My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 456

Vol 5 Chapter 456: One Move

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Chapter 456 !

Ning Family; Baixuan Ring, which was only opened in the highest-level Tianjiao competition in the past, has broken through the wild opening today!

Within the Ning family, there was a sudden turbulent wind, and countless people gathered in the Baixuan ring to watch.

"He is Lin Chen? My God, younger than the legend!"

"I heard that he came to raise the relatives today? Who is the person he raises, should it be me?"

"You? You're thinking about fart eating! It's pretty beautiful. People came to look for Miss Ning Qingxuan!"

"Ning Qingxuan? No wonder I'm an servant of God, I don't know who will die in this battle!"

The younger generations of the Ning family gathered here and talked eloquently. This battle can be more wonderful than any of the Ning family's arrogant duels!

One is a peerless genius, a caster and apothecary who is born in Lingzhou in the near future, who has become the only four consecutive championships in the Tianling List Conference, and the only person who has climbed to the ninth floor of the Tianling Battle Tower. The mode of single-player challenge for two-player team!

The other one is the mysterious and sacred servant of the gods, who was stationed in the Ning family in order to wait for Ning Qingxuan. It is said that he was dispatched from China, and he was afraid of the talents and senior elders!

What will be the result of the match between the two? Everyone knows what kind of concept a **** is! People who can be servants of gods, high-level exercises are certainly not too rare, at least, purple-order exercises are never too rare for them!

Even some elders who were unable to retreat in the past were alarmed for this, and many of them elder warlord-level Taishang elders peeped in secret.

Everyone in Class 66 is sitting on the other side of Baixuan Lei; constantly cheering for Lin Chen!

The deputy dean is located in the back row, and his position is directly in front of the high level of the Ning family and the emperor!

She had already seen Lin Chen's intention to kill before. According to his character, this so-called trick, I am afraid he has already made a killing opportunity!

This is no longer a matter of victory or defeat, but life and death!

Once the Ning family is aware of any abnormalities, they will act immediately.

"Oh, Qingyuan, it would be nice if you were here, maybe you could see the students of our academy defeat the servants of the false gods!"

The vice-president's eyes had a sudden trance, and then he smiled comfortably.

Baixuan Ring; surrounded by space barriers to isolate.

Wan Zaixuan's dragon turned into a dragon light and merged into Lin Chen's body. He consumed 50 intermediate rune energy. The fighting energy in the body was drawn halfway, and a phantom avatar was condensed around him.

"Oh? Is this the doppelganger technique that you are proud of?

Chen Lingxi was a little surprised, the moment Lin Chen's phantom doppelganger appeared, he slowly bent down and pulled out his knife.

Although he had no sword in his hand, he did not know why, and began to brew a peerless edge!

"Five changes!"

Lin Chen released the five changes of Shura Jiuhuang's change in one breath, his breath stopped at the five levels of Yuanzun Realm, and the fifth illusory fighting power Yuanyuan has formed four fifths; Re-early!

Lin Chen's doppelganger has also been increased by the fivefold change, cultivated to a height of fourfold peak!

But next; Lin Chen swallowed a sixth-order intermediate "Zi Ling Ju Yuan Dan" crazy operation mind to absorb the aura, his talent points consumed 2000 points!

"The ultimate moment!"

This time, Lin Chen and his phantom phantom were all covered with a faint cyan color light, and he even showed the ultimate moment even the avatar!

This time, Lin Chen and a Phantom Doppelganger performed the'Ultimate Moment' at the same time!

Since the other party has to fight a trick! That Lin Chen's move will bring out his full strength!

"It's a terrible consumption of fighting energy. If I urge the fighting skills with all my strength, let alone two minutes, my fighting strength will bottom out within a few moves! I have to rely on the Elixir to barely keep up with the consumption!"

Lin Chen's dark center was shocked. Although the trump card of "Ultimate Moment" is strong, the cost of combat energy required is too amazing. The phantom rune itself needs to consume a huge amount of combat energy. The two moves are used together, even if they are used together. Its "Genesis Nine Tribulation" too!

Bang ~! A sword gas scroll was rolled over Chen Lingxi's head. When it was listed, ten thousand sword spirits were emptying and tumbling, and merged into a sword gas galaxy, releasing the galaxy sword that covered the sky and the moon!

Sword potential divides the crystal walls of space, opening up the earth and earth, such as the shocking sword gas in the flood period is brewing in Xinghe!

The entire Baixuan ring is crumbling. I can't think of this so-called covenant, which will make these two people show their full strength!

Chen Lingxi has already sensed Lin Chen's extraordinary halfway, from the beginning of disdain to consternation, and finally to dignity! He has completely regarded Lin Chen as an opponent of the same level and cannot tolerate any sloppy!

The quasi-seventh-level sword weapon spiritual pole-que is like a vortex, bringing all the sword forces condensed above the head into it, and the ten thousand Dao Xinghe sword gas is rolling and condensing in the sword weapon.

"Jian Luo XingheJi Di!" --Chen Lingxi suddenly drank coldly, his hands held up "Spiritual Pole Que" and slashed down!

The sword cuts into the void, the galaxy falls!

This piece of heaven and earth seemed to emerge from the void in the blink of an eye to the ultimate daylight aurora.

"Die to me!!"

Lin Chen's shoulders were suddenly shocked, and he was mad at Xiaohan, and the eight days of Heaven Tribulation were all urged together.

"Huang Demon sacrifices heaven!"

Transformed into a dark flame, the Huang Demon reappeared in heaven and earth, his hands spurred with anger, and the five-colored dragon light condensed a blaze of dark flames and twirled thorns away!

At this moment, Lin Chen's rune energy has experienced an unprecedented sudden decrease! It was reduced by 1,000 points in one breath!

Charge, penetration, slowness, phantom rune four ace runes launched together!

The moment when the dark-gun rotating gun-man storm is about to collide with the daylight sword light, Chen Lingxi's pupils are terrified!

He clearly saw that at the moment Lin Chen's body was stabbed, his phantom avatar swung his sword!

"All Souls!"

The sword came out of the sheath, like the eternal night came, and the dark darkness seemed to wipe out everything in the world between silence and silence.

With this knife, he could not admit his mistake! It is impossible to forget!

"It's Master Ye Mobai's Yongye Battle Sword and "Soul Slayer"! How could Master Mo Bai's swordsmanship and battle sword be on this kid?"

His heart had just crossed the thoughts full of doubts, Lin Chen's "Thousand Souls" and "Golden Demon Sacrifice Heaven" rushed to! Shaking the eight wilderness clouds, blasting out a purple-black energy storm, the explosion ravaged the entire ring!

"No, it's not good! My sword skills can't withstand his attack!"

At this moment when Chen Lingxi was shocked and panicked; her spirit of war surging, a ring jade jade flashed from the Naling ring, and she wanted to urge the space jade jade to escape from the void, and a gray rune shot out!

In the thousand-foot space where Chen Lingxi is located, all of them become slow to solidify, and even the flow of Reiki becomes as slow as a turtle!

The threat of death quietly choked Chen Lingxi's heart!