My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 450

Vol 5 Chapter 450: Strong Crackdown

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Chapter 450: Strong Repression! !

The first-class forces in the Lingzhou area are diverse, with more than two Yuanzunjing sitting in the town, which are second-rate forces.

It has eight Yuanzun Realms, and the lowest two are more than five Yuanzun Realms, which can be called a first-class force, and the upper limit is extremely high. Individual first-class forces have been inherited for a very long time. Similar forces such as the Sun Temple will even have a warlord-level strong sitting in the town. Of course, only a few.

The ancient family is not a level where the latecomers can intervene. All are strong families that survived in the ancient times. The emperor did not know the geometry, but only rarely appeared in Lingzhou.

The strongest in the Sixiang Pavilion is Yuanzun Realm in the late seventh layer, fifteen Yuanzun Realm, and five in the fourth level. The ranks of these ranks in the category of first-class forces are already crowded, but for Lin Chen Speaking of this, although this bone is hard, it does not mean that he can not bite!

"Wait a minute! Xuan Qinglong Wanzai? Is this kid Lin Chen?"

Exclaimed the patriarch of the Sixiang Pavilion!

"Lin Chen? Why, does this kid have any special origin?"

Next to the six elder mid-term elders of the sixfold cautiously said, because the three elders of the Sixiang Pavilion are closed for many years, do not know Lin Chen's reputation in Lingzhou.

"This son is the rising star of Tiange Academy..."

The Lord of the Four Phases Pavilion has not yet finished speaking. Dozens of wind robbery and fighting spirits have flashed to the Lord of the Four Phases Pavilion like the streamer wind blade!

Dozens of wind robbery battles turned into streamer wind blades, and the Patriarch of the Sixiang Pavilion retreated in shock! His four-fold mid-term training is unacceptable for such attacks!

I saw that the elder Taizhou elder of the mid-sixth layer grabbed a palm with instantaneous probes; the five fingers broke the faint claw marks and shattered the void, stopping Lin Chen's offensive!

"Friend Lin Chen! You and I have no grudges in the past and no hatred in the past. Why should we make things so big? Can't we sit down and talk about it? Is there any misunderstanding between us?"

The pavilion master said quickly, Lin Chen's mouth sneered with a sneering arc-"Misunderstanding? Ask yourself two old dogs, Yun Canghai and Yunming!"

The patriarch looked at the second elder in panic, they were silent, and suddenly there was a murmur in their hearts!

Yun Canghai saw Leng Yueqi being present and knew what was the reason in his heart. After looking at Yun Ming, the two reached a consensus!

"Since these two old dogs don't speak, then they are naturally a little bit close, and I said today that you will wipe out your Sixiang Pavilion, and you will not be able to speak!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light, and suddenly the Mirage Rune was launched! The 66 people around and Lin Tianjian and others jumped from the dragon head!

According to the original plan, Lin Chen was responsible for handling the opponent's top three combat powers, and the rest of them went to destroy the cabinet of the Sixiang Pavilion.

If they start a large cabinet, they will unite the power of the Sixiang Pavilion and concentrate on the three Taishang elders!

"All the members of the Sixiang Pavilion, open the cabinet and fight against them! Don't let them succeed!"

The owner of the Sixiang Pavilion hurriedly drank, but he watched the people at the site of the Tianling Battle Tower. That Lin Chen was the one who even ran through the ninth floor. The combat power was at least comparable to that of the two Yuanzun Realms!

Bang ~!

Lin Chens two phantom avatars started to move, and they took the lead in blasting the two elders of Yuanzun Realm who wanted to start the formation into a crippled leg!

In the Sixiang Pavilion, Class 66 and others had Lin Chens avatar as the leader, and immediately entered the Sixiang Pavilion, and the whole mountain range was in chaos! Some disciples of the cabinet have fled in haste, leaving only some disciples of the cabinet hesitant!

"Not good! His avatar showed no signs! He should not be allowed to ruin the foundation of our Sixiang Pavilion!"

The Pavilion Lords expression changed slightly, his body method changed, and he swept down. He led the entire four-phase Pavilions Yuan Zunjing and Lin Chens two avatars into a brazen battle!


"Yueqi, wait for me here, I will personally capture these two old dogs alive!"

Lin Chen turned to Leng Yueqi, his eyes suddenly became much softer, and said with a smile-"Just be the first to comfort my future father-in-law!"

"Well! Be careful, I'll wait for you."-Leng Yueqi was very tender, staring at Lin Chen.

The green dragon turned into a streamer possessor. Lin Chens third avatar had a purple sheath black sword, which was tightly guarded by Leng Yueqi, and the pure power of the body skyrocketed to 100,000 dragon power!

"On your own, do you still want to play against the three of us?"

Yun Canghai smiled angrily; the patriarch said secretly.

"Patriarch be careful! This child has at least the strength to compete with the two Seven-Yuan Yuan Realm, don't care!"

As soon as the words fell, the expression of the two old men had just changed, and Lin Chen's body surged out to cover the clouds and cover the moon's fighting spirit!

"Nine Huang ChangeThe First Change!"

Thunder Tribulation suddenly detonated; Lin Chen's whole body released thousands of thunders, Wan Lei mingled, and the situation changed suddenly! The initial stage of the three-tiered battle is rising!

"Second change!"

The wind robbery battle body merges into an endless wind eye, and swallows the eight wildernesses. Lin Chen has a look, and there will be wind robbery warfare to crush the space crystal wall! Triple mid-term!

"Third change!"

Geng Jin's fighting spirit is like a thousand Dao Tianhe hanging the sky, the Jin robbery fighting body becomes Lin Chen's body and even every hair glows with unshakable sharp edge, triple late!

"Fourth change!"

Millions of volcanoes erupted together, the mountains roared, and the sea of fire swept through the sky. Fourfold early!

"Fifth Change Kai!"

The dark and violent fighting spirit is like hell, across the sky, the atmosphere of the dark robbery is like the sun, the moon, and the sky, making Lin Chen like the devil, and the world! The last step is the cultivation of the last stage of the fourfold!

At this moment; all the Yuanzun Realm Powerful within a radius of 100,000 yuan were all alarmed!

The breaths of the five types of Heavenly Tribulation War Bodies are fused together and released in the manner of Jiuhuang transformation. Such fluctuations in battle spirits are equivalent to the sudden arrival of a large mixed Heavenly Tribulation!

"What a hegemonic turbulence, is that not the direction of the Sixiang Pavilion? What happened?"

"There is a war in the Sixiang Pavilion! What's going on, is it related to the infiltration of the Lengjia Shengnv a few days ago?"

Many powerful men have cast their horrified eyes, but these four-phase pavilion is a subsidiary of Murong family, but behind it is the genuine ancient family, who dare to move them?

When the five-fold change of Jiuhuang Change was completed in less than half a breath, the expressions of the three Taishang elders showed horror!

Thousands of miles away, they can still feel the breath of Lin Chen's suppression of the ancient days of the Heavenly Tribulation, and they were so violent that they even trembled in the late seventh layer!

"Shoot! Suppress him!"

The moment Yun Canghai drank, the three shot one after another! The green muscles of the arm are exposed, and the fighting spirit is wandering and condensing like a dragon pattern, and it is awe-inspiring!

Twelve scars of shallow white dragon claws straddled the sky and struck Lin Chen thousands of miles away. It is the quasi-learning of the half-purple stage of the Sixiang Pavilion. In the face of this junior junior, the three of them did not hesitate to take the strongest strength and attack Lin Chen!