in the dormitory area look like a mouth twitching!

Feeling that he has been in trouble for someone for a long time, he finally enjoys the treatment of the most handsome man in Kyushu?

"Adult our squad leader, don't you plan to go out to accept the three thousand in the harem?"

At this moment, the faint woman's fragrance lingered, and a group of Yingying Yanyan appeared behind Lin Chen, the girls in Class 66. Yuelin Lin, who is headed by her, covered her mouth and chuckled, pretending not to care, but Qian Mei kept watching Lin Chen's reaction.

"Why don't the girls outside you like to watch?"

Lin Chen blinked and smirked at the girls. Yue Linlin gave Lin Chen a charming look, the girls had not spoken yet, and the three figures hurried into Lin Chen's dormitory area!

"Hurry and bring people, be careful!"

"Brother Lin Chen, it's not good, something happened!"

A rush of sound came from across the air, coming to people; it was Lin Chen who once rescued Lin Tianjian, Xia Feiyu, and school sister Lu Ying.

Among them; Lu Ying also carried a sad and sad image, Leng Yueqi! Immediately make Lin Chen's eyes cold!