My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 458

Vol 5 Chapter 458: The Shocking Change Of The Yan Family

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Chapter 458 The shocking change of the Yan family!

When Lin Chen was in trouble with the Ning family, the Yan family on the other side ushered in a more terrible change!

The edge of Lingzhou, which is thousands of miles away from the Ning family.

A void space crystal wall, inside is an independent space plane.

The spirit is strong, and in the vast Lingshan group, the clouds are misty, and the towers are like palaces in the sky, beautiful as a fairyland.

This place is the space plane developed by the Yan family and the exclusive space territory of the Yan family.


Suddenly, the blood clouds in the Lingshan Group rolled over, and the blood thunder was monstrous, as if coming to the end of the world!

All the strong men of the entire Yan family suddenly awakened from the retreat!

"What is the situation, is this a sign of fall? I have a strong Yan family who fell?"

"The world is terrified, the blood rain is coming, this is the sign that the war emperor class falls!"

Many powerful people have gone out of customs and gathered in the fortune-telling cabinet of the Yan family!

In the attic, there are many powerful people gathered, among them there are many warlord-level powerful people!

"Elder Yan Ming, he is sitting on the star platform!"

"Elder Yan Ming died from excessive exercise, and he has fallen! Only a note is left before leaving!"

At this time; the gate broke into two figures, one of them was Yan Qianyun!

"What note, take it out!"

Some strong men urged, Yan Qianyun spread out the paper on the palm of Jade's palm, leaving only a few incomplete words with blood stains on it.

The catastrophe was ahead of schedule, and it took 20 days to two days. After two days, the Yanjia calamity is coming.

Seeing the words on the note, the faces of all the powerful men in the hall changed in shock!

"This is more than 20 years earlier than the scheduled time of the catastrophe? Is it that thing was born so quickly?"

"The migration of the clan, how does this move! How could the many heritage and inheritance of our Yan family be transferred within two days!"

"It's so **** dead, how are you guys thinking about the mess?"

"You know what a fart! Those are all the inheritances of the forefathers left by the ancestors. Looking at Lingzhou, there is only the last one of our family. If it is destroyed here, then it will be the last!"

Many powerful people in the hall suddenly became a mess. This information came too abruptly, and no one was ready to respond!

"Enough! I haven't experienced any storms and waves in the Yan family. Look at what you look like now, is it like the ancient family!"

At this time, the two old men sitting at the top of the hall yelled out loudly, and the whole hall suddenly froze.

"Qian Yun, how do you feel?"

One of the old Qingpao Fufu asked, turning his eyes to Yan Qianyun.

Feeling the eyes of many elders and elders in the hall, Yan Qianyun looked solemn and said very seriously.

"Take away the inheritance of my Yan family in one hour, and take as much as you can. At the same time, the elders of the War Emperor class are responsible for the transfer of the people. If they can't take away the things, they can't be destroyed by the enemy! Our opponent is unimaginable and must be prepared to abandon everything! We will also destroy our Yan family's guardian team!"

Yan Qianyun's words were striking, and he hadn't waited for the opposition of many powerful people.

"From now on, execute according to Qian Yun's words! The defiant is the last hope to prevent the Yan family from surviving. It is reasonable to dispose of the maximum penalty for violating the Yan family rules, and the old man will correct the law on the spot!"

As soon as the second elder's order came out, many of the Yan family's strong men gritted their teeth and turned into streamers to move the void!


At this time; Ning Family, Baixuan Ring.

"Lin Chen, be friends, our Ning family welcomes you, but as an enemy, our Ning family is also not afraid of you! Even if you have the asylum of the dean of Tiange Academy, it does not mean that you can do anything in my Ning family! "

Ning Yuntian finally tore off the gentle disguise, the expression was cold and indifferent, and between the disillusionment of the palm of his hand, Lin Chen was already aiming!

"No one can take Ning Qingxuan away unless the dean of Tiange College is close today!"

Two streamers crossed, and they are two Ning family's warlord-level strongmen!

Seeing the figure suspended in the sky, everyone in Class 66 is dignified and shocked. This is the essence of the ancient family! On weekdays, supreme war emperors were born one after another, and Yuan Zunjing is more than a hundred!

"It seems that we have no talk."

Cold eyes flashed in the eyes, Lin Chen was preparing to let go of his hands and feet, and the woman's shock stopped Lin Chen!

"Lin Chen, don't!"

Everyone looked back, it was Ning Qingxuan. Since Lin Chen killed Chen Lingxi by one stroke, the seal of fighting spirit that he stayed in the palace disappeared.

"Why are you so stupid, didn't I tell you to leave me alone..."

Ning Qingxuan hurriedly flew to the Baixuan ring, although the expression was touched, but more worried.

"What I decided never changed lightly. I came here only to take you away."

Lin Chen grabbed Ning Qingxuan's Hao Baiyu arm and looked seriously. The elder warlord next to him wanted to take action, but was temporarily blocked by Ning Yuntian.

Hearing Lin Chens answer, Ning Qingxuan felt warm in his heart and spoke softly.

"Lin Chen, I am really happy that you are here, but it is not appropriate to have a conflict right now. If you fight, it will affect the countless people and ethnic groups of the Ning family."

Lin Chen's eyes passed by the murderous intention-"I can't control so much, I am not a saint, now I just want to take you out of this hell!"

Hearing Lin Chens answer, Ning Qingxuans beautiful eyes were a little clearer and brighter, his teeth clenched"Have you ever thought about it, my family? Can you save me, but my parents still Being under house arrest and monitoring in the clan, if they have any accidents because of my affairs, then I would rather give up my life."

Lin Chen frowned, Ning Qingxuan grabbed his palm, two lines of tears fell down, but the smile was bright.

"At least ten years before the gods send people to pick me up, I believe you, you are far better than all of us think, for me and for yourself, don't be impulsive, I am willing to wait for you next time Pick me up, by the time I think it will never be needed again."

The conversation between the two was carried out in a manner of warfare, and no one else could hear it outside.

In the end, Lin Chen agreed to Ning Qingxuans request, but he also had a condition that Ning Qingxuan would carry his jade card with the seal of the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare. Once anything happened, she just shattered the jade card, I can receive it as soon as possible and rush to the Ning family.

Seeing the moment when the two met again, they even saw their sister showing a happy smile than ever before, and Ning Qing'er not far away wiped tears from the corners of her eyes.

A quarter of an hour later, when many strong men were ready to wait, Ning Qingxuan stepped back aside reluctantly, and Lin Chen floated on the air.

"Everyone, we should go. Although the scenery of the Ning family is good, others do not welcome us."