My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 455

Vol 5 Chapter 455: The Servant Of God?

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Chapter 455

"Let's put the banquet first, Master Ning, I am someone in Lin who doesn't like to be meandering. I will say a word, I'm here to raise the relatives, the object is Miss Ning Qingxuan of your Ning family, and I also look forward to the beauty of the adult of the Ning family. Im ready. On the back of Qinglong, Im sure I wont let Nings face down."

Lin Chen's request made Ning Yuntian frown, and he still smiled.

"This, Nie Qingxuan is a little special. It is not convenient for me to accept any family requests for a while, or will Lin Chen convert one? With your identity and potential, my Ning family, apart from Ning Qingxuan, is any holy Women can agree to your request."

"If, I said I want her?"

Lin Chen laughed harmlessly to humans and animals, and the whole hall fell into the silence of the dead side in an instant!

The atmosphere in the hall has a breath of arrows!


Ning Family, Qingyue Palace.

"Sister! He is here, Lin Chen actually came to our Ning family!"

In the palace, the little girl of Qingsha jumped up and down, shouting with excitement, so that another beautiful lady in the palace who was still in the state of cultivation slowly opened her eyes. The original eyes with no spirits flashed a few times. Divide ripples and fluctuations!

"He, are you here?"

Ning Qingxuan suddenly stood up, her green eyes became extremely clear, simple, like a child chasing a red dragonfly, yearning for the blue sea and blue sky.

"I am going to find him! I am going to find him!"

Ning Qingxuan ran out of the palace like crazy, and was about to fly up; a residual image appeared in the sky, blocking her.

"Miss Ning Qingxuan, where are you going."

It was a pretty handsome young man in red, with red phoenix eyes, Jianmei eyebrows, a face like a crown jade, and fine facial features.

"I'm going to find him!"

Ning Qingxuan's Hao teeth clenched, Lian Bu moved gently, and he showed his way to the Ning's hall!

I saw it; the young man in red was holding it with one hand, three auras of fighting spirit emerged out of thin air, and bound Ning Qingxuan to death!

"You only belong to the supreme deity, no one can touch you. You must be dedicated to the deity, in addition, any difficulties, I will help you get rid of!"

The young man in red was expressionless and waved his palm, shaking Ning Qingxuan back into the palace!

"no, do not want!"

Ning Qingxuan's tears flashed, desperately trying to break away, but was blocked in the palace!

"It seems that something unexpected happened. It seems that I'm going to see it myself."

The young man in red stood up with a sword, stepped a little, and turned into a ray of light smoke towards the hall.


Inside the hall; the atmosphere is filled with arrows, and the sense of oppression is extremely heavy!

"I'm afraid it won't work."

Ning Yuntian shook his head to deny that although his tone was not heavy, his position was very firm!

"That means, we don't have to talk about it yet?"

Wulong Dynasty Emperor's gun flashed in his hand, Lin Chen's mouth outlined a coldness! His actions shocked the five half-step battle emperors and even the three senior leaders of Tiange Academy!

In the face of the head of the Ning family, he even showed no worries and directly showed his teeth!

This has no direct relationship with the deputy dean. It is like a lone wolf who has gone to the dead end. He dares to bite the other person's flesh!

He has decided that he will bring Ning Qingxuan anyway today!

The three high-level officials including Meng Qianmo immediately protected everyone and Lin Chen, the deputy dean stepped out slowly, and Qian Yan flashed a little coldness.

With her strength, she dared not say that one person would destroy all the Ning family's warlord-level strongmen and hundreds of thousands of years of accumulation, but if you want to turn this upside down and try to take away a girl, there is still a lot to do. Probability!

For Lin Chen, even if he went to war with the Ning family, the deputy dean dare to do it! Because Lin Chen is the history of their Tiange Academy, and it is also the final proof that she has kept Tiange Academy for so many years!

"Bringing a relative? Just by your humble mortal?"

Indifferent laughter came from outside the hall, and a young man in red stood with a sword and slowly stepped into the hall!

"Master Ling, you are here!"

The five elders of the half-step battle emperor saw the boy and immediately bowed respectfully to meet him.

"grown ups."

Ning Yuntian arched his hands and clenched his fists. As he spoke, the other party raised his hands.

"Mortal, don't think that if you bring a slightly stronger war emperor, you can come here to make trouble. No matter how powerful the war emperor is, it's almost like an ant in front of the gods!"

The young man in red said arrogantly, Lin Chen raised his eyebrows and sneered-"Why? Listen to your tone, how do you make you look like a god?"

"I am not a god, of course, but I am a servant of Lord God, Spirit Jade Seal! I was fortunate enough to see the side of the supreme god. A mortal like you, who is not in awe of God, is a cancer of the Kyushu people!"


The sword came out of the sheath and the wind chanted. The wind and fury, the sword rushes to the sky!

The sneer in Lin Chen's heart was even more intense. The memories he had seen in the Heavenly Spirit Battle Tower, the so-called "spirit" all regarded people who did not worship God as aliens and tumors!

But at least Lin Chen knew that it was not the so-called gods who guarded the mainland of Kyushu, but the Hundred Saints of that year! Without that hundred swearing to defend, Kyushu mainland has long been reduced to the world of the demon clan!

"I only need one trick for ants like you! If you can take me, Miss Ning Qingxuan's affairs, I will not control it anymore!"

The young man in red said indifferently; the quasi-seventh-level sword spirit in his hand burst out with a faint flow of sharp edges. This persons cultivation practice was actually the late seventh period!

Judging from his age, he is no more than 300 years old, and he entered the seventh stage of Yuanzun Realm. This talent and cultivation practice are placed in the history of Lingzhou. I dare not say that it is unprecedented, but at least it can be recorded in the history. !

His late seventh stage was completely different from the Yun Canghai Lin Lin had previously fought in the Sixiang Pavilion. This person's cultivation method should be of the purple rank. The pressure given to Lin Chen was completely more than the Yun Canghai and the puppet puppets. The seventh stage of that level!

However, Lin Chen already has eight kinds of Heavenly Tribulation Warframes, plus his cultivation behavior has officially entered the triple early stage! With sufficient background, Yuanzun Realm dare to fight one in the early eighth stage!

"Are you so proud to be a dog for the so-called gods?"

Lin Chen clenched the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun, stepped out, the silver robe rolled, and the two looked at each other.

"Morphs are ants. God servants can be much stronger than ants. Even if they are dogs to the gods, it is a blessing for eight years."

Chen Lingxi glanced at Lin Chen disdainfully, and then said-"How, if you dare not take it, then leave the person who took you away immediately. Miss Ning Qingxuan, don't mention it again!"

The senior members of the Ning family are basically on the side of Chen Lingxi, the "servant of God". Lin Chen's talent is certainly outstanding, but he is excellent. Who can ensure that he can really step into the need to die and live. Vital Warlords Realm?

Even if he stepped into the war emperor realm, what about the holy realm?

Above the Holy Realm is the Divine Realm!

Even if Lin Chen became a saint, he could not be compared with the gods!

Therefore, the answer is obvious, no matter what Lin Chen's attitude is today, their Ning family will not be able to give up this opportunity to stab the gods, and even less likely to offend them!

"One move, one move! After one move, if you can still stand, I'm someone Lin standing upside down!"