My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 452

Vol 5 Chapter 452: Yuan Zunjing Triple.

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Chapter 452

Lin Chen's whole body tumbling through the endless dark air and the flames of fire from Hell, making his body more than ten feet tall, condensed into a Huang Demon!

"Energetic, penetrating rune Huang Demon sacrifice heaven!"

Lin Chen turned into a demon, holding a gun in both hands, and the five dragon dynasty guns were intertwined with the abyss-like dark fighting spirit. When the anger burst out, the gunpoint burst out a bunch of dark-fired spiral guns, like Changhong. Day, across the tens of thousands of heavens, contains the power of broken chaos!

"Why, what?"

"How could this be the power that can be exhibited in the later stage of the quartet...!"

The two people's inferior Purple Order's incomplete combat skill "Meteorite Finger" was crushed, and the guns penetrated the two, sweeping the sky!

There is no earth-shattering momentum, only a flash of silence, the world returns to silence, countless dark mans sparkles dotted and falling, one after another, as if the world is desperate.

A purple phoenix wing flapped in the void, and the blue dragon appeared in the air, biting the three men, throwing the three elders of the Sixiang Pavilion in front of Leng Yueqi like a dead dog.

At this time, the three elders were dying, their hands and feet were broken, and even the Qi of Yuan Yuan was blocked by the dragon's breath of the Qinglong, and they couldn't even explode!

Many strong players watching the battle can not help but tremble! The three elders in the Sixiang Pavilion who lived in prison, how strong is Lin Chen's strength?

"Are you going to hand them over?"

Lin Chen flew into the air to relieve the five changes and the ultimate moment. The extremely exhausted sense of weakness came from the body, especially the fighting spirit. The "ultimate moment" was used twice in a row, and Lin Chens consumption of fighting energy was about to affect the fighting energy. The roots of the government are rooted.

"Are you OK?"

Leng Yueqi hurriedly supported Lin Chen. He shook his head and smiled. After swallowing the two Xuanming Pills, his appearance improved, and he whispered to the lady"Destroy the two, I believe your parents will rest in the spirit of heaven." Yes, dont do those risky things in the future."

"Um..."-Leng Yueqi's happy um sound, and then his expression returned to the coldness of the past, questioning the three of them.

"Did my parents kill you at the time? My parents should have no grievances with your Sixiang Pavilion. Why do you want to murder?"

The dying Yun Canghai looked at Leng Yueqi, and a cold smile was drawn around the corner of his mouth.

"Xiao Nizi, how can there be so many reasons, your parents perform family tasks, the goal of the task is the colorful glazed flowers we want, we just follow the rules of weak meat and strong food, your parents are not as good as others, and they are defeated by our men, Isnt it right to die?"

"I just didn't expect that their descendants would grow so fast, and it also made you such a strong helper. It is really a mistake for us. If we knew this, we should not be afraid of those three Tiange Academy that day. Little boy, killed you together!"

Yun Mingga smiled; the indifference revealed in his eyes was palpitation, and they seemed to no longer take human life as human life.

Leng Yueqi's pretty face became paler, and then a palm wind rushed through Yun Canghai's body!

Five fingers penetrated Yun Canghais body, and Lin Chens eyes were a bit gloomy, with a cold smile without emotion"Since you have followed the rules of weak meat and strong food, Im going to destroy you now, which is justified Right!"

Leng Yueqi sobbed softly, Lin Chen smashed their celestial cover with a palm, and the three of them were out of breath on the spot, rolling off a large number of attribute light balls.

[The host leapfrogs the powerful enemy, triggers a special reward mechanism, and obtains an amethyst treasure chest.

Lin Chen held Lengyue for a long time before her mood stabilized.

Just as the two wanted to speak, a crack cracked in the void, and sneers surrounded the entire sky!

"Very good, very good, Lin Chen, Tiange Academy, you dare to destroy the subsidiary forces of my Murong family, I will capture you first, let the deputy dean of Tiange Academy come to my Murong family to lead!"

As soon as the voice fell, the sky suddenly collapsed the next energy crystal to suppress the ancients. It was an attack from the ninth peak of Yuanzun Realm!

Is the strong of Murong family! When they were about to rush to the Sixiang Pavilion, they had discovered that the Sixiang Pavilion was destroyed in such a short time!

"Did you dare to mention our vice president?"

"Hidden coward, get out!"

Two battlefields of light and radiance greeted each other, crushing the crystal of energy, and the three figures walked slowly into the air. They were Meng Qianmo and the deputy dean, as well as another senior elder of the college!

"Tian, Tiange Academy?"

The Murong family Yuan Zunjing, who had never appeared, screamed, his breath disappeared, and he fled quickly.

"Little guy, it's an addiction to kill a first-class force alone."

Meng Qianmo came to Lin Chen's side, and her small and delicate body jumped in front of him.

"Very enjoyable, I even want to do it again."

Someone Lin laughed, but suddenly coughed violently, everyone asked with concern, he waved and smiled.

"It's okay, it's just excessive consumption. It will be fine to find some time to recuperate later. How do you elders find me?"

Meng Qianmo gave him a blank look, and Yuzhi was playing with his hair--"As soon as you leave the college, the deputy dean is aware of it. You are now the hope of the entire college. Even the deputy dean came out to meet you personally, but You cant let you have three advantages and two disadvantages."

Talking about this, Lin Chen took his fist to the dean very seriously.

"Vice dean, thank you!"

"Oh, now you are the character of the entire Lingzhou, whether it is Tianzhou or Lingzhou, there are many people who want your life. I naturally want to focus on it."

The deputy dean's rare cover-up chuckled, which seemed to be the most energetic moment that Lin Chen had seen her.

At this time; everyone in Class 66 rushed back excitedly, they held a large number of high-level weapons and Naling Rings, all kinds of exercises were endless, and all were the belongings of the Sixiang Pavilion!

They even copied all the family members of the Sixiang Pavilion, and the skill of the case was just like Lin Chen!

"Hahaha! Worthy of being a first-class force, even the blue top-level exercises, we can earn a lot of money!"

Bai Junhao and others laughed excitedly, and when they saw the dean, they looked even more excited! This legendary character, placed in class 66 from the wilderness, is equivalent to the existence of a god!

The deputy dean did not have any shelves, and calmly communicated with everyone. In her view, these young children are full of possibilities.

Lin Chen smiled and shook his head, and then took away the attribute light spheres dropped by the three elders of the Four Phases Pavilion, and the amethyst treasure chest suspended in the purple light column in the void, and their naling ring.

[The host gains 850 points of heaven, 100 points of merit, 5800 points of qi and blood energy, 12540 points of essence of combat energy, 1 point of mental power,]

[The host obtains the light ball of the power attribute, and obtains the blue top-level power method,]

[The host gains 1500 talent points, 25 wood energy...]

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and gains: 10,000 talent points.


Lin Chens third battle of Yuan Yuan, the success!

The deputy dean gave Lin Chen a stunning look. This pair of air caught the triple of Yuanzun Realm? This little guy is really secret!