My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 454

Vol 5 Chapter 454: Niki Landlord

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Chapter 454 Ning Family Head!


Lin Chen, proudly standing at the head of Qinglong, overlooked the many geniuses and ethnic groups of the Ning family, and his heart was filled with pride!

The arrogance, geniuses, sons and daughters of the once strong family like Qiang Ru Ning, only now prostrate in front of him!

Once, he was also afraid of the existence of this giant.

"Now it seems that the Ning family's scenery is not so mysterious, and it doesn't have the kind of irresistible feeling."

The young man smiled, and within the Ning family, an unprecedented earthquake began to begin faintly!

"Here is the Ning Family? It's amazing. It is so stable to build such a huge plane and world in the void, but it can still be maintained so stable!"

Han Yizhi was amazed. This handwriting is worthy of being among the best in the ancient family. It is not many times stronger than the Han family!

"I don't know what happened to Sister Ning Qingxuan. I hope she can be rescued this time."-Liu Liner closed her eyes and prayed.

"Yeah! I'm destined to be married to whom I am given in my life. It's like treating people as a piece of goods! Well, fortunately, our Yue family won't do this kind of thing, otherwise I will tear down the house long ago. "!-Yue Linlin stamped angrily.

Lin Chen told everyone the purpose of entering the Ning family, including part of Ning Qingxuans life experience. Everyone was very sympathetic to this woman who seemed to have attracted hundreds of millions of people. In fact, she went on a puppet life and supported Lin Chen this. Enter the Ning family.

"Lin Lang, I hope to rescue Miss Ning Qingxuan this time. As a woman, she is so pitiful..."

Yun Manqing couldn't bear it, holding Lin Chen's palm and staring at him like a please.

"Although you haven't met Miss Qingxuan a lot, you may be her only contact. Don't let me look down on you."

Leng Yueqi smiled sideways, Lin Chen nodded seriously-"This is natural, this time there is a deputy dean to help us, if they don't make friends, I don't mind robbing!"

Hearing this sentence, the deputy dean on the side could not help but shook his head and smiled. This little guy was really scared!

"Friend Lin Chen from Tiange College, and everyone from Tiange College, welcome to Ningjia."

At this time, the two old men emerged out of thin air, with crutches and gray hair. One of them had also seen Lin Chen in the deserted area of the 24 domains.

Who would have thought that the Maotou, who was once in Tiangang Realm, could reach such a height in just three years! The tens, hundreds, and even thousands of time that ordinary people spend may not be able to achieve one-tenth of his time!

The master medicine refining master, the master caster, the top mathematician, and any one of them will be treated in the same manner as the guests in their Ning family!

"Oh, it turned out to be an old man."

On the other side, Meng Qianmo's mouth turned, and she rolled her eyes to make another white-haired elder's eyelids jump wildly, feeling that the little witch came to their Ning family!

"Oh, everyone, the owner of our Ning family invites you to come down and tell us. He has been waiting for everyone in the Ning family hall."

The second old man made a gesture of invitation, Zijin pupil's light flashed, Lin Chen vaguely found out that these two old people are Yuanzun Jingyao, placed in the senior level of Ning's elders!

"I can't think of the legendary Ning family heads."

Lin Chen smiled and waved his hand, Wan Zaixuan Dragon flew low.

"Eh! Little friend Lin Chen, I don't know if you can receive this Qinglong, this is put in our Ning's house, it's not very compliant..."

Elder Na Yao rubbed his hands and smiled, and Lin raised his eyebrows and laughed jokingly.

"Sorry, I like to let my Qinglong follow me, if I don't have it, my whole person will feel insecure. After all, I'm just a little Yuan Zunjing triple, poor and weak and helpless, nothing but handsome. ."

Lin Chen's words seem to be in the skin, but they are soft and hard, so that the expression of the two olds has changed slightly!

As a result, Lin Chen blew a whistle, and Wan Zaixuan's body became larger by three points!

This behavior was just telling them Ning's family in a subtext: someone from Lin, who came to raise relatives this time, didn't plan to do things according to their rules!

Ning Family Hall; standing above Yunshan Mountain.

Wan Zai Xuan Qinglong landed on the top of Yunshan, Lin Chen walked into the hall inside the top of Yunshan, followed by everyone.

The hall; the quiet people are sparse, apparently retreating behind the screen; there are only five old men and a middle-aged man in a blue shirt.

"Oh, singular guest, the four-time champion Lin Chen in the legendary Tianlingbang Conference, how can I come to my Ning family."

The middle-aged man got up and smiled with fists, but the five old men in the hall did not move at all.

"Cut, just five and a half steps against the emperor, what a shelf."

Meng Qianmo whispered in disgust and said to himself; two of the old men opened their eyes immediately, a glimmer of light in their eyes!

"Where did the little doll come from, so unexpected!"

"Aunt Granny dreams of a thousand inks, why not come out and fight if you don't agree? Don't say that I will bully the old man!"

Meng Qianmo is also a violent temper, small powder fist, scorned and laughed. She used to be the only Zi Xun class of Tiange Academy's contemporaries! Even if only the cultivation of Yuan Zunjings ninth pinnacle peak, facing the half-step battle emperor, she has no fear at all!

"Oh? It turned out to be Miss Meng Qianmo. This young lady is not strange. The elders in the family have been closed for many years. His strange personality has become a habit. He also wants Haihan."

The T-shirt man nodded slightly and smiled very well. Meng Qianmo didn't get enough of it. Instead, he looked at the man seriously!

He is the head of the Ning family today, Ning Yuntian! It is a genuine warlord-level strongman!

Thousands of years ago, this person was already a stunning arrogance in Lingzhou!

Entering the realm of the war emperor, you must have the courage to burn jade and stone. This head of the Ning family dare to break the nine warlords at the young age. When they were the most magnificent, they dared to perform self-destructive cultivation and breakthroughs. Dare to fight with the probability that there is no one-thousandth, it is not admirable to talk about this kind of courage alone!

"I have a little knowledge below, I don't know if this is..."

Ning Yuntian seriously gave the deputy dean a fist, he could not find out the details and cultivation behavior of this woman, as if she stood here quietly like a mortal!

But as a war emperor, he could not detect the truth and reality of a person, showing how terrible the woman's background is!

"Your Excellency is the head of the Ning family? This is the deputy dean of our college. I heard that I am coming to raise my relatives. The dean will come to check with me. By the way, she also thinks that Ning's scenery is unique and hopes to watch it next time. To."

Lin Chen grinned with fists clenched and grinning, biting the word "hope" and "next time" extremely hard!

Associate Dean of Tiange Academy?

This fame made the five half-step battle emperor-level strongmen who had just survived suddenly stand up. These characters can not be said to be alone in Kyushu! Even came to their Ning family in person?

Ning Yuntian shook his palm a few times, his pupils twitched a few times, and nodded and said with a smile-"It turned out that the deputy dean was close, and Yun Tian was awkward. I immediately arranged the highest-level banquet to treat you!"