My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 449

Vol 5 Chapter 449: The Sixiang Pavilion

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Chapter 449 !

"what happened?"

When Lin Chen inquired, Lu Ying hurriedly said-"Miss Leng Yueqi was infiltrated into the Sixiang Pavilion and was found to have been seriously injured by their people. We only found her through the Sixiang Pavilion during the mission. Only in the name of reluctantly brought her back.

Lin Chen immediately looked at Leng Yueqi's injury. Her blood-stained slender hands grabbed Lin Chen's sleeve, her lips trembling, and tears flickered.

"Lin Chen...the enemy who killed my the Sixiang Pavilion..."

As soon as this statement came out, the murderous intention in Lin Chen's eyes suddenly brewed thousands of sharp edges!

Late at night; Lin Chen's dormitory area.

A warm current infiltrated Leng Yueqi's delicate body, her eyes opened slightly, and the teenager's face caught her eyes.

"How is it all right?"

Lin Chen asked with concern, Leng Yueqi got up from the bed, she has always been strong and independent, but this time her eyes were red, her tears rustled.

Hugging the lady, Lin Chen caressed Leng Yueqi's Qingsi until she was emotionally stable before asking why.

It turned out that Leng Yueqi didn't go to the Tianlingbang conference to meet Lin Chen, but had a new investigation.

At that time, she always suspected that the death of her parents was awkward. According to the mission given by the family, she only collected some natural materials and treasures. Although the mission location is slightly dangerous, it is impossible for both parents to completely fall so completely with the strength of the parents.

After returning from the torch, Leng Yueqi already had enough strength. She went to the place where her parents fell and investigated the truth of the year. After nearly half a year of searching back and forth, she did not miss any clues, and finally she found a clue!

In the location of the "Frost Grand Canyon" where the parents fell, there was a special battle trace, a crack like a claw mark. After Leng Yueqi forensics, it was a combat skill called "Four-phase Canglong Jin" Traces left.

And this combat skill is the inheritance combat skill of Sixiangge! The grade is half purple, and only a few high-level players will use it!

The two ancestors of the Sixiang Pavilion happened to be closed for a period of time when Leng Yueqi's parents fell apart.

Therefore, Leng Yueqi reported the matter to Leng Jia, but part of the senior members of Leng Jia went to the Tianlingbang Conference, while others were afraid of the overall strength of Sixiang Pavilion.

Although this denomination shows that the strength of the face is not strong, the disciples in the cabinet have spread their leaves in many top and first-class forces.

The elders who stayed at Leng's home gave Leng Yueqi's answer that they had to wait for the end of the Celestial Leaderboard and wait for the senior elders to return before making their final decision.

But seeing the cause of the parents' death was close, Leng Yueqi could not even wait until the end of the Celestial Rankings Conference to sneak into the Sixiang Pavilion, and finally determined that the two ancestors of the Sixiang Pavilion were killing their parents and enemies, Leng Yueqi was exposed After the whereabouts, only then has the next thing.

After hearing all the causes and consequences, Lin Chen fell into a brief silence. Lengyue Qihao's teeth nibbled, crying.

"Sorry, am I too reckless? I also want to calm down, but..."

"Mr. Yueqi, no, Yueqi, you are doing right."-Lin Chen held her in her arms, a flash of coldness flashed in her eyes!

"No one can remain calm in front of their own father and mother enemies. You have done a good job over the years. Next, try to rely on me."

Hearing the teenager's comfort, Leng Yueqi grabbed his clothes and sobbed gently.

A moment later; Leng Yueqi's cheeks regained the cold and beautiful look of the past, with a smile, Fanghua peerless.

"Then let me depend on you once!"


The next morning; Lin Chen pushed open the door of the room and flew up with Leng Yueqi.

"I said squad leader, you don't want to take us to do things, isn't that interesting?"

"That's right, I just know now that the teacher Yue Qi and the class leader are together~ Hee hee, is this taboo love?"

"This kind of good thing can't be less than us!"

At this time, the laughs of the young girls sounded behind the two; Lu Ying, Lin Tianjian, Xia Feiyu, Han Ziyun and Yun Manqing were among them.

Facing everyone, Lin Chen smiled!

"Now that everyone is interested, today is the 66th class reunited, then we will fight together!"

"Which fight?"-Ying Liang and Bai Junhao asked in unison, the two of them rubbed their hands!

"Sixiang Pavilion!"

"To what extent!"

"Destroy those elders raised by bitches!"

Yunling Mountain, Sifang Sea.

The area is surrounded by the sea, but the mountains are like dragons. For thousands of miles, there is a four-phase pavilion on the Yunling Mountain. The momentum!

"Yun Canghai, Yun Ming, two old dogs get out of me!"

A burst of anger came out, and the momentum was like a stormy wave, roaring and breaking mountains and rivers, and it was shocked and discolored! The waves on all sides were so shocked that the huge waves of Baizhang kept pouring!

Some disciples of the Sixiang Pavilion who were lowered were shocked and dizzy, and even passed out on the spot!

"Bold! Who dares to offend my Sixiang Pavilion!"

The cold drinking sound of the angered Jiuxiao suddenly sounded, and the territory directly under the Sixiang Pavilion launched the Great Guardian Formation. The pale green energy shield will protect the Fangyuan Miles!


I dont know; a strong wind and leg shadows mixed with the dragon force that moved the mountains and reclaimed the sea, bursting out the wind-robbing fighting spirit that cut the void, and blasting the energy shield into shatters!

one strike! In just one blow, they shattered their patronage!

Many disciples in the Sixiang Pavilion looked horrified, but this is a great array of guardians who can resist even the later attacks of the five levels of Yuanzun Realm!

In the void, a few shadows suddenly appeared, dressed in green robes, with white hair and long beards, like the elders of those who were immortal.

The two headed are the late seventh and middle seventh!

Long Guang tears the sky, and the endless Xuan Qing dragon breaks through the clouds and lies on the sky. In front of the dragon head, there is a group of young figures!

"Since today, the Sixiang Pavilion has officially disappeared from Lingzhou, and the unrelated disciples will leave immediately, otherwise life and death will be born!"

The silver robe in front of the dragon head announced aloud that he felt the suffocating sense of the dragon's suffocating dragon, and the faces of many elders and disciples in the Sixiang Pavilion could not help turning white!

"Huh! I'm not very young, my tone is not small, my Sixiang Pavilion will stand in Lingzhou for ten thousand years, and the strong will be like a cloud. What is it that your little smelly kid threatens my Sixiang Pavilion!"

Yun Canghai, a sneer from the late Seventh Super League, sneered. Although he had previously seen that this son was of extraordinary strength, he was attacked by his attack to break through the large array of Huzong.

But the lineup he brought today is not enough to cause a crisis of life and death for their Sixiang Pavilion!

"It turned out to be a helper brought by you Lengjia woman, it seems that my Sixiangge should not let you go that day!"

The elder Yun Ming in the mid-seventh layer looked at Leng Yue, who was beside Lin Chen, with a grin, his eyes flashed with fierceness!