My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 451

Vol 5 Chapter 451: One World War Two

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Chapter 451: One Battle Two!

The aura of the seven types of Sky Tribulation Warfare skyrocketed wildly, Lin Chen released a faint glory and glory, and his talent points were reduced by 1000 points! Rune points reduced by 150 points!

The ultimate moment superimposes the nine changes of Shura and five changes! Lin Chen's strength has reached an unprecedented peak!

He waved the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun at a very high speed, and 100,000 dragons exerted their power to the fullest, and the shadows of the guns shuttled by the dark light swept through the sky, piercing all the marks of the dragon claws!

"Thousand Devil Wears Heart!"

The dark emptiness of the vast empty space pierced the void, and after crushing the attack of the three people, the momentum was still unabated, and attacked the three people!

With a trembling in the palm, Lin Chen's shot was even more violent, making the expression of the three of them horrified!

"How could this son be so strong? Withdraw!"

Yun Canghai wants to cover the retreat of the two, shoots three palms in a backhand, the wood is like a dragon, turned into a wood acre palm size of a dozen acres, layer upon layer, suppresses Qianyue, the terrible fighting weight crushes the crystal wall of thousands of miles of space !

The shadow of the dark man's gun pierced through the wooden palm, and countless guns penetrated the sea of Yun Cang. Although the other two successfully avoided the attack range, he was seriously injured!

"How could I, my Ziyang Baojia was even smashed more than half by this kid?"

Spilled blood at the corners of his mouth, covering the broken purple light armor on his chest, Yun Canghai's eyes were full of unbelievable, his sixth-order advanced life-saving weapon was nearly broken by Lin Chen!

Lin Chen, who entered the late stage of the quadruple, with the ultimate moment and penetrating runes, plus the power of seven types of Sky Tribulation War Bodies, even the charged runes penetrated the defense of Yun Canghai without launching!

Tear ~! A flash of shock flashed through, unbelievably fast! Nine Daolong dragon patterns lingered in the palm of his hand, suddenly hit the six-fold mid-elder!

"Not good!"-The elder Taizhong in the mid-sixth layer was creepy, subconsciously running a war defense!

boom! boom! boom!

The dark dragon twitched and exploded, crushing his fighting defense to the full, and covered the blood and fell down into the void! I was in a coma so I didn't know what to do!

The violent dragon claw marks suddenly came, the golden war gun swept out, Yun Canghai desperately approached Lin Chen, and crazyly delayed his action!

"Go grab the boy's woman as a handle!"

Yun Canghai's exhausted voice said, Yun Ming immediately understood, the figure turned like a starlight shuttle, and a few steps flashed to the space not far from Leng Yue!

Yun Canghai thought that Lin Chen would rush past regardless of everything, but he didn't expect him to concentrate on fighting with himself. Between the golden war guns and the slamming, he lively suppressed a strong player in the late seventh layer, only to struggle to parry !

"Just kidding, isn't he worried about his woman?"

Yun Canghai was horrified in his heart, but more was the winner. This kid dared to attack the Sixiang Pavilion for his woman. As long as he controlled his woman, he would not dare to act lightly!

At the other end, Lin Chen's phantom faced with Yun Ming's attack and stepped out indifferently, holding the handle of the purple sheath black knife in his palm.

When Lin Chen played the "Ultimate Time", only the body was effective. If he wanted to avatar and enter the "Ultimate Time" state, he must consume additional talent points. So at this time, Phantom Doppelganger was just Lin Chen urging the strength of the five changes!

"On your own avatar, can it stop the deity from dying, die!"

Between Yun Ming's grinning smiles, his palms went away like a beat, his five fingers shattered the breath of life and death, and all the surroundings were full of dark green fighting spirit and turned into dragon claw marks!

Choke~! boom! boom! boom!

There was a dragon-like roaring sound, the phantom avatar pulled out the knife, the knife gas condensed like a horizontal line, cutting the sky, the space of thousands of miles, and even the light fell into the reincarnation of the rebirth, and the void suddenly fell into eternal darkness. So!

"Hi! What kind of knife is this?"

Yun Ming's pupil twitched in a cold air, and he was about to fly back, and a stream of streamer flashed vertically, dividing the crystal wall of space, and the arm was sprinkled with blood. Yun Ming in the mid-seventh period was cut off by the phantom avatar of the late quadruple. Arm!

This scene is reflected in the eyes of the powerful players watching around, all air-conditioning!

"Actually Lin Chen! How did the Sixiangge provoke him?"

"No wonder he was able to break into the ninth floor, my mother, with a knife to break through the mid-level offensive and add an arm?"

Because Lin Chen pulled the knife so quickly, no one could see the moment when the sheath was released from the previous "Yong Ye", the knife had already returned to the sheath and died.

Yun Ming bit his tongue sharply, and the fingerprints changed rapidly!

"Four-phase life sacrifice!"

The heaven and earth spirits merged into a terrible blood cloud vortex. Seeing this scene, many elders in the Sixiang Pavilion changed color together!

"no, do not want!"

"Two ancestors, think twice!"

Including the pavilion master, a large number of elders in the four-phase pavilion wailed, Yun Canghai saw it, flew back, and his hands produced the same mark as Yun Ming!

boom! boom! boom!

In the Sixiang Pavilion, countless explosions occurred, and all elders above five in the Tiangang Realm exploded into blood mist!

Infinite blood mist began to ascend rapidly, converging into the body of Yun Ming and Yun Canghai, the cultivation of the two of them began to float, and the cultivation of Yun Ming for the short period of time entered the late seventh layer!

Yun Canghai touched the eightfold realm!

But the price is that almost half of the entire Sixiang Pavilion is destroyed! The elders are all destroyed, and the contemporary cabinet master is no exception!

"Do you need to hesitate to kill your own people?"

Lin Chen sneered indifferently, the talent point again consumed 1000 points, and his ultimate moment continued to be maintained.

"Yun Ming, destroy this kid together! Never mind his woman!"

Transmitting sound to the cloud, he gave up Leng Yueqi, and the two surrounded Lin Chen. Obviously, they had already paid a very heavy price. Come down!

No matter what your origins are, today, you will incur the losses you have suffered from the Sixiang Pavilion! "

Yun Canghai's hair is chaotic, cold and crazy. He and Yun Ming suddenly reached out their hands, and their fingertips suddenly embellished the void. Two energy giant fingers crushing the crystal walls of the vast space pushed Lin Chen!

The 100,000 dragons are as powerful as the dragons, and they broke out all the time. Lin Chen urged the magical power of the "Xuanqing Dragon Domain" of the Blue Dragon to slow down the attack of the energy finger slightly. Across the sky!

The guns blasted the giant fingers of energy, and the earth-shattering explosion raged over the tens of thousands of feet in the Sixiang Pavilion. Lin Chen's two other avatars quickly protected everyone in Class 66.

In the void, Erlao retreated a dozen steps, Lin Chen retreated 50 steps before stabilizing his body.

"It seems that if you don't use the Charging Rune, the five-fold change plus the ultimate moment against the seven-fold peak and later is already the limit."

Lin Chen's heart made up his mind, the second old saw Lin Chen was repelled, winning the ticket, chase after the victory! Between the turbulent fighting, another finger, crushing Lin Chen in front!