My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 453

Vol 5 Chapter 453: Kiss To The Ning Family

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Chapter 453 !

Because Lin Chen set up the "Ten Thousand Fire Strategy", apart from the deputy dean, no second person on the scene could see through Lin Chen's true behavior.

The system status bar pops up: [Congratulations to the host's promotion to Yuan Zunjing triple early stage.

[Tiandao Picking System 4.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Yuan Zunjing triple early stage.

Ultimate strength: 53000 dragon power.

Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 158700 points.

The essence of mid-level fighting spirit: 156400 points.

Intermediate mental power: 12 points (mid-term French phase)

Intermediate skill essence: 1200 points.

Intermediate rune energy: 2655 points.

Heavenly value: 33590 points.

Talent points: 38750 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 59 points in the fire system, 47 points in the soil system, 49 points in the wood system, 35 points in the gold system, and 36 points in the water system. Thunder is 27 points, wind is 29 points, light is 5 points, and dark is 88 points.

Qigong status bar (whether open) or blood vessel status bar (whether open)

Passive talent: 15% reinforced iron bones, 30% increase in life. Active Talent: Ultimate Moment, God Killer Fragment (2/3).

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 4, Penetrate Rune Level 4, Charged Rune Level 4, Phantom Rune Level 4.

Treasures: 482 Tier 6 medicinal materials, 22 Tier 6 medicines, 11 Lan Tier top combat skills, 7 Tier 6 low-level weapons, 4 Tier 6 high-level weapons, 3 semi-violet combat skills, 3 purple 1 inferior combat skill,

Through this battle of the Four Phases Pavilion, Lin Chen got a lot of light essence of the essence of the fighting spirit, and finally let him pierce the bottleneck and step into the triple realm!

In addition, his "Genesis Nine Tribulation" already has eight kinds of Sky Tribulation Warfare! Only the last type of "light energy" light robbery war body remains!

Seizing the three old Naling Rings, Lin Chen gained a new high-level exercise!

"System, I want to use 10,000 talent points to strengthen the "life growth" talent."

[Consuming 10,000 talent points has strengthened the life growth talent to: 50%.

The warmth of Su Ma wandered Lin Chen's whole body. For the first time, he exhibited the weak state brought by the fifth change of Jiuhuang, combined with the breakthrough of Xuan Ming Dan and talents, and recovered a little faster.

"Find a chance to integrate another wave, maybe there will be a new and complete purple order method!"

Lin Chen shut down the system; the deputy chief immediately said to him seriously.

"You have to prepare recently to finish all the things that Lingzhou should do, and don't have any memories. Now Lingzhou is not where you should stay."

"Although there are many resources and secrets in the academy suitable for you, the most suitable is the most prosperous Shenzhou in mainland Kyushu! If you can enter the sky tower of Shenzhou, your growth rate will rise linearly!"

Hearing the deputy dean talking about Shenzhou, Lin Chens eyes flashed, and he asked, "What is the sky tower?"

Everyone in Class 66 also cast their curious eyes on the Divine Sky Pagoda, which is probably the most colorful history in mainland Kyushu!

"The sky tower is the most popular place in Shenzhou and the most mysterious space in Kyushu. It is an Xeon treasure that has existed since the ancient times. The space inside is endless and contains countless opportunities and dangers. It is said that the mainland of Kyushu also adds up It may not be as vast as the internal space."

"The Sky Pagoda is a place where all the pinnacles of Kyushu are longing for, as long as they can enter it, they will have the opportunity to become stronger, and even the Emperor Lien is no exception. Among them, the saints sit in the town, which is the most precious civilization in the history of Kyushu!"

When the deputy dean talked about the sky tower, the beautiful eyes glowed with endless amorous feelings and nostalgia, and the next dream Qian Mo secretly murmured to Lin Chen.

"I heard that the deputy dean also met our dean in the sky pagoda, and then was detained by our dean for a lifetime. Finally, he had to help him sit in Tiange General Hospital."

Lin Chen suddenly realized that the vice-president glanced at Meng Qianmo, who immediately muttered.

"In short; you take care of everything in Lingzhou and start your journey to Shenzhou when you are fully prepared! If you have something you want to do, I will do my best to promise you."

The deputy dean's words suddenly struck Lin in the eyes!

"Vice dean, this is what you said!"

Seeing Lin Chen's eyes that were not afraid of wanting to make trouble, Meng Qianmo shuddered in his heart, what did this guy want to do?

He grinned badly, saying one word after another.

"I want the deputy dean! Accompany me to the Ning family!"


The Ning family is located in the southeast area of the mainland of Lingzhou and is in the extreme south direction. In the past few hundred years, the Ning family has changed its past style and became very low-key.

But today's Ning family will welcome a special guest.

Ning Family; Qianyang Mountains. This is the entrance to Ningjia Base Camp.

Elder Ning Xiao, who is stationed in the mountains today, is particularly idle. He is planning to find a beautiful lady to sing and play chess and ball together.

The tens of thousands of Xuanqing dragons are vast and hung like a galaxy, majestic and glorious!

"Who is it! Dare to come to Ning's family and let the wilderness come to death?"

Elder Ning Xiao stepped up from the air, and dozens of powerful players from the nineteenth gangs around him listed their battle formations!

"Looking to death? Don't the elder speak so rushing, I am someone from Lin who came here today to raise relatives."

Above the dragon's head, the silver robe boy embraced his chest with both hands, and the clouds were light and windy.

"Lin, Lin Chen? It turned out that your dear friend came to my Ning family. I wonder which friend Lin Chen is interested in our woman in Ning family?"

When seeing the person coming, Elder Ning Xiao immediately gave a respectful embrace.

"Whoever is interested in, it is no longer the elders' turn. I am going to Ning's house now. I don't know if the elders will let go, although I will go in regardless of whether you let go."

Lin Chen teased, Elder Ning Xiao stayed!


Ning family's internal space; here opened up hundreds of thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, simple atmosphere, not only the atmosphere of the great wild, but also the taste of ancient martial arts civilization, very old and awe-inspiring.

On the top of the mountain, the Ning Family Forbidden Army Training Ground; a youth in armor is training a hundred arrogances in the ground! He is exactly the Ning battle he once played against Lin Chen!

Bang ~~!

The mighty dragon, running through the whole sky, was shocked that the guards on the top of the mountain looked up and stared away. A breathtaking Wanzai Xuanqing dragon flew over the Ning family's sky!

When Ning Zhan saw the silver robe on top of the dragon's head, his expression changed greatly!

"Yes, Lin Chen?"

This name is too loud in today's Lingzhou! After a while, it will basically reach the point where everyone knows!

I think that three years ago, he would fight against Lin Chen more and more, and three years later, today he is only eightfold. For a character of this level, Lin Chen can crush him countless times. Times!

Seemingly feeling Ning Zhan's gaze, Lin Chen turned his head a little, and the light smile between the corners of his mouth was exactly the same as it was then!

It's just, how ridiculous and powerless it looks now.

"Even the elders in the clan are inferior to him, let alone I would rather fight, really a monster! Worthy of being a character whom the lady likes, he doesnt need it for ten years, only two years. The state is already his legend everywhere!"

Ning Zhan smiled bitterly, and then waved his hand-"Okay, don't watch it! We can't intervene in what happened, continue training!"