My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 457

Vol 5 Chapter 457: Nenjin Shokusei

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Chapter 457: The God Killer is Born! !

The dark musket hangs the galaxy sword qi, and the aftertaste of the sword qi is chopped into nothingness by the dark knife marks. The knife marks face Chen Lingxi suppressed by the slow runes, and they are wiped out in a flash, annihilating everything in silence!

Chen Lingxi's neck, head, and upper and lower parts of the body were cracked with extremely pale black cracks!

The battle skills of both sides are about to collide immediately before, and all the emperor-level strongmen in the field have seen the difference!

The Ning family's two powerful emperors and Ning Yuntian were physically and tempted to break into the court and save Chen Lingxi.

Unexpectedly, in addition to the space boundary set by their Ning family in the ring, there are some signs of mysterious space distortion, suppressing all the war emperor-level who want to enter the venue!

"Did you do it, deputy dean of Tiange Academy?"

Ning Yuntian frowned, turned to the deputy dean aside. At this moment, she had a hint of smile in her expression?

If Chen Lingxi died here, their Ning family would be in trouble!

In the void ring;

Lin Chens Phantom Doppelganger draws his sword so fast that almost no one except the individual Warlords has noticed his Yongye sword, and the strong ones who have the ability to pay attention have focused on Chen Lingxi!

When the knife marks are all over Chen Lingxi's body, blood rages! Before he died, it was all incredible and frightening!

Why; a human race can have such terrible strength!

What makes it hard for him to look away before he dies is why Master Soul Mobai's knife will appear in the hands of this mortal!

"Did you say... he gave the young master..."

Before the words were finished, Chen Lingxi was in a strange place on his head and died in anger, rolling out a large number of attribute light balls.

[The host beheads a strong enemy, triggers a special reward mechanism, and obtains an amethyst treasure chest.

The purple light beam came out of thin air, and inside the light beam turned a magnificent purple chest.

All the strong men below the Ning family warfare emperor level, all show the panic and scalp tingling and incredible!

one move? This move actually separates life and death?

Moreover, as a mortal, Lin Chen killed Chen Lingxi as a servant of God!

Lin Chen quickly lifted the five changes and the "ultimate moment", panting, but the excitement in his eyes could not be suppressed!

The previous move can already be regarded as Lin Chen's full strength now!

The five-fold change of the nine-huang change plus two final moments plus penetration, slowness, recharge, and phantom runes! As well as the two major purple-order combat skills, the Yongye sword and the five dragon dynasty guns, all used!

Before Chen Lingxi died, even the chance to escape was sealed by a slow rune!

With his background and fighting spirit, he can't bear the penetrating power of the 20th "Devil Sacrifice to Heaven", and the power of the avatar to save the nearly perfect "Thousand Souls"!

Spike! Undoubtedly, facing the two Lin Chen at the ultimate moment of the ultimate moment, the Yuan Zunjing is under eightfold, and the full-powered person who can take Lin Chen, I am afraid that the entire Lingzhou will not be found!

Even Yuanzhuang Realm may have a fatal price! As strong as the elders of Yuanzunjing in the late Yazhong period, Lin Chens gaze was also somewhat disconcerting. The strength of this son was too dangerous!

When I think that this teenager is only 20 years old, countless Ning family members feel scalp tingling, no wonder this person can become a person who subverts the history of Lingzhou, well-known!

"Well, Chen Lingxi's affairs will be pushed to Tiange Academy and Lin Chen in the future. The question is how to let these people leave. The deputy dean does not seem to intend to change his position at all. Is she not aware of the consequences of offending the gods?"

Ning Yuntian gritted his teeth, and now the attitude of the dean is the most important!

Once she was angry, the entire Ning family had to exhaust everything to stop her!

Lightning withdraws the'Yongye' sword, Lin Chen picks up all the attribute light **** and treasure chests.

[The host gains 2320 points of essence of qi, 2 points of mental power, 900 points of energy of qi and blood, 100 points of essence of power, 500 points of heaven, 400 points of talent,]

[The host obtains a special power attribute light sphere, and after absorption, it obtains the purple order low-level heart method: "Wan Xing Jian Dian".

The essence of the fighting spirit brought by the killing of Chen Lingxi made Lin Chen's cultivation a little more advanced, but he never broke through the realm. The accumulation of the realm of the three levels of Yuanzun's realm far exceeded the time of the double-level cultivation!

When Lin Chen took away Chen Lingxi's Naling Ring and the "spiritual" sword, the moment he opened the amethyst treasure chest, he was completely shocked at the same place!

[The host opens the Amethyst Treasure Chest and obtains a talent fragment: 1 God Killer Fragment (3/3).

[The godslayer talent fragments have been collected, and have been automatically fused into a complete talent. Store them in the talent column. Please check behind the host.

God killer talent fusion is completed?

The last piece of God-killer is here!

This is probably the weakest system update ever, but as long as the conditions are sufficient, it may also be the strongest active talent!

"I actually got the talent of killing the gods! Grandma's, hahaha! Ning's family, it seems that I have to take Qingxuan away this time, if I make the whole Ning family's strong men startled, then take another breath If you mobilize the god-killers and join the deputy dean, I will see who can stop me, the entire Ning family!"

When the full version of the God-killer talent information was entered into his mind and spiritual memory, Lin Chens heart set off a turbulent wave, and in his eyes, a more domineering and invincible pride!

The calculation method of the godslayer is derived from the quantity and quality of the enemy. An enemy can increase the strength of the host by 1 times. multiple.

If there are 3 enemies, increase the combat power by 6 times. If there are 10 enemies, increase by 50 times! 50 enemies, 600 times increase! The more enemies above the host's cultivation behavior, the more talented this talent is!

This is only an increase in the number of people. If the enemys cultivation is very different from the host, it will also bring a large second increase!

An unprecedented pride was born in Lin Chen's heart!

He suppressed his inner ecstasy, and when he looked at Ning Yuntian, he spoke slowly.

"Now the number one hindrance is gone, Ning Jiazhu, I will ask you one last time, and I will not pay!"

Lin Chen looked at Ning Yuntian's eyes, which seemed calm and quiet, and his tone was a little more calm and restrained.

From a certain point of view, if Lin Chen is single-headed, Yuan Zunjing will be able to threaten him in the later stages, but if the group is single-handed, he is not even afraid of the Emperor!

You are in the late period of Yuanzun Realm Jiuzhong, but I can't beat Lin Chen, but if you are a group of Yuanzun Realm Jiuzhong late, someone in Lin Lin will hammer to death!

"In this boy's expression, there is a little war intent on me? What's the matter? This is completely different from the previous one."

Ning Yuntian's heart and soul were shocked. In Lin Chen's calm eyes, there was no longer any signs of violent runaway as before, but more of a change of state of mind. This change could not have come out so abruptly. rely!

"It seems that this little guy has a new adventure."

The deputy dean was meticulous and thoughtful, and naturally discovered Lin Chen's changes in his mood.

Lin Chen did not work in the name of raising relatives anymore, and asked Ning Yuntian who is already open to the door! The position is very clear, if you don't give it, I will fight!

The Ning's high-end strong players in the audience instantly became solemn, drawn crossbows, and hundreds of Yuanzun Realms were suspended in the air, of which more than 20 were Yuanzun Realm and more than eightfold!